Sanford Bishop upset with Mike Keown for Sanford Bishop’s securing of scholarship money for Sanford Bishop’s family

You say classy, Sanford. You are truly a man of the people.

Reached by phone, Bishop declined to discuss the scholarship controversy. In a statement issued late Friday, his campaign manager said the congressman followed the guidelines about scholarships in place at the time, but would nonetheless give back to the foundation an amount equal to the scholarships his family members got. He also accused Bishop’s Republican challenger, Mike Keown, of starting a smear campaign by spreading news of the scholarship controversy.

“This is about nothing more than Mike Keown scoring cheap political points by attacking Rep. Bishop and his family,” campaign spokesman Tim Turner said in a statement. “To Mike Keown, apparently nothing is off-limits, even attacking someone’s family.”

Note that the minute these scholarships come to light, even though he professes to have done nothing wrong, Bishop refunds the money. Maybe the appearance of how it all looks really wasn’t that swell, after all, in 2010 or 2003.

Interestingly, as the AJC notes, this isn’t the first time Bishop has been hit by allegations of nepotism.

Last year, he was accused of steering funds he had secured as “earmarks” as a member of the House Appropriations Committee to a Muscogee County youth group that employed stepdaughter Aayesha Owens Reese and her husband, Stephen Reese.

Bishop said at the time that he had no idea his stepdaughter worked for the Muscogee County Junior Marshal program, and that when he did learn about it, he immediately directed her to quit her job. At the time, Owens Reese also was apparently working for the Fulton County district attorney’s office.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation opened a review of the case, but said it found no evidence of criminal intent.

I mean, really. How can anyone expect the man to know where his own wife’s daughter works? Next you’ll be demanding he read health care legislation before he votes on it! How unreasonable can you get?

Just in: reports suggest Bishop aide Jamey Crozier thinks you are a racist if you are reading this post and he plans to withhold Federal help from his office as a consequence.


    • Baker says:

      I’m a little conflicted on this one. I’ll say I did notice that there was not a mention of September 11th. This is where the divisive nature of our politics gets tricky. If they had posted something, the Left would probably have a problem with it. Since they did not, it is probably worth noting, but at what point does that become playing politics? Interesting kind of journalism ethical question in the ol’ blogosphere world.

      • GAPolitico says:

        Well, I think that it should have been mentioned. I also think that we should put politics aside and focus on memorializing the fallen. If you cannot take a day off to remember those who died, then that is sad.

        It is one thing to post something political on 9/11, it is another thing to post a political attack and not spend any time remembering the fallen. That, to me, is just offensive.

        • Lady Thinker says:


          I understand your sentiments and I have to say I agree with you. We needed a piece on 9/11 and the controversy still going on as well as a dedication to those who have died.

          In the past nine years, my Air Force nephew has been to Iraq twice and in August, he left for his second tour of Afghanistan. I thought he had been there more than that but I was wrong. My brother’s younger son did an Iraq and a Turkey tour, then got out but the oldest is a career man.

          Yes, what Sanford Bishop did is wrong on so many levels, there are three posts about him and the comments are all basically the same. How many times can one beat a dead horse?

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