A potential new wrinkle: Federal dollars involved in alleged Fulton corruption?

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In via the Tip Line and in two separate conversations today, I’m hearing rumors (so take them as just that: semi-wild speculation with, at this juncture, nothing confirmed at all) that some of the dollars allegedly “misappropriated” by certain employees within Fulton County government may have been supplied by Federal grants.

Audits are believed to be underway this week to confirm if this suggestion is accurate.

Of course, should such a development actually pan out as true, it would permit the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, azz-kicker Sally Yates, to be able to join in any investigation which Fulton County Manager Zachary Williams says is ongoing, led by the Fulton County Police Department.

Now, just because she could does not mean that Yates would necessarily insert herself into such a situation, again assuming that this rumor is, point in fact, correct. Meanwhile, another day passes with no word from Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard and his hundreds of prosecutors and investigators as to when they might initiate an investigation separately or concurrently with those ongoing.

Creative Loafing’s Thomas Wheatley and Atlanta Politics Unfiltered’s Jim Walls have more on this unfolding story.


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