Deal Releases Tax Returns

From a press release:

Republican nominee for governor Nathan Deal today released 30 years of personal income tax returns, posting them on his campaign Website.

The forms show that Deal has paid his taxes in full. This release of documents, combined with 17 years of financial disclosure reports, provide Georgia voters with a transparent look at Nathan Deal’s income, his assets and his liabilities. His financial disclosures give details on his interests and partnerships as a small businessman and investor.

A Roy Named Sue

With the release of his tax returns, Nathan Deal calls on trial lawyer Roy Barnes to disclose:

1. In the past eight years, how many cases has he or his firm tried in front of judges whom he appointed to the bench?

2. How much money did Barnes or his firm earn in those cases?


  1. Samuel says:

    This is a pathetic little game merely attempting to obfuscate his lack of a genuine governance plan.

    If Congressman Deal were truly serious about full disclosure and transparency, he would direct the House Ethics Committee to go ahead and release whatever ethics report they had been planning to release had Congressman Deal not resigned so swiftly in March.

    • GeorgiaConservative says:

      Sam, the Ethics Committee did in fact release the findings of the report, and Nathan is really the only candidate with a plan for governance that has been rated by an outside group, American Tax Foundation. Nathan’s plans have been scored and tested, Roy’s plans call for higher taxes, bigger government and even more waste.

  2. Samuel says:

    Part 2: h/t to my good friend Jim Galloway for adding to this story:

    It seems like Mr. Deal only released 28 years worth of returns (yes, that is playing a game). More importantly, Mr. Deal deliberately refuses to disclose any tax information or financial data regarding the Gainesville Auto Salvage Business.

    Hmmm….what is Nathan Deal still hiding. More of the same hide and seek crap! You gotta give Nathan Deal credit though for dumping this crap out right on the eve of a major holiday weekend. Dawgs game…..Destin Beach….greater priorities the next 4 days. Good timing Nathan!

    Come clean Nathan Deal!

    I see another Barnes ad coming before Labor Day!

  3. saltycracker says:

    Gee, yesterday the issue was releasing returns, now it’s “not exactly”…..salvage the salvage issue…..didn’t his Republican primary opponents vet that ?

    When one doesn’t like someone, there is no solution…..

  4. fishtail says:

    Total B. S….the fun begins…how ’bout the State leases you had as State Senator, Nathan? You bullied and intimidated State employees into renting your empty office space, didn’t you? Threw your weight around pretty well, didn’t you, pal? Made lots of money, didn’t you? Some of those employees have a pretty good memory….more later in the larger media…Have a great Labor Day weekend.

    • AlanR says:

      Fish: I love a good mystery — without disclosing your source because I wouldn’t want to get anybody in trouble or lose their pension give me one piece of real information to work with. An address of the office building. The name of the Deal company or partnership that owned the office space. The name of the state agency that rented the space. With all the financial disclosures and tax returns online, we can figure this out!

      Why wait for Barnes when the truth is out there? Unless, of course, this stuff is today’s version of yesterday’s “he won’t disclose his tax returns” gossip and inuendo.

      Seriously, I’ll spend part of my weekend trying to figure this out. If you really know something . . .

  5. ACCmoderate says:

    Tyler, care to explain to me what the problem with “trial lawyers” is? I know that Republicans tend to have a disdain for most aspects of the legal system (especially those dern activist judges), but why are you trying to mislead people by throwing out stale political insults?

    Is Deal implying that judges here in the state of Georgia are unable of fairly and unbiasedly ruling on law? If so, I’d like to know why the former Congressman has this belief. I’m sure if opposing counsel had qualms with Gov. Barnes relationship with presiding judges, they certainly would have filed the appropriate motions.

    Mr. Deal might want to brush up on how our legal system works, for more than a few reasons.

    • Pine Knot says:

      Yeah, Ken Nugent, Gary Martin Hayes, and John Foy all are legitimate. Right……..All trial lawyers are at the expense of the taxpayers, and our auto insurance costs. Ever read the definition of frivilous or tort reform?

    • Tyler says:


      I have no personal beef with trial lawyers. I have close friends who are studying to become criminal defense attorneys and have tremendous respect for them taking up the cause of helping someone defend their rights in a jam.

      I was merely pointing out that Deal was using the “businessman-good, lawyer-bad” argument that we hear time and again. Hope that clarifies it.

      • Romegaguy says:

        What was Nathan’s job when he was elected to the State Senate? Oh that’s right he was a TRIAL LAWYER. I’m sure he never represented criminals charged with aggravated assault that would later become a congressional chief of staff… Does Deal really want to play the “Trial Lawyer” card?

      • ACCmoderate says:

        My bad, didn’t mean to throw you under the bus there. It ruffles the feathers a bit to see campaigns try and lump all lawyers in with Perry Martin, Ken Nugent, Gary Martin Hayes, etc.

        The reason its so frustrating is that people like Pine Knot buy into the giant red herring that lawyers are responsible for a pandemic of “frivilous lawsuits.”

        Trial lawyers, smart ones at least, don’t ask for frivolous damages. It’s because they know that judges and juries are very good at determining the appropriate awards in lawsuits.

        If I’m hit by another driver and the injuries suffered in the crash cause me to be paralyzed from the waist down, how can you put a “limit” on how much those legs cost me? How can you gauge the quality of life lost, the pain and suffering of the victim, or the future earning potential cut short?

        Deal’s stance in support of a constitutional amendment aimed at “tort reform” isn’t an attempt to be conservative, it is an attempt to scratch the back of the insurance industry.

        Placing limits on damages undermines the ability of the judicial system to do the job it was created to do. Don’t believe the crock of crap spat out by insurance industry execs and their lobbyists, the judicial system is very good at handling these lawsuits.

        Roy Barnes is right on this issue. Nathan Deal is wrong.

  6. Georgia Judge says:

    Dem Hacks,

    I know its tough trying to sell a re-tread like King Roy,but this is sad.Roy spends a year drooling and apologizing for his pathetic tenure as Governor and the last month attacking Deal with this lame and unfounded ethics report,because thats all he’s got.That dog won’t hunt.He will be sent back to Marietta Square to look at his faux Georgia Seal.

    I look forward to hearing the transcripts of his character witness testimony for Charles Walker in an ad,birds of a feather…..Roy’s favorite saying while he was in office ..'”If Im in the room Im in the deal…,well the deal is the Dems as a party will be dead after Nov 2 and that is a good thing and Roy can go away for good,and thats a GREAT thing!!!

    • fishtail says:

      Georgia Judge…you seem to have drunk heartily from the Deal Kool-Aid jug…maybe you can be a character witness later for Nathan Deal when he gets sentenced for crimes of corruption.

    • Georgia Judge,

      Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps it’s not that people like Roy, but instead don’t like either Roy or Deal as a choice for our next Governor? Wow… that’d be a concept… I think I’ll make up a new term for it… what do you think of “the lesser of two evils”? Has it been taken already?

      That’s one of the reasons that more and more people have been supporting John Monds.

      • AlanR says:

        Good point, and I don’t disagree with giving Monds a serious look. When faced with a lesser of two evils, its always wise to vote for the more conservative candidate. The more conservative they are, the less harm they are likely to do, and the easier it will be to undo when the legislature changes.

  7. redderstate says:

    You’re all missing the point. This is the kind of “clever” stuff my first-grader tries when he gets caught. There’s no reason for Deal not to release the returns unless he’s hiding something.

    I would have been heppy with Handel, or Johnson, or most Republicans. Just not Ox or Deal. All I want is honest conservative government.

    Nathan Deal doesn’t pass that test.

  8. Georgia Judge says:

    With all due respect to your candidate of choice,he doesnt have a prayer of breaking into double digits much less winning this race.So given tghe system by which we operate its a no brainer that Deal is the far better choice.

    Roy can sling all the mud he wants but he is who he is(plus 60 or so pounds from the earlier version),and he cant run from it.He will be back to his law practice in a couple of months and at 700/hr rates that will be good for him and GREAT for Georgia.

    • Georgia Judge (if that’s even your real name 😛 ),

      “that Deal is the far better choice”

      You mean Deal is the least bad out of the two? I disagree, but that’s fine.

      Deal can sling all the mud he wants but he is who he is and he can’t run from it. I haven’t looked at what Deal has posted in regards to tax returns, but releasing 28 years of cover pages (if what Galloway posted is correct) doesn’t impress me in the least. Maybe I’ll have some time this weekend that I can look through them… until then I can only go on the bits I’ve read about….

      He apparently paid $5k in taxes in $188k of income in 2006 according to the comments on Jim Galloway’s blog. That’s roughly a 2.7% tax rate.

      “The cover pages show Deal and his wife, Sandra, earned $229,123 in 2009. They paid $36,087 in taxes for that year and received a refund of $10,688.” (That’s effectively an 11% tax rate.)

  9. Capt. Jack Sparrow says:

    On Deal’s website it says the facility was used by the state for only 2 days a month. And they still made $300K a year!!!!

    Smell Test? Hello?

  10. Progressive Dem says:

    Are there any tax records from the salvage business that created the ethical hot water that Deal is in?

  11. TPNoGa says:

    I just hope I will be free of those web ads by Barnes with Deal peeking over the question mark My gosh, I even had to see that ad when I read National Review! WTH?

  12. Anybody care to talk about a Policy Issue that either Barnes or Deal has that might actually help get our economy back on track; an idea that could help us settle the water issue; something that might get our educational outcomes of the bottom of the stack….anything at all?

    Hopefully, the average voter will be more concentrated on the issues at hand! Those issues actually influencing their quality of life….hoping so anyway….But the way this is looking, neither candidate will be forced to move beyond their own shortcomings to develop a vision and solutions to get us back on track! Which is one reason we keep getting stuck with the crap that we have!

  13. kolt473 says:

    So, Deal caved to King Roy, what’s next in King Roy’s bag of tricks? Wonder if serpent head Carville running the campaign? he should answer why he sold the old flag out, its coming up 2011, king Roy still living in 1968, after seeing Mond’s in the last debate, he’s looking better, King Roy did to deal, what deal tried to do to Handel. Someone should keep track of his fund raising, probably accepting out of state contributions and union contributions, that ad is right Barnes 2 will be worse second time around, NO TO KING ROY IN NOV…

    • Merrynordic says:

      Deal hasn’t been Governor yet so we don’t know what he can do. We do know what King Roy is capable of and what he did when he sold us out. We threw him out then. I think there’s enough of us that remember to keep him out this time.

  14. Goldwater Conservative says:

    To preface my tirade, all you faithful morons of GlennBeckistan probably should not read this. Nathan Deal did not disclose his entire financial picture. Big deal, he put his records up showing the income he has made over the course of a professional political life. I ask, however, why has he not released the returns and financial disclosures of his salvaging business that was the focus of a Congressional Ethics investigation? Probably because he is guilty of funneling your tax dollars into his own wallet…then turning around and rambling on about government waste and inefficiency. Also, it was only 28 years of information…not 30.

    Next, what is wrong with trial lawyers and the service they provide our nation? Delivering justice is probably the most important function a government can provide. Oh, but I forgot Deal and his followers do not care about accident victims. It is the patients fault when a drunk doctor botches surgery. It is the consumers fault for not having a PhD in biochemistry before they decide what prescription drugs they will take if and when they are prescribed by a physician. It is always The People’s fault for succumbing to the division of labor and falling victim to hyper-capitalist sociopaths that care more about saving 2 cents per unit in inventory than about the well being of their customers.

    Who cares if some of the judges were appointed by Barnes? Nearly all of these cases are decided by juries…not the bench. Furthermore, the logic is immediately refutable if Barnes ever lost a bench trial. I do not know if he did, but it is also unlikely that a man as strategic and intelligent as Barnes would accept a case that he truly thought was a lost cause. After all, plaintiffs attorneys put up the costs of court fees and have the burden of proof in civil suits. Taking a case requires an invest be made.

    All of that being said, the most important question that you all should be asking this election season is if Nathan Deal can run a business without illegally funneling tax payer dollars into its accounts. Honestly. Can the man keep a business afloat with his own intelligence, wit and ability to function in a market…or does he need to steal your tax dollars to do it?

    Also, how is it that Deal gets away with paying a tax rate of 11% when he earns over $200k per year?

  15. kolt473 says:

    I imagine rich democrats from PELOSI, REID, KERRY, pay less than while the biggest tax hike coming in 2011 worse than the clinton era you kick the bucket, your heirs will pay Obama the death tax, friend….

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