Chatham County District Attorney Under Fire…

Embattled Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm is under fire and facing several law suits for inappropriate behavior.  Here are the full details.

… One federal court lawsuit has been filed against Chisolm and Chatham County accusing him of age and gender discrimination, and at least two more are threatened.

Sounds like someone just needs to go ahead and resign so that real law and order can resume in Chatham County…


  1. dewberry says:

    Ya, I asked the county commission to call on the GBI to investigate the city of Savannah because they ignored several ethics complaints that had been filed. The county ignored my request. Next, I file ethics complaints against the county, unrelated to the city matter and as is their apparent custom they ignored my ethics complaint against them. The reason they don’t want to call in the GBI is it will open the big can of worms. I even asked good old Gov. Purdue to call in the GBI and his reply was that it was out of his hands and wished me well in my pursuit of having my ethics complaints answered. I guess my best bet is to send this matter to the DA as I’m guessing they will review all of his mail. I will suggest I have a love interest in the DA. Maybe that will get their attention. The subject will read “Hey baby – can I do some tricks for you so you will see about these ethics complaints I have against the dirt bags of the city and county”

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