Georgia’s 2nd CD moves from ‘likely’ to ‘leans’ democratic

Just into the tipline comes word that Charlie Cook has moved the race in Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District from “likely democratic” to “leans democratic.” More here.

This development continues to show a trend towards Mike Keown, who is challenging Rep. Sanford Bishop in SW Georgia. Cook continues to rate the seat as D+1.

Don’t bother asking Bishop’s aide Jamey Crozier what he thinks about this. He’ll probably just accuse you of racism and threaten to withhold any Federal assistance from his office.


  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    That was a pretty incendiary link… I think I’d be safe to accuse someone of bigotry if they used the phrase “F*** that G**D**** N*****,” but that’s just my opinion…

    • jeff says:

      Zaza, I think you missed the point. A Bishop aide threatened to withhold federal assistance from a constituent because he disagreed with the congressman’s vote on healthcare. The racism wasn’t brought up until after the recorded message left by the aide threatened and cursed the farmer. The only people who “say” they heard the farmer use racist remarks are a Bishop aide and a Bishop supporter. The cursing and threatening of the farmer is recorded for everyone to hear. Either way an aide threatening and cursing a constituent is wrong!

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      The constituent denied saying this. Were you or someone you know around when the statement was made? So many people cry wolf when it comes to racism it makes it extremely hard to differentiate the truth from the false.

      • jeff says:

        Bottom line the statement from Bishop’s aide was recorded on a voice mail for all to hear. The statement supposedly from the farmer towards Bishop was not recorded and is only hearsay.

  2. hannah says:

    Another misleading title to a post. This time it’s an example of false attribution of agency. The Second Congressional District has not moved. Mobility is not a district attribute. Pollsters, who presumably contacted citizens who are likely to vote , have concluded on the basis of what they were told, by people who might well be speaking falsely, that support for the Democrat is not as strong as it was.
    Why is it that people who prevaricate think other people are telling them the truth? Is it because they think other people are fools and deserve to be fooled?

    • Doug Grammer says:

      Why would they lie (Hannah speak – speak falsely) to a pollster? Most people are proud of whom they support. Logic Fail.

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