Ga. GOP To Hold Kickoff Rally Saturday.

Republicans will kick off the campaign season for real this Saturday in Duluth from 12 – 2 pm. Here are the details.

Georgia Republican Party 2010 Kickoff to Republican Victory Rally.

GAGOP Chairman Sue Everhart, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, Nathan Deal, Dr. John Barge, Tim Echols, Liz Carter and many Republican elected officials and nominees are confirmed for this event.

Location: Wild Bills
2075 Market Street
Duluth, GA, 30096.


      • Doug – how many Libertarian events have you been to? Seems to me that 21% of the 18 to 34 year old vote in the recent Survey USA poll indicates that more than 3 people support John Monds. Perhaps you’ve confused the Libertarian kickoff with the location of where Glenn Richardson (a Republican) met with the lobbyist he was cheating on his wife with. Go have another cup of coffee and come back later. 🙂

      • Three Jack says:

        doug, you represent the gop well. ignore reality, just keep clicking those heels wishing fiscal conservatives would stop demanding accountability in those we elect.

        if libertarians decide to hold a kickoff rally (i hope they do and that it will require multiple phone booths), you will find out just how disgusted so many former members of the gop have become.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          O.K. here are two serious questions that STILL haven’t been answered. When the LP nominated candidates, how many people were in the room? When they voted in a replacement candidate, how many people were in the room?

          As far as Glenn Richardson, goes, at least you can name someone who was an elected Republican to the state legislature. (I didn’t care for him, politically speaking. I didn’t know him well enough to form an opinion of him personally.) I don’t think there ever has been an elected LP member to the state legislature. That probably won’t happen unless one district anywhere in the state becomes overwhelming supportive of drugs, prostitution, and gambling. We all know that you have NO chance of winning ANY race and just want to spend tax-payer money on a run off.

          BTW, I haven’t ever seen a LP event within 1 hour’s driving distance of my house. If I had, I might have attended, sat in the back and just observed. I’ve been to a Dem party event, but that was to challenge someone to a debate.

          BTW part 2, I don’t drink coffee.

          • “how many people were in the room?”

            Doug – why exactly does this matter? How about this… how many people were in the room while Deal was trying to protect his sweetheart deal with the state while meeting with Cagle and whomever else?

            You are correct… there has never been an elected Libertarian to the state legislature… because it’s so difficult to get on the ballot as a Libertarian in the first place. Imagine if all the Republicans and Democrats running for state offices had to collect signatures too! We almost had a candidate for state house (I think?) this year, but from what I understand too many signatures were thrown out by the SOS office. It has nothing to do with drugs, prostitution and gambling. It has to do with the tyranny of the ballot access laws that is so preciously guarded by the Republicans and Democrats.

            Doug – we don’t want to spend taxpayer money on a runoff anymore than you do with your primary runoffs. In fact, make ya’ a deal… let’s switch to Instant Runoff Voting and our problems will be solved. Or do you think people will be too confused having to rank candidates in order of preference? I guess we should go to the grocery store and see just how many people are laying on the floor going into convulsions because they can’t make up their mind in the cereal aisle, eh?

            Just because you’ve never seen an LP event within 1 hour’s driving distance of your house doesn’t mean there’s never been one. It sounds like you don’t really keep up with the LP much. (Which is fair… I don’t keep up with the GOP or Democratic Party much either… I prefer the smaller government party, not the parties of bigger government.)

            • Doug Grammer says:

              My point is that the three people in your phone booth decide who will be on the ballot. (The real number is avoided and still not answered, again & again.) The GOP and Dem’s use the primary system to decide our nominees because one of them will win and govern. Taxpayer money for a run off in a Dem or GOP primary is acceptable, because one of them will actually win an office. Taxpayer money on a run-off caused by a LP member who has no intent or chance of winning, is distasteful, silly, and wasted money. If you have t0 have a platform to promote your drugs, gambling, or prostitution, it’s still legal to do so. It seems like a waste to me.

              I can tell you exactly how many people were in the room with Deal and Cagle. Which of the three meetings are you referring to? But I will only answer your question if you answer mine, which was asked first.

              • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

                I’m not sure if you’re trying to help or hurt the LP with that comment.

                Basically, what you’re saying is:

                It’s a waste of time to spend taxpayer dollars on primaries for a party which will not spend taxpayer dollars as if the world will end tomorrow once they get into office.

                It is a wise expense to spend taxpayer dollars on primaries for parties who will spend taxpayer dollars like it’s going out of style once they get into office.

                My theory:

                Political parties are a waste of taxpayer dollars.

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  – about 4 billion, the approximate amount the GOP legislature and Gov. have cut from our budget over the last few years.

                • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

                  I can almost guarantee you that if a libertarian candidate ever came close to winning in a non-runoff system, you’d be screaming for a run-off system to be implemented—”taxpayer expense” be damned.

                  • Doug Grammer says:

                    I can guarantee you that IF the moon were going to fall to the earth, I’d be selling umbrella’s. But until the LP drops their drugs from their platform, they will never win a statewide office Georgia. I think my “IF” is more likely than yours.

                    • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

                      Perhaps we could do a comparison between how much taxpayer money is wasted by the GOP’s failed war on drugs and obsession with what other people do to themselves in the privacy of their basements, versus how much is spent during election years on run-offs forced by the libertarians.

                      Oh, and how many people died in gang shootouts as a result of the last run-off election we had?

                      The “noble experiment” didn’t work a hundred years ago, and it won’t work today, no matter how rediculous you think the libertarians are for opposing it.

                    • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

                      Strawman? Where? You’re the one who is outraged about wasting taxpayer dollars, right?

                      Oh, wait. It isn’t about the taxpayers, is it? You just don’t want anyone to challenge the power brokers. At least be honest about it Doug: you just don’t want voters to have more choices.

                      Why else would you take your frustration out on the libertarian party over wasting money on a run-off system that they didn’t develop? Guess who is at fault for the waste of taxpayer dollars?’

                      We could end the run-off system, for all I care. You and I could agree on that, but as I said, if it gets too hot to handle—if the GOP/Democrats start straining to maintain their hold on power, I’d bet the farm that you’ll be one of the first ones in line to bring run-off system back.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I don’t mind the LP party being around if they were serious about getting people elected. That won’t happen until they change their platform (at the very least dropping the drugs) and recruit better candidates. Monds doesn’t have a paying job and hasn’t had one for a while. They would have been better off recruiting Boyd who could at least self-fund. By the admission of their own party members on here, they are hoping to force a run-off to prove their point and draw attention to their platform that promotes drugs, prostitution, and gambling. They have NO hopes of winning.

                      If we were discussing dams to hold back hurricanes in New Orleans, that doesn’t mean we would be talking about farming in China, even though both topics involve water. That’s why it’s a straw man. It has nothing to do with the real topic at hand.

                      The LP isn’t trying to win; it’s trying waste tax dollars. We are discussing the LP, not winning at the Olympics, not non fuel efficient cars (waste) nor the fair tax, flat tax, sales tax, vat tax, nor are we discussing pounds, yen, or any other form of currency.

                      I pound on the LP for two reasons. One is to make them and others see the error of their ways. Two, it is an election and every vote that’s not for a R or D is wasted until they put up better candidates who have a chance of winning (and they’d have to change their platform.) I want votes that might go to LP candidates to go to R’s.

                      Even if you and I agreed to end the run 0ff system, that doesn’t matter until the legislature and the Gov. decide to do that. Let’s not waste time discussing IRV. That isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Let’s discuss the system we have.
                      It isn’t going to change before this election happens.

                      You may make as many bets as you like. That doesn’t mean you know me, nor what I would do if a situation THAT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN EVER DEVELOPS.

                    • Tyler says:

                      I think the LPs place right now is keeping the GOP in check. Whether many like it or not, if Nathan Deal loses I believe it will be because GOP voters crossed over to vote for Monds (this is a concern circulated among the G-7s staff).

                    • Tyler says:

                      Sometimes the two-party system bites one party. You’re all for the voters choosing, if they put Barnes in office, it’s because they rejected Deal. We’ll see in November. Many GOPers that I’ve talked to feel like they have a 3rd option. I told them a vote for Monds is a vote for Barnes, many didn’t care.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      “You’re all for the voters choosing, if they put Barnes in office, it’s because they rejected Deal.”

                      I agree with that, to a degree. If the LP has no chance of winning, they only cost the taxpayers money for the cost of a run off. As far as many GOPer’s go, we have held a primary. We have a nominee. If they want to vote for Barnes, let them vote for Barnes. Until someone can show me a realistic poll that shows Monds has a chance of winning, I will continue to state that a vote for Monds is a wasted vote. If they really don’t like Deal and still want to vote, let them man up and vote for Barnes.

                      I think by the time Nov 2, comes around, voters will have had a chance to look at both Deal and Barnes, and most of them will vote Deal.

                    • Tyler says:

                      “I told them a vote for Monds is a vote for Barnes…”

                      Thus my above quote. LP has no chance of winning the office, so they steal votes from the GOP in most cases. I think they mostly come down to a rejection/principle vote. It all comes down to if the majority of them can stomach Barnes again. They just might be pissed off enough to put him in office. Then again, you could be right and Deal might win in November.

                      Like most things in life, it’s up in the air.

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