Ken Hodges Wants Swifter Justice

Or so one would be led to believe. A recent press release from the Hodges campaign touts Hodges’ experience as a prosecutor and how that experience puts him in a better position to serve as Georgia’s Attorney General. The AG’s office represents the State in all appeals for death penalty cases – and Hodges believes having sought the death penalty before has prepared him to serve in that capacity as Attorney General.

Hodges is making an appeal, pun intended, to law and order conservatives – look at this excerpt:

“The case of Marcus Ray Johnson—who was sentenced to death 12 years ago—is a perfect example of one of the flaws in Georgia’s death penalty process. To fulfill our commitment to victims’ families and Georgia’s taxpayers, the appeals process must be expedited so that death sentences can be carried out more quickly,” he said.

Ken strongly believes that when the state sentences criminals to death, we ought to use all resources at our disposal—like DNA testing—to ensure justice has been done. And, in the interest of justice, these appeals need to be heard quickly and fully, and if upheld, the sentences carried out swiftly. It is the right thing to do for victim’s families, and Georgia’s taxpayers.

I really could care less about anyone’s stance on the death penalty, but I think we can all agree that the entire process is far more costly and drawn out than it should be. I’m not sure if the solution is to take the option off the table, or to speed up the process. The plain fact of the matter is the process is costly. Too costly. And guess who pays for it.

Hodges’ move does not surprise me. I think Hodges is one of the few Democrats in a Statewide election that has decent chance of winning. But Sam Olens is a formidable opponent in the general election.

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  1. inlimine says:

    Anyone thinking of voting for Hodges should be terrified by the blatant abuses of power he has exercised while serving as a mere District Attorney in SWGA. I cannot imagine what personal vendettas he would sponsor through the power of the AG’s office. Hodges can deflect from his serious ethical defects by wagging on topics like this one (that everyone agrees with), but quite frankly–he scares me.

    • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

      Hodges terrifies me, too. To me, he’s a joke of a candidate, and though a Democrat I may be, I will not be voting for him this November.

      That, and he can’t figure out that firing your whole campaign staff is a horrible idea post-primary.

  2. John Konop says:


    A real issue no one is talking about is the money. Putting someone to death is very expensive process if we want to make sure we are not making mistakes. Can we really afford it in cases in which the person may take life without parole? We are n very tough economic times and blowing the budget on one case does not make fiscal sense. I realize this will make many mad on both sides but we must face the reality of the situation.

    • Doug Grammer says:


      What GOP candidates do you support that are still running and on the ballot in November of this year?

      • So you are conceding my point that BY HIS OWN words, Sam Olens is only interested in the Attorney General’s office as a fall back b/c he didn’t think he could win the Guv primary and is using it as a way to boost his resume and bide his time until he can run for Guv and is therefore more likely to behave in his own self interest than the interest of the state making his the exact sort of politician we need to start avoid all all cost?

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I am not conceding anything. I am asking a question which you have just totally avoided. I will ask again: What GOP candidates do you support that are still running and on the ballot in November of this year?

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    I’ve been as critical as anyone on Peach Pundit of the candidates the GOP has given us to choose from this cycle, but I will very happily cast my vote for Sam Olens come November.

    And as a true pro-life conservative (and a Catholic), I am completely against the death penalty in all forms. Why we still have it is a mystery to me, but maybe all of you vengeful protestants — who see some sort of nobility in burning through tons of taxpayers’ money to get the proverbial pound of flesh — can enlighten me…

  4. saltycracker says:

    Sam Olens ? Isn’t he the commish that got early retirement for a bunch in Cobb to get them on another set of books, took it himself & now they are rehiring on the books where he claimed he saved $$$?

    And he’s the best candidate……says a lot….

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