Economy Tops Voter’s Concerns

A little bit more from the Georgia Newspaper Partnership poll:

The economy ranked as the top concern among voters, ahead of other heated issues like health care and immigration.
However, the poll also suggested voters didn’t trust those elected in Washington.
There were 56 percent of voters who disapproved of the job President Barack Obama has done, while 72 percent said they weren’t happy with what Congress is doing.


    • polisavvy says:

      Could you answer me a question? What’s the big deal about gays? I mean, they are a large voting sector of the population. Why would anyone, regardless of party affiliation, want to disregard them? Their votes count just as good as anyone else’s. Personally, I have a lot of gay friends and they are just that friends. I just don’t understand.

      • polisavvy says:

        Who knows? I just don’t see what the big deal is with this issue. They are human beings like the rest of us and should be treated accordingly — you know equally. They are just as important, in my opinion, as straight people — there should be no difference made between the two.

  1. macho says:

    If it were not for Nathan’s gay bashing during the last week of the campaign, Karen Handel would be are nominee. Nathan should love the gays. It’s really kind of pathetic. All the problems this state is facing: education, budget, taxes, etc.., and Nathan was down 6 points in the polls until he launched the negative ads calling Karen “Gay Friendly.”

    The entire nomination for Governor of GA came down to gays.

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