NRCC’s “Young Guns”

According to various tips in the tipline and CQ Politics, Mike Keown is being bumped up to “Young Gun” status by the NRCC. No doubt this is in part due to Bishop’s recent scholarship woes.

Eighteen GOP candidates are set to be promoted to Young Guns status, bringing the total number to 75. The committee has not ruled out expanding the list further before Nov. 2.

The latest additions include Republicans who won competitive primaries Tuesday in races that have long been considered GOP targets for the fall, including Randy Altschuler in New York’s 1st district, Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta in New Hampshire’s 1st district and former Rep. Charlie Bass in New Hampshire’s 2nd district.

But the list also includes several candidates in races that haven’t been considered competitive until recently. They include Republicans Ryan Frazier in Colorado’s 7th district, state Rep. Scott Tipton in Colorado’s 3rd district, state Rep. Mike Keown in Georgia’s 2nd district, state Rep. Austin Scott in Georgia’s 8th district and sportscaster Harold Johnson in North Carolina’s 11th district.

So that is two Georgia Republican congressional contenders to reach “Young Gun” status. I have long posited that the way to gain one of the Blue Dog seats in Georgia is to make a play on all three seats at once. Act like all three are in play, make them strain their resources and you will gain one or more. It all comes down to resource allocation.

Scott seems to be doing fairly well in 8th. Keown is stirring up trouble in 2nd. Barrows is playing the game like he has a real challenge and has been using his funds as if he was in danger. I hate the term “Perfect Storm” but if the Republicans are going to take any of these seats, this is the best shot they have outside of redistricting.


  1. kyleinatl says:

    Prediction: Marshall is a goner, Bishop will squeak it out (The Dems really don’t want to lose any one on approps unless they’re dead in the water) and Barrow is safe until the GOP does better than Ray McKinney.

  2. Good post, Ron. Confirmed by the AP (Always Progressive) news service.

    I believe Austin will win this race. I also believe Jim Marshall will continue his string of attack ads until November 3rd. He has no alternative because he has nothing to brag about from his eight year vacation in Washington.

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