College Republicans Launch Ambitious Campaign Initaitive

From a press release:

ATLANTA — The Georgia Association of College Republicans (GACR) announced its plans to fight for Georgia Republican candidates in the 2010 election season with the unveiling of their “10 in ’10” Express Trip Initiative. Under the plan, CRs from across the state will embark on a series of 10 express trips this fall to campaign in hotly contested midterm election races, beginning the weekend of Sept. 17-19 with a trip to Albany, Georgia, on behalf of 2nd Congressional District Republican nominee and State Representative Mike Keown.

“Georgia’s College Republicans are committing our every last resource to electing our state’s phenomenal slate of GOP candidates this fall,” said Chairman Andrew Laarhoven, “and we’ve carefully selected as our target races those in which a close race is expected or where unseating a Democrat is a distinct possibility.”

GACR’s comprehensive get-out-the-vote campaign will target a multitude of statewide and Congressional races in the state, mobilizing an on-the-ground force of conservative college students to engage Georgia voters for the midterm elections. The initiative is being billed as the most extensive campaign volunteer effort embarked upon by the College Republicans organization in years.

In addition to the 2nd District Congressional race, GACR will also target the Congressional battle in the 8th District on behalf of State Rep. Austin Scott, Georgia’s gubernatorial and attorney general campaigns and Senator Johnny Isakson’s top-of-the-ticket reelection effort.

The announcement of the “10 in ’10” Express Trip Initiative coincided with the launch of GACR’s capital campaign aimed at raising $25,000 to finance the organization’s elections operations.

Said Vice Chairman Chandler Epp: “As young people concerned with the direction that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are taking our country, we could not be more eager to make an enormous impact for our Georgia Republican candidates this November. We look forward to sharing in the victory that this election will bring for our state.”

The Georgia Association of College Republicans (GACR) is the Georgia affiliate of the College Republican National Committee and the largest such state federation in the Southeastern United States. GACR represents the interests of thousands of conservative college students on nearly 30 Georgia university campuses, serving as the first point of contact for students who wish to work directly with local and state political leaders and their election campaigns. Connecting campaigns with conservative activists and volunteers across the state, GACR demonstrates why College Republicans are in fact THE grassroots arm of the Republican Party. For more information and a complete list of chapters, visit


  1. I am all for the GACR….great that they are taking the initiative….my question though is can we find another word for this slate of candidates other than phenomenal? Then again, looking at the definition of the word….they are phenomenally something!!!! Although there are a few who are noteworthy!

  2. ACCmoderate says:

    Does the “Boot Bishop” have a positive reason why I should vote for Mike Keown? I’m literally open to supporting either candidate, I’d just like to know that the GACR’s are supporting him for tangible reasons other than the letter next to his name or the fact he isn’t some “socialist commie nut-job” like Sanford Bishop.

    Consider the gauntlet thrown down GACR, give me a legit reason as to why you’re supporting these candidates. I want policy points, not talking points. If you can’t do that I’m going to hang my head in shame that our colleges and universities in Georgia are incapable of producing free thinking individuals.

    • iron horse says:

      How is this throwing down the gauntlet on GACR? Do you not understand the organization?

      GACR stands for “Georgia Association of College Republicans.” They are essentially the undergraduate college arm of the Georgia GOP. They’re not an independent organization that evaluates the strength of candidates and their positions before endorsing them. Instead, they serve to elect Republican candidates and get college students involved in the Republican Party.

      Their website says: “Our mission is to help elect Republican leaders”.

      Their members are already Republicans, not undecideds trying to come up with a reason to vote for a candidate. They participate in GACR campaign events (for example) because they believe that on the whole, the Republican Party’s platform is a better one than the Democratic Party’s platform. As such, they support the party’s nominees.

      This doesn’t seem too difficult to understand. If you’re looking for why these particular college students choose their party ID as Republican rather than Democrat, and want “policy points” about that, then you may need to educate yourself if you don’t know why people choose the parties they do. As it is, I think most of these students get those points in whatever Intro to Politics class they are taking in Georgia’s colleges and universities.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      GACR = Georgia Association of College Republicans, not Georgia Association of Free Thinking Individuals, ….have you considered that maybe it’s enough for them that Congressman Bishop votes for Congresswoman Pelosi for Speaker?

      • ACCmoderate says:

        Well I’m just stoked that we’ve got a group of people that have already devoted themselves to partisanship.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I’m stoked that we have a lot of people who don’t like Speaker Pelosi’s policies, such as: we have to pass it, so you can find out what’s in it.

        • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

          Well, I’m not one to tell people who to vote for, I would just encourage you to research Mike Keown and decide for yourself. I haven’t come to conclusively support him. I will say that I’ve found him to be the kind of politician who will go against the grain if party leaders demand unquestioning loyalty (as both parties are guilty of these days). Lots of bad ideas could have been stopped in the past if not for all the “yes men” who just go with the flow (Isakson, Chambliss, etc.).

          I’m still waiting to break apart Mike’s positions on foreign policy, the ‘war on terror’ and the civil liberties we have lost as a result, before Nov. 2nd. On the other hand, Sanford Bishop offers no alternative on these issues, so if they both lose a point in that area, the overall score won’t change much.

          Like you, I’d rather have candidates to vote for, than just have candidates to vote against.

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    $20 says GACR gets about twice as many folks on the bus to campaign for Austin Scott in middle Georgia than they do on whatever one of the “10 in ’10″ trips is dedicated to helping Deal.

  4. ACCmoderate says:

    Is it true Nathan Deal is cheating on his wife with a man? That’s the rumor I heard.

    Sorry, just playing the Christine O’Donnell strategy.

  5. kmmoreaux says:

    The fact that College Students are taking innitiative throughout the state is enough to be happy about. Big congrats to their state leadership for getting this together. I would like to echo some of the sentimates above… any vote for a Republican down ballot race is a vote for Deal. Their plan seems pretty sound to me.

    • politicaldawg says:

      Interesting that a college education has not taught college students not to capitalize “College Students” nor to spell “initiative” or “sentiments.” That seems like something that one should not be happy about. It’s pretty obvious you would think their plan is “pretty sound” seeing as your boyfriend is the head of the organization.

    • polisavvy says:

      Come on guys, this isn’t English 101 and no credits are earned for engaging in dialogue on Pundit. There is no need to point out typos. We all make them occasionally.

  6. Bill30097 says:

    That was scummy as well as a lie. Christine O’Donnell did not say that nor did her campaign. It was some political consulting group. Now get back under your rock libtard.

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