History of criminal charges surround Rockdale County Commission candidate

Rockdale County Commission Candidate Courtney Dillard (funky website | Facebook) seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As The Rockdale News’ Michelle Kim (risking charges of racism from leftists) details, it seems Dillard enjoys refreshers on the operation of criminal law:

-An arrest warrant for felony deposit account fraud was issued in Sept. 27, 2006 after a $700 check with Dillard’s signed name was made out to Erick Mathis. The warrant was recalled pending “further investigation” last week, all because he claimed he was the victim of fraud, which automatically results in a recall.

-Dillard was arrested for felony cocaine possession in Fulton County in 2004, but the charges were later dismissed after District Attorney Paul Howard’s crack battalion of prosecutors dropped the ball, yet again.

-Around 2004, Dillard was charged with battery of a minor, but had the matter removed from his criminal history after completing 40 hours community service and a conflict resolution class.

All that from a man who bills himself, “as a Christian father, husband, business owner and minister in this community, I believe ‘success in life’ on all levels is based on honesty, hard work, and beneficial relationships.” Success in life, indeed!

So what’s he saying about all this?

“I am not at liberty to respond to anything regarding the campaign,” he said.

Classic, dude. Just classic.


  1. polisavvy says:

    I guess the citizens of Rockdale County will have to make up their own minds on November 2nd. If I lived in Rockdale I’d like to know more about the cocaine possession (i.e., amount, why the feet dragging on filing the paperwork) and particularly would like to know about the battery of the minor. These could be deal makers or breakers.

  2. gatormathis says:

    It’s times like these when you think how great it was to have a guy like Randy Poytner…….I’m not from there……but knew Randy…..

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Yawn……I tried to tell you people. If OX had won, PP would be a lot more fun. But lately, all we’ve had is the occasional and predictable semi-amusing Pete post, and Deal doing his best 2nd rate OX impression.

    Please bring back the OX. 🙁

  4. BOCWatch says:

    Mr. Randall, you should edit the date on the battery charge, the battery occured in February of 2006.

    There are other cases that you did not bring out about this candidate including; 1999 contempt of court which he ignored on 3 occasions to Rockdale Superior Court Grand Jury Duty, a paternity suit for a child born in January 2003 that Rockdale Superior Court found Mr. Dillard to be the father in the summer of 2004, he also has a pending case that originated from a February traffic stop where he was subsequently arrested.

    I have all of the court documents for these charges and others posted on a forum that I maintain:


    You can search for Mr. Dillard’s name on the forum or you may look for the documents under the Lounge heading. All current documentation can be found there.

    Please report this accurately, it’s not hard to discredit this candidate. But you must be accurate on the charges if the public it to believe them.


    • Lady Thinker says:

      Marion Berry was convicted of cocaine, went to prison, got reelected. Some voters’ mentality is mindboggling.

      • polisavvy says:

        Unfortunately, people don’t try to find out and read up on most of the candidates they vote for, in my opinion. If they did, how in good conscience ever voted him back in? I think we know the answer — not informed or don’t care.

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