A Study in Contrasts

Atlanta’s drivers suck. In fact, they are among some of the worst in the country.

Atlanta placed 146th in a study commissioned by Allstate Insurance ranking America’s safest driving cities. According to the report, the average driver in Atlanta will experience an auto collision every 8.2 years.

But our roads system is among the best in the nation.

In its 19th annual comparison of states, the Los Angeles-based Reason Foundation pegged Georgia’s roadways at ninth best in 2008, the year for which it had the most recent data. The nonprofit think tank gave Georgia the same overall rank in 2007.


  1. BoogDoc7 says:


    I’m from Louisiana (not the greatest drivers there, either – poor lane usage), and I’m not surprised. I’ve rarely gone into or out of Atlanta without some sort of delay.

    One pet peeve of Georgia drivers – NO ONE understands 4-way stops. Seriously. Half the time I arrive after another car – or the same time (where the furthest on the right goes first) – the other driver doesn’t know what to do.

    Also, THE LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING. If you’re getting passed on the right, more often than not you’re in the wrong lane.

    Also, if I can’t see your headlights in my rear-view mirror, you’re TOO CLOSE.

    Also, if I’m in the left lane passing someone on the right, I’m NOT going too slowly. Show some patience and get in line. I’ll move over in a minute when I pass that guy.

    Finally, you DON’T need to gun your engine to the next traffic light.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Here is what teens are taught in Driver’s Education in Georgia.

      At a four-way intersection where all drivers are faced with stop signs, all drivers must yield to pedestrians; otherwise the vehicles should proceed through the intersection in a “first to arrive, first to proceed order.” If two vehicles reach the intersection at approximately the same time, yield to any vehicles on your right.

      Page 39, 2009 DL Manual-updated.indd 38-39


  2. Doug Deal says:

    There is no contrast at all. Georgia roads are great, some of the best rural highways anywhere, but Atlanta roads are horrible in any form of measure, the surface streets anyway.

  3. Cloverhurst says:

    Its good to see DOT its employees and leaders like Vance Smith,
    Rudy Bowen and Brandon Beach get the recognition they deserve.

  4. kolt473 says:

    my pet peeves ladies young and old cell phoning cutting corners to close and nearly rear ending taking ypur front end off and nearly rear ending you. the cell phone law should be amended to include road rage. four way stops, traffic lights, tailgating, is the rage remember that old ROGER CORMAN MOVIE FROM 1975 DEATH RACE 2000? I feel like that, plus those ads from KEN NUGENT ”ONE CALL THAT’S ALL” doesn’t help either, places I avoid cumberland mall to roswell road area, the Perimeter Mall hammond drive GA 4oo and the toll road stinks so does MALFUNCTION JUNCTION in the old days that’s what it was called originially bet the guys watching the TV screens at the traffic control center get a laugh. they needed high speed rail 35 years ago will it take 35 years before it’s obsolete?

  5. Rick Day says:

    My primary pet peeve (living in downtown/midtown ATL) is the morons who decide to turn left while not in the left lane. My secondary one is two people stopped in the middle of a busy street, (say..West Peachtree near the Faaaaaabulous Fox!) just chatting away.

    Amazing how easy it is riding on a scooter, to slide by and spit a “You self-centered IDIOT” comment in their window. Pfft, let them chase me, I can u-turn and ride up 1 way streets on sidewalks and cut through back lots.

    Cagers. That is what we call you people in cars in the city.

  6. Rick Day says:

    Also, was it wrong for me to take a ridiculous $100 ‘parking on the sidewalk’ ticket off another scooter and stick it on mine at the TWO WHEEL PARKING near the Hyatt so I could avoid paying ANYONE (including that Evil ParkAtlanta) for parking at DragonCon?

    Of course, er, both times I returned the document to its rightful scooter, that was like..just sitting there in the open (being as scooters do not have any doors and such) you know..just sitting there…for two days..so…you know..

    The system screws us all every day. Is it morally right to fight those who oppress our pocketbooks, and make life tougher ‘just because’? IS bending the rules justified or must we lick the cruel master’s hand like obedient dogs? blah blah…etc


  7. “My secondary one is two people stopped in the middle of a busy street, (say..West Peachtree near the Faaaaaabulous Fox!) just chatting away.”

    +1 – ugh, I hate that!

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