Broadbent Calls for Investigation in Fulton County

In from the tip line:

“I am calling on the Attorney General’s office to fully investigate the reported potential misuse of funds and inappropriate relationships in our county’s government,” said Steve Broadbent, candidate for Commission chairman.  “Theses are serious criminal allegations of employees misappropriating thousand upon thousands in taxpayer dollars, and we deserve to have any guilty parties brought to justice and held accountable.“

Equally troubling are indications that investigative reports from the Fulton County Office of Professional Standards were met with the firing of whistleblowers and the closing of the accountability department.

Broadbent said it is irresponsible for county officials to simply ignore these outstanding allegations while incurring lawsuits from the relieved employees, all the while never ceasing the potential criminal misuse of taxpayer funds at the heart of this matter.

“Once the warning signs of wrongdoing were shown, Commissioners shut down the investigation and closed the Office of Professional Standards.  Fulton residents want to know what they are trying to hide and why.”

You may recall, we’ve had some recent posts about Fulton County over the past few days . . . I expect this situation to get messy sooner than later.


  1. B Balz says:

    Cui bono – who benefits? Not the Dems, that’s a fact. Impressive man, this Mr. Broadbent: He benefits, and so do FULCO residents.

    This story is a BLOCKBUSTER and will eclipse the oft alluded to “other shoe dropping” anti-GOP juicy-bits that are out there. Of course our li’bral friends at AJC aren’t releasing this story, their cover is that an investigation underway.

    Perhaps the local DA or FULCO Police have not been contacted because the FEDS are investigating. Maybe the AJC was asked not to release for that reason. I posted elsewhere: Horsehockey to FULCO for not pursing this, but what if the case is being investigated by another agency and the alleged miscreants just got tipped off?

    If true, this is worse than one of those really depressing stories of cronyism and corruption because the VERY people who would benefit from the allegedly misdirected funds are the most desperate of our citizens.

    Stealing from the government was a capital offense in ancient China. Stealing from the poor is an offense that will be judged by a higher and more powerful authority.

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