About those judicial races

The poll of the active members of the State Bar of Georgia has found that David Nahmias and Christopher McFadden are the most qualified candidates running for Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals:

Georgia Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias and attorney Christopher J. McFadden came out on top in a poll asking the state’s lawyers to rate candidates in this year’s two contested statewide judicial races.
Nahmias was appointed to the state Supreme Court last year and is running against Matt Wilson and Tamela Adkins for a full term.

McFadden is running in a field of six for an open seat on the state Court of Appeals.

Most of us have our attention on the gubernatorial race or congressional races, but unfortunately, important races such as these get overlooked. You can see the results of the poll here.


  1. Word says:

    Justice Nahmias was an outstanding U.S. Attorney for the Northern Georgia District and he will continue being an outstanding Justice. If you have a chance this election period to speak with him or go hear him speak it will be worth your time.

  2. joe says:

    “Lacks Sufficient Knowledge to Express Opinion” was by far the most picked category. This poll is not worth a cup of warm spit.

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