Allah smiles upon Macon with his gift

Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis Hakim Mansour Ellis Jack Ellis said Wednesday he wants to return to City Hall again after a four year absence.

Ah, Macon: the gift that keeps on giving.

“I decided in the last week or so after listening to a lot of people. They were encouraging me to run again,” he said. “I plan on devoting a lot of energy on this effort immediately.”

One wonders if he consulted with his good pal, dictator Hugo Chavez, who Ellis declared solidarity with in 2007. Also pending is if Ellis still supports Chavez’s funding of Al Qaeda, killing of political dissidents and suppression of independent media, as someone named Erick Erickson asked him several years ago.

Although Ellis’ mayoral tenure had its share of controversies — a push for condoms for youths instead of abstinence programs, taking the Macon Housing Authority to court and questions about misusing a federal grant — Ellis said he’s not focused on the naysayers in the coming election but rather is leaving things for voters to decide.

Why focus on those pesky naysayers bringing up uncomfortable facts! We’ll also wait to see when, or if, Ellis decides to resign from his position as Honorary Consul of Uganda in Georgia.


  1. BoogDoc7 says:

    Hasn’t Ellis NOT lived in Macon the past few years?

    I live in the WR area, but I hope Reichert runs again. Decent fellow.

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