1. Tyler says:

    The 8th District can’t afford (literally) to have Marshall as their congressman. Stimulus dollars were nothing more than a waste of taxpayers money. Marshall has shown, via his voting record, that he trusts the judgment of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. Austin Scott is a freethinker who will insure that money is spent wisely.

    Your money is your time. Income is a sacrifice of time and energy. So when you pay taxes, you are giving up your life. Don’t you think that investment should be utilized effectively? Marshall has shown that he won’t make sure that money will be invested in prosperity and freedom. Vote him out!

    • “Stimulus dollars were nothing more than a waste of taxpayers money.”

      Ah, but they’re a waste of much more than just that! They were also a waste of future generation’s money, to our credit worthiness as a country, and a waste to everybody who uses American currency which is being devalued in the process.

      • ZazaPachulia says:

        “Stimulus dollars were nothing more than a waste of taxpayers money.”

        And they’re also what the the GOP controlled state government used to put a band-aid on the sucking chest wound that is the Georgia budget.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          If that money didn’t leave Georgia and go to DC to pay some bureaucrats, there would have been more money in Georgia to keep the economy going and perhaps the problem wouldn’t be as bad.

      • polisavvy says:

        The waste has been tremendous. I think one of my favorites is $800,000 for some university to go to Africa to teach males how to properly clean their private parts. I feel oh so confident that that really stimulated (no pun intended) the economy.

  2. hannah says:

    Money is a lubricant. We print it as we need it. Just like I’m printing out these words to transmit my thoughts.

    Anyway, the question that should be asked is whether Scott is proposing the $2,789,812,429 Georgia has already received be given back. If so, then no doubt he’d send back the remaining $2.7 billion that haven’t yet come in, as well. For sure, Georgia doesn’t need that money. Let’s send it off to China so we can owe them less.

    The value of American currency isn’t determined by how much there is. Value is determined by whether or not Americans are acting in good faith and intend to honor the commitments we’ve made. Had the U.S. requisitioned Iraqi oil, as many people predicted, our credibility would be a whole lot less. We haven’t yet cleaned up the mess we made, but, at least, we didn’t steal their resources.

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