“The tip of the iceberg”

As was detailed last evening, you can now download HERE over 100+ pages of supporting documentation and evidence related to a threat of lawsuit by former Fulton County Deputy County manager Gwendolyn Warren and former Investigative Officer Maria Colon of the now shuttered Fulton County Office of Professional Standards against Fulton County. Among the allegations, which their attorney calls “the tip of the iceberg,” are:

-Members of the Fulton County Commission ordered County Manager Zachary Williams to fire Warren and Colon after they allegedly found widespread theft among employees within the County’s Health and Human Services Agency and Office of Emergency and Transitional Housing.

-The intervention of one County Commissioner to reinstate a fired employee after it was discovered by Colon that the employee had allegedly obtained sexual favors in exchange for employment with the County.

-The payment of “supportive service” payments for out-of-work employees to employees who were allegedly still on the payroll.

-Alleged interference from one County Commissioner with Warren and Colon’s investigation into the County Information Technology Department regarding allegations that lucrative contracts were steered to a vendor which the contract issuers had direct financial interests.

And yet another day passes without word from District Attorney Paul Howard if he has begun an investigation or when/if the Office of Professional Standards will be reconstituted.

Tick tock, ladies and gentlemen.


  1. Scott65 says:

    I would love to know which county commissioner it was that did these things. This is a very good example of whats wrong with Fulton County and why it needs a total make-over to go with the times (since most of the county is now incorporated into cities). Cronyism is especially bad in these times because this money that is wasted/stolen is taking funding from programs for people who really need them. I hope if these allegations are true someone goes to jail because of it.

    • polisavvy says:

      Amen, Scott 65. Someone’s head should definitely roll. This should be an embarrassment to Fulton County like none other. Pathetic it has happened and there is absolutely no excuse for it. Corruption at its finest.

    • KB says:

      Click on “detailed last evening” read the lawyer’s letter which gives all the details. Multiple commissioners, multiple wrong doings…

  2. John Vestal says:

    “Whoa” – (in my best Keanu Reeves voice, which I modestly but candidly hold out as probably being better than Keanu Reeves’ best Keanu Reeves voice.)


  3. bluecheese says:

    This story is moving fast and changing with the wind.Backgound info sources say that Warren came in as a hard hitting, spying, bully with her own agenda. She screwed up everywhere in Florida. She brought her former employee Colon in and manufactured a job for her that never existed before. Both salaries practically dou8bled after they wrote their own job discriptons, Then the rein of terror began. Illegal hit lists formed. The “new sheriff” and right hand screwed their boss and now wants a financial package. Look at the relationships, all of them.

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