1. Baker says:

    Any Punditers want to weigh on whether they think his race is winnable?

    I ask because I don’t think it’s getting much coverage and the only poll I found said 50-44.

  2. Ron2008 says:

    Well I think he should have spent the money on voter contact, aka mail or tv rather than a new website. He’s a long shot but has a chance, and that’s all we can ask for.

  3. Gwinnett is Great says:

    From everything I’ve heard coming out of the 2nd district, funding isn’t and will not be a problem. The website is a polished new look for Keown. Last poll I saw had the peanut Congressman Sanford Bishop at 95% name recognition versus Keown’s 53%. That being said, he’s within striking distance at 50-44. That poll seems to have been conducted from everything I’ve looked at about a month and a half ago. I would venture to say that his name ID has risen greatly over that time – not enough to overcome the demographics of the district, but with a little TV time I think we’ll see the attention turn from the 8th to the 2nd in a flash.

  4. Debra says:

    Yes, he stands a great chance of winning. I live in his District and we have been very active trying to get Mike elected. This is the first time that the farmers have backed someone other than Bishop. When I knock on doors and tell people of Bishop’s votes and that Mike will work to take back America EVERYONE tells me “YES” he has their vote.

    Get the word out, tell everyone you know about Mike and about how Bishop has voted. Bishop is shaking in his boots, (Boot Bishop lol) because Mike is going to win this election!

    • Debra says:

      Mike has gotten a good amount of funding, but still needs more to go against Bishop’s war chest. Send him a contribution and lets take back the HOUSE!

  5. jeff says:

    Yes, Keown can win this district. This just in today. Cook Political Report changed GA2 from Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat.


    This district has never been competitive until now. Just a few months ago this district was a Solid Democrat. Keown out raised Bishop last reporting quarter and I think many will be surprised to see how much he has raised this quarter. Keown has been campaigning hard every day for the last 13 months and Bishop’s campaign has stumbled a couple of times early.

  6. EverythingZenX21 says:

    Stumbling is an understatement – he’s falling flat on his face.

    His aide’s voicemail to a farmer:


    He gives nothing more than a slap on the wrist and considers the matter taken care of – nothing like withholding constituent services.

    Bishop also has 5 pending ethics violations, one of which directly involves a federal earmark that he used to pay his step daughter and her husband by directly depositing funds into his wife Vivan Bishop’s bank account. He claims he didn’t know they worked for the organization…

    …for this ethics claim he has incurred well over $500,000.00 worth of debt to Greenberg Traurig to keep himself and his family out of jail for misappropriated federal funds. This debt has been expensed on his CAMPAIGN disclosure since January 2009. The FEC should take a look at if that’s a legitimate campaign expense…

    This is not the first time Congressman Bishop has been caught misappropriating funds. Just like Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, Bishop has been redirecting Congressional Black Caucus scholarship money to his daughter-in-law (Aayesha Owens Reese – who was also paid in earmark money) as well as his niece, his God-daughter, and 7 employees’ family members in Vivian Bishop’s office (clerk of municipal court in Columbus/Sanford’s wife). As soon as he realized this, the Congressional Black Caucus website tried to rid itself of any evidence that Aayesha is on a list receiving funding in 2003, however all the evidence is there.

    concerning Representative Sanford Bishop obtaining scholarship money for his wife’s daughter Aayesha Owens (Reese), his niece Emmundia/Emmaundia Whitaker, one for his God daughter Akeevia Gunn, one for a friend’s daughter Sherletha Thomas, and five employees of Vivian Bishop’s family members.

    The following link is to Evelyn Rushin Creighton’s (the mother of Vivian Creighton Bishop) obituary. It clearly states that she is survived by her daughter, Vivian Creighton Bishop (Sanford’s wife) and her granddaughter, Aayesha Reese.


    From there we can clearly see the recipients of the Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Education & Health Initiative Scholarship.

    They can be found from the years 2002-2009 below:

    http://www.cbcfinc.org/images/pdf/annualreport03.pdf (this version has removed Aayesha’s name from the list – different account can be found with her name still attached below)

    The following received scholarships from Congressman Sanford Bishop in the respective years…

    2002 : Bonica T. Smith (Education)
    2003 : Kelli J. Blair (Education), Sherletha A. Thomas (Education), Emmudia J. Whitaker (Education)….Aayesha J Owens (Education) can be found on the second 03-04 link
    2004 : Not listed
    2005 : Tamara Huff (1 Health & 1 Education), Aubrey Smith (Education), and Emmaundia Whitaker (Education)
    2006 : Lemeka S. Jacobs , Aubrey E. Smith
    2007 : Bonica T. Smith, Lemeka S. Jacobs, Tamara Huff
    2008 : Akeevia Gunn (X2), Tamara Huff

    Relation to Sanford and Vivian Bishop:
    Bonica T. Smith – Barbara Smith is employee of Vivian Bishop; Bonica is her daughter
    Kelli J. Blair – Shirley Blair is employee of Vivian Bishop; Kelli is her daughter
    Sherletha A. Thomas – married to Sanford Bishop’s Field Director Kenneth Huff son of tax commissioner of Columbus Lula Huff
    Emmudia J. Whitaker – Jacqueline Whitaker is sister to Vivian Bishop; Emmudia is her daughter (niece of Vivian)
    Aayesha J. Owens – daughter of Vivian Creighton Bishop, daughter-in-law to Sanford Bishop, changed her name to Reese when married to husband Stephen
    Tamara Huff – daughter of Lula Huff, tax commissioner of Columbus
    Aubrey Smith – niece of Patricia Lee, an employee for Vivian Bishop (mother is Barbara Smith)
    Lameka S. Jacobs – daughter of Priscilla Jacobs, employee of Vivian Bishop
    Akeevia Gunn – Vivian Bishop’s God daughter

    The corruption runs so deep…

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