Matt Diaz Appreciation Thread.

The Braves lost to those dastardly Phillies but the highlight of the night had to be Matt Diaz tripping body suit man in left field. Enjoy.


  1. AubieTurtle says:

    That was pretty good though it would have been better with another taser incident. I can understand fans storming the field or court after a huge hard fought win but those who jump randomly jump out on the field of play during the middle of the game must not have gotten enough attention at home as a child.

    (No, I don’t actually think tasering would be appropriate but it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for anyone getting tased when pulling such a unnecessary stunt.)

  2. ZazaPachulia says:

    Totally acceptable in Philly — Matty D’s body check that is.

    Hank Aaron couldn’t deck the hippies that followed him around the bases after he broke the Babe’s record, because they were 17-year old kids in ATLANTA. However, if they had jumped onto the basepaths in Philly or N.Y., a clothesline would have been appropriate.

    $20 says the red spandex dude chose left field because Jason Heyward looks a lot scarier than Matty D. Bad choice Spandex dude. Rookies typically don’t throw body checks.

  3. ACCmoderate says:

    Spandex boy must have chosen left field because he saw what Jason Heyward did to Nate McLouth in that collision earlier this year.

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