We have a tie ballgame, folks

A new poll from Insider Advantage shows that Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal are tied and John Monds is at 5%.

  • Deal: 42%
  • Barnes: 42%
  • Monds: 5%
  • Undecided: 11%

In the race for Senate, Johnny Isakson continues to hold a strong lead over Michael Thurmond and Chuck Donovan.

  • Isakson: 52%
  • Thurmond: 34%
  • Donovan: 5%
  • Undecided: 9%


  1. Bull Moose says:

    I wonder how many other shoes there are to drop in this race given that there are only about 7 weeks till the election?

  2. Baker says:

    Another concrete example of how hiding the truth gets you nowhere.

    If they hadn’t tried to hide, er, I mean “overlook” so much of this stuff, I don’t think this would be as bad. If they had just laid it all out there in the first place, some folks would still be upset, but not outraged.

    • CobbGOPer says:

      As I said in another thread, you can only have so many book-keeping errors before it starts to look like you’re deliberately trying to hide something. Either that or his accountant used to work for Goldman Sachs.

    • TPNoGa says:

      I could see that. If the revelations are done, and Deal has taken his worst hit, the fact that it is tied is good for Deal. I don’t think Barnes picked up any support, I think Deal people went to undecided. The fact that Barnes, a former (popular) governor only polls at 42% should worry Democrats. If this is the worst of it, then Deal wins by 10%.

    • rightofcenter says:

      The IA results are certainly taken with a grain of salt. Although as a Deal supporter, I actually kind of like the results. If you get front page negative attention in the papers and tv and are still tied, that says something. As someone commented, it really isn’t good news for Barnes or Monds. The support Deal lost went to undecided.

      • Just Sayin says:

        The flipside is that it was done on Thursday night. Deal’s bad news broke Wednesday and Thursday. It hasn’t been fully saturated and I’m sure Barnes will make sure that it is.

        I think if Deal had been honest from the beginning it would be a different ball game. Now he just looks like he intentionally misled everyone, especially with his campaign saying they were relieved this didn’t come out during the GOP fight.

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    Deal doesn’t appear to be in fighting shape. When was the last time he had a tough election?

    He flipped on gambling. He flopped on the Race to the Top education program. Ghetto grandmother comment. Birther bullsh*t. At one point in the primary he admitted he didn’t have an education program. Taking GSP officers and cars to chauffer him around the state. His disclosure problems, his use of Congressional resources to lobby the Revenue Commissioner to keep sweetheart salvage deal and now all this personal debt.

    Who’s advising this guy??? Or did he always campaign like this?

  4. Progressive Dem says:

    That Deal ad he cranked out for the general election with the line:
    “Deal will get it right the first time”. Does that apply to his disclosure statement or business acumen?

    The way this guy manages his finances, his campaign, his ethics – would you hire him to be the CEO of Georgia?

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    And one more thing. The crosstabs for this poll. Show Deal getting 33% of the female vote. There are also high undecideds among females and over 65. I didn’t think Barnes could win, but there’s an opening.

  6. Georgia Judge says:

    Get over it Karen lost,please do tell us about your insider info about some new damaging news on Deal,I say you have zero.

    When was the last time he had a tough election???? He just survived a 7 candidate Primary and the most negative runoff in Ga Political history ,which he won and ended any possible political future for the loser.

    • Bull Moose says:

      Steve. I think we’re all entitled to our opinion, but maybe not our own facts. You are not doing your candidate any favors by continuing to try and go after those who are just silently trying to be loyal Republicans. Give it a rest.

  7. macho says:

    This was supposed to be the reddest of red states. It was basically a foregone conclusion that whoever won the GOP nomination would be Governor. Nathan Deal appears to be accomplishing the impossible, putting the Governor’s race in play.

    If this information comes out before the runoff, Handel clearly wins, and if the information comes out before the Primary, it’s Johnson / Handel. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Legislature would fight so hard for Richardson’s and Burkhalter’s hand-picked candidate. I know EJ has got to be looking a whole lot better right now.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Good points Macho. I can’t understand why none of the candidates found this information. It is really upsetting.

  8. Matt Towery has always had a crush on “Obama’s Boy Roy” and would do anything to see him win. This poll is BS. You all know it.

    Once again, you big pansies have wasted another thread crying about your loser candidate. Get over it boys, Karen lost.

    The next governor of this state is going to be Nathan Deal. The sooner you start dealing with reality, the sooner you can go on with your lives.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Unless the federal grand jury comes back with an indictment and trial, then it’s Governor Cagle or Governor Porter.

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