• polisavvy says:

      What’s your true take on the whole Alvin Greene situation in South Carolina? I’d love to have your opinion. Thanks in advance.

      • ACCmoderate says:

        When the race ultimately determines who gets to be the token punching bag for Jim DeMint, it’s highly doubtful that there is going to be a lot of voter interest or motivation.

        As a result, it doesn’t surprise me that people may have voted for Greene solely because his name was at the top of the ticket. For that same reason, it doesn’t surprise me that 7 of our 12 justices on the Court of Appeals have last names that start with a letter A-E.

        Heck, they could have voted for Greene because they felt that he had a better sounding name than Vic Rawl. It all boils down to the same point, when people don’t know a lot about a race or simply don’t care, they’ll make arbitrary decisions on who to vote for.

        I don’t think that there was a GOP conspiracy, however, I question how he was able to pass the state democratic party’s “viability test” and gain approval from the executive council. From what I’ve seen out of his campaign, he doesn’t have a whole lot of supporters, nor has he held any campaign events that would lead said executive committee to declare him a viable candidate. Keep in mind that South Carolina democrats wouldn’t let Stephen Colbert run in 2008, he had much more of a “campaign” than Greene has had.

        At the end of the day, its a quirky political story. There are always loopy people that decide to run for office… look at Ray McBerry in this year’s gubernatorial election or Ray McKinney’s run for VP in 2008. You never think that a moron can win, until they do (cough, Jan Brewer, cough).

        • polisavvy says:

          Thanks for your insight. I, like you, don’t think there was a GOP conspiracy involved. I do wonder, and will probably always wonder, how he managed to get as far as he did. It’s like he went undetected by the state party’s radar. And, you are right, both parties seem to have their fair share of loopy people. November 2nd could be a very interesting day.

        • HowardRoark says:

          I argue against higher voter turnout for that very reason. We don’t need more uninformed voters going to the polls, we need less. The masses at large don’t know enough about the duties of each office and the candidates running to make a good decision. I feel like that cost us dearly in a few races this cycle. Where I’m from (Alpharetta) you’re doing good if folks know who their own councilman is. Much less who is the best candidate for PSC. And that’s typcially a more affluent crowd.


        • analogkid says:

          You never think that a moron can win, until they do (cough, Jan Brewer, cough).

          In case anyone is in doubt on that point, here’s Brewer’s opening statement in a gubernatorial debate:

  1. Justin Tomczak says:

    Good ad in my opinion:

    1. Fresh background, sounds and images

    2. Isakson shows energy

    3. Concise, clear message

  2. If Johnny likes to be “in the thick of things” the least he could have done is actually gone to a high school football game instead of clearly standing in a studio while they dropped stock footage of a ball game behind him. Wrapping yourself around “Friday Night Lights” is apparently the same as wrapping yourself in the flag nowadays.

    • Stump Barnes says:

      If you study the ad, it’s clear that Johnny is actually at the football game and standing in back of the endzone while he speaks into camera. There’s no green screen work.

      Look at the top of the frame toward the end of the ad. There is lens flare in the top edge to of the frame coming around Johnny’s head from the stadium lights on the opposite corner of the field. Also, Johnny is clearly at the game beforehand shaking hands with voters.

      It’s a nice ad. Admit it.

  3. kolt473 says:

    BABA LOUIE (BILL) CLINTON endorsements carry little water like OBAMUNISM does. I still think THURBERT BAKER had some influence on RAY LEWIS SUPERBOWL murder investigation, with prodding from KING ROY. BAKERS endorsement, useless didn’t carry weight in GOVS race, no weight now.

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