DGA Sends Georgia Dems Big Money, Takes Shot At Deal.

From the Political Insider:

The Democratic Governors Association just confirmed that it sent an additional $1 million to Georgia this week in support of Democrat Roy Barnes’ return as governor.

The DGA had already given $500,000 to the state Democratic party in August.

So somebody doesn’t believe that SurveyUSA poll, released Monday, that showed Republican Nathan Deal with an 11-point lead.

Emily Bittner, spokeswoman for the DGA, characterized the cash infusion as a show of faith in Barnes’ November chances. Bittner also referenced the AJC article that this morning outlined the precarious nature of Deal’s personal checkbook.

“[Deal’s] personal finances are in no shape for him to run the state’s finances,” Bittner said.


  1. Winnersville USA says:

    Maybe the DGA read the comments from the democratic state rep from Hart County.

    Roy Barnes winning is the democrats last chance for relevancy in Georgia, for at least a generation.

    Let’s put our foot down now so our state can rise above and stay above the new challenges introduced to Americans by our democratic president and congress.

  2. Why doesn’t Obama’s Boy Roy come off the hip and spend some of his own $17 million he’s earned chasing ambulances the last eight years and from investments in companies that do business with the state? Hell, he made over $5 million last year alone. He’s been a big contributor to Obama, Edwards, Kerry, the DNC, etc. but he hasn’t spent it all. He’s a typical limousine liberal. Spend other people’s money.

        • ACCmoderate says:

          Please Luke, enlighten me. What’s wrong with trial lawyers?

          I don’t think Barnes was chasing ambulences. He was just running a successful law firm. Shouldn’t we want a guy in office who can successfully manage a business?

          The last thing I’d want is for the state to elect someone that can’t manage his own finances… oh, wait… what’s the Republican nominee’s name again?

      • Three Jack says:

        it will be interesting to see how he avoid default considering the numbers presented in the ajc story. deal net worth $2.1m, outstanding loans well in excess of $2m.

        even more curious is how the banks decided to loan so much on a high risk retail venture. how many other startup retail ventures in that area had access to millions (collateralized by the same piece of property on multiple loans)?

        my prediction is deal will be forced to step aside prior to november.

          • Three Jack says:

            ‘bitter dude’…hmmm, because i oppose a lifelong politician who has serious ethical and financial problems, i am labled ‘bitter’?

            no luke, just tired of the s.o.s. coming from the s.o. relics.

            • Three Jack says:

              now add another $2m++ to the personally guaranteed debt load as reported by the ajc and wsbtv.

              how in the hell does a man get $5m in loans from numerous community banks with only personal guarantees?

              time to wrap it up deal. what a disaster.

  3. Spacey G says:

    This one comment over at the Cox Plantation Product pretty much said it all regarding the Deal Won’t Disclose So Let’s Do It For Him affair:

    *You have to pass a credit check in order to be hired as a state employee. This should eliminate Mr. Deal.*

  4. TPNoGa says:

    Please note that Deal has not defaulted on the loan. The loan isn’t due until February, and preparing for that payment, Nathan is liquidating some of his assets to meet this obligation. His credit is fine, he hasn’t missed the payment.

  5. TPNoGa says:

    I guess I am missing something. Again, I am not a Deal fan, I did not vote for him in the primary or runoff. I am still undecided as to whether I will support him in November. But I don’t see what the big deal is here. He invested money with his daughter and guaranteed a loan. The business failed (not unusual for this economy) and now he has to stand by the guarantee and pay off the loan early next year. He is taking steps to pay it off and says he will not declare bankruptcy. This is not unusual these days. Actually, what is unusual is the fact that he plans to pay the loan off and not duck the responsibility.

  6. Everyone…get use to this phrase, you’ll hear it a lot starting November 3rd, “Governor Deal, Governor Deal, Governor Deal, Governor Deal, Governor Deal, Governor Deal”…you get the point.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      As in:

      “Governor Deal filed for bankruptcy today.”

      “Boy, people sure are having a good laugh at our expense because Governor Deal couldn’t manage his own finances.”

      “This state is even worse off than it was under Sonny Perdue. Thanks a lot Governor Deal!”

      I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I know I’ll probably be saying: “I sure am glad I bought this nice big house in North Carolina before Governor Deal turned Georgia into an absolute crapfest.”

  7. Silent Jay says:

    Governor Perp Walk, Governor Perp Walk, Governor Perp Walk.

    Maybe we can get him a cell next to Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney.

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