Fulton County forms Steering Committee for Nathan Deal

From a press release:

Fulton County forms Steering Committee for Nathan Deal
ATLANTA – The Fulton County for Nathan Deal Steering Committee today announced their formation. The 55-member committee is chaired by House Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, the first woman speaker pro tem in Georgia’s history, and former Executive Director of the Fulton County Republican Party, Orit Sklar, who will serve as Grassroots Coordinator for the committee. “Nathan’s proven record as a leader is exactly what we need in Georgia,” said Speaker Pro Tem Jones. “I am confident that Fulton County will come out in support of Nathan to ensure he is elected as Georgia’s next governor.”
“Nathan’s the best hope for Georgia’s future and the answer to getting our economy going again for young Georgians looking for jobs,” said Sklar. “Our grassroots team is aware of the vast importance Fulton County represents in this section of the state, and we are fully dedicated to seeing this through.”
The steering committee consists of legislators and grassroots activists who will assist in policy-making decisions and serve as a liaison to the Deal campaign.
A full list of members is provided below.

Chair Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones, House District 46

Grassroots Chair Orit Sklar, former Executive Director of the Fulton County Republican Party

Steering Committee:

State Senator Dan Moody, Senate Caucus Chairman, District 56
State Senator David Shafer, District 48
State Senator Judson Hill, District 32
John Albers, State Senate District 56 Elect
State Representative Mark Burkhalter, former Speaker Pro Tem, District 42
State Representative Chuck Martin, House District 47
State Representative Edward Lindsey, House District 54
State Representative Harry Geisinger, House District 48
State Representative Joe Wilkinson, House District 52
State Representative Tom Rice, District 51
State Representative Wendell Willard, District 49
Lynne Riley, Fulton County Commissioner – District 3, and State House of Representatives – District 50 Elect
Liz Hausmann, Fulton County Commissioner – District 3 Elect
Steve Broadbent, Candidate for Fulton County Commission Chairman
Lori Henry, Candidate for Fulton County Commission
Katie Reeves, Fulton County School Board
Mayor Arthur Letchas, City of Alpharetta
Douglas J. DeRito, Alpharetta City Council Post 1
Mike Kennedy, Alpharetta City Council Post 2
Chris Owens, Alpharetta City Council Post 3
D.C. Aiken, Alpharetta City Council Post 6
Mayor Mike Bodker, City of Johns Creek
Randall Johnson, Johns Creek City Council Post 1
Dan McCabe, Johns Creek City Council Post 2
Ivan Figueroa, Johns Creek City Council Post 4
Bev Miller, Johns Creek City Council Post 6
Mayor Joe Lockwood, City of Milton
Karen Thurman, Milton City Council District 1
Joe Longoria, Milton City Council District 5
William C. “Bill” Lusk, P.E. Milton City Council District 3
Mayor Eva Galambos, City of Sandy Springs
Mayor Jere Wood, City of Roswell
Rich Dippolito, Roswell City Council Post 1
Becky Wynn, Roswell City Council Post 2
Betty Price, Roswell City Council Post 3
Kent Igleheart, Roswell City Council Post 4
Jerry Orlans, Roswell City Council Post 5
Nancy Diamond, Roswell City Council Post 6
Eric Tanenblatt, Senior Managing Director, McKenna Long & Aldridge
Shawn Hanley, Chairman, Fulton County Republican Party
Ray S. Smith III
Brad Raffensberger
Ron Wallace
Kelly Stewart
Brad Carver
Gabriel Sterling
Matt Schmitz
Cade Thacker
Tracy Hanley
Todd Markle
Ruth Malhotra
Karolyn Sowle
Laurie Padgett


    • Ambernappe says:

      No, it is not. I will say only that one of the most important traits that a parent can model for his/her children is honesty. There apparently are many parents who do not realize just how early their children begin to live what they see.

  1. macho says:

    I think Jan Jones is an accomplished politician, but it always annoys me when women have to say things like, “the first woman speaker pro tem in Georgia’s history.” Who cares? I tend to try to ignore gender and race in voting, work, etc…, but it seems as if others are trying to jam it down my throat.

  2. GOPwits says:

    Well, I think some Republicans have thrown common sense out the door when it comes to evaluating these issues surrounding Nathan Deal.

    If you can’t manage your own money and check book, how can you be trusted with the state’s economy? It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

  3. Please read what a classmate of Nathan Deal’s from first grade through college has to say!

    From The Honorable Tommie Williams, President Pro Tempore,
    Georgia Senate District 19

    You say that Nathan Deal has a lot of baggage attached, but I want to tell you some of the real baggage that he carries:
    1. Nathan graduated with honors from Washington County High School .
    2. Nathan graduated with honors from Mercer University in 1964.
    3. Nathan graduated with honors from Mercer Law in 1966.
    4. When Nathan graduated from Mercer in 1964, he was named the male recipient of the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award which designates the top senior.
    5. While at Mercer Nathan was president of the student body.
    6. While at Mercer Nathan was the commanding officer in the ROTC.
    7. Nathan served his country with distinction in the US Army JAG Corps.
    8. After serving in the Army, Nathan moved to Gainesville (where his wife, Sandra, is from) and began to practice law, serving as Assistant District Attorney for several years before going into private practice.
    9. Nathan served as Juvenile Court Judge for a number of years in Hall County.
    10. During these years Nathan was a member of various civic clubs, serving as president of the Jaycees and Rotary, among others.
    11. Nathan grew up a member of the First Baptist Church of Sandersville, and he has been a faithful member and leader of the First Baptist Church in Gainesville for over 40 years.
    12. In the early 1980s Nathan ran for the Georgia Senate from his district and won. He served his district for twelve years, rising to become President Pro tem of the Senate.
    13. In 1992 Nathan ran for the United States House of Representatives for the Ninth District of Georgia and won. He was reelected by his constituents each two years thereafter and resigned early this year to focus on the campaign for governor. While in Congress, Nathan wrote, among other things, the law that prohibited Social Security benefits for illegal aliens. This piece of legislation alone has saved this country over 20 billion dollars.
    You may ask why I have gone into such detail. It is because I know this man and have watched him closely since we were first graders together in Sandersville Elementary School. We went all the way through elementary school and high school together, participating in many of the same activities. Then, we went to Mercer together. We pledged the same fraternity because we had made a pact that we would join the same one (he became president of that, too). He was in our wedding, but my wife was the star of that event.
    I can say with all truthfulness and soberness that during these years of being close to Nathan, I have never heard him use a swear word of any kind, drink alcohol of any kind, use tobacco of any kind or do or say anything that was or could be construed to be immoral, illegal, unethical or dishonest.
    One may say that I am blinded by being so close to him. I say, on the contrary, I am grateful that the State of Georgia is being offered one of the best and most experienced of her citizens for its highest elected office. I know of no one, either personally or by reputation, who is better qualified and trustworthy and can serve this State with more devotion, care, and carefulness than Nathan Deal.

    • Romegaguy says:

      Sen. Williams must not have gotten the memo that you arent supposed to mention that Deal was in Congress or that he was a criminal defense lawyer

    • B Balz says:

      The value of destined Gov. Deal’s experience in how to work the legislative process is huge. Add to that, impending Gov. Deal’s acceptance by so many lawmakers avoids any need to ‘win over’ important committee chairs.

      This Steering Committee will head off the great unknown of how many Dem city voters may show up in November.

      Everything will be OK.

        • B Balz says:

          LOL, I guess the escalating rhetoric is starting to get to me….

          People are trying to make this man seem like an inept crook, and I know he is neither.

              • Yes and yes. Medical Association of Georgia event not long ago. He’s a pretty good public speaker, but he seems kind of creepy to me in person. I didn’t much care for him.

                • Also met Roy Barnes there, who of course is also a great public speaker. He also came across as warm and friendly.

                  I work for the Monds campaign, so I would imagine my opinion of Mr. Monds is pretty obvious. Nice guy, smart, good ideas and willing to listen to others’ opinions – he doesn’t pretend to know it all.

                  • AubieTurtle says:

                    ” he doesn’t pretend to know it all.”

                    Good Lord! All he needs to do now is admit to a mistake and he’s done in politics forever. Humility sadly isn’t a virtue when it comes to getting elected.

    • rightofcenter says:

      I think Tommie Williams forwarded this from someone else. He is a decade younger than Nathan Deal, isn’t he?

    • Lady Thinker says:

      President Richard Milhous Nixon had a great resume also until one, maybe more, criminal acts undid every good thing he had ever accomplished.

  4. Three Jack says:

    deal was ‘interviewed’ tonight on the herman cain show. deal said that all financial information was disclosed on his congressional disclosure filings including the $2.8m loan to his salvage business.


    this is a link to the last financial disclosure. page 7 is the list of liabilities. according to his own handwritten financial disclosure form, he sh0ws one debt in the range of $500,001 – $1,000,000.

    deal’s lie tonight is that the largest single liability was included in his congressional disclosure, but omitted from the state form submitted when he chose to run from congress and join the gubernatorial primay. cain did not challenge the lie because as much as i respect him, herman is not going to research a guest prior to hosting him on the show. the $2.8m loan was approved on may 9, 2009…it never appeared on any report until the ajc story exposed deal’s financial problems.

    deal lied again and herman cain as a loyal goper gave him a pass on the lie. what a disgrace.

      • Three Jack says:

        there you go m.a., dodge the truth by attacking the messenger. deal lied on the air last night without challenge from the host. when he lies in a debate or in front of a non-biased host, he will be challenged and made to look foolish.

    • rightofcenter says:

      Hey Jackoff,
      At least try to be honest – the “loan to his business” is a contigent liability because he guaranteed the note. There is a difference, if you care to understand.

      • Three Jack says:

        nice come back there roc. bottom line is your boy did not disclose his single largest liability on the state disclosure report. he tried to hide it.

        vote for deal at your own risk. i know both you and doug will do so because all you need is to see the ‘r’ behind a candidate’s name to make your decision. doesn’t matter that the guy is a career politician who voted for free drugs and nclb. doesn’t matter that he lied about his financial status after getting loans that most other businesses would never have access to in this economy. he should step aside now.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          Three jack,

          Are you mentally deficient? I will walk you through this slowly. Go to your link on open secrets. Go to page 7. Look on the right hand side of the page under amount of liability. Under column C the amount is 15K to 50K. Does it make sense that there is a column B that is 1 – to 15K? The next column you see is E 100K to 250K? Does it not make sense that there is a column D 15K to 100K, that is blacked out? There are other columns there with marks (disclosures) that you can’t see because they show as blacked out when copied.

          Try those claims of lying and choke on them, but not to death. I’m nicer than that.

          • Three Jack says:

            doug, no, not mentally deficient. in fact, i wonder how you could ask such a question considering your mindless support of a man who is helping to further tarnish the gop’s image here in ga.

            i wrote, “your boy did not disclose his single largest liability on the state disclosure report.” that is a fact. and now he comes out with yet another amended disclosure report where he arbitrarily increases land values while decreasing his obligations…lol!

            run doug, run as fast as you can from this guy. you will regret your loyalty.

  5. Tiberius says:

    At least they didn’t declare victory in the county as their goal. They haven’t slipped into delusion quite yet.

    Let’s see Perdue got 43.8% in 2006 and 35% in 2002……what do you think, 32%???

  6. Thankfully I’m starting my move from Fulton county Tuesday morning. I didn’t vote for Thurman (city of Milton) and if Longoria was on the last ballot I didn’t vote for him either.

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