Kemp: State Ready To Comply With MOVE Act.

Received via email:

Atlanta – Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced today that the State of Georgia is prepared to meet all requirements of the federal Military and Overseas Voters Empowerment Act, or MOVE Act, to increase voting opportunities for our approximately 200,000 military and overseas citizens.

For the first time in this year’s November General Election, Georgia’s military and overseas voters will be able to access an absentee ballot in electronic format 45 days prior to Election Day. To access their ballot, these voters will log on to a secure website, print and vote their ballot, and then mail it back to their county election office. This will save weeks of time previously lost to delivery of blank ballots by mail. Additionally, military and overseas voters may receive access to absentee ballots for an entire year’s election cycle, removing the need to submit multiple ballot requests.

In June, Governor Perdue signed into law House Bill 1073, which strengthened Georgia’s compliance with the MOVE Act.

Secretary Kemp stated, “One ballot cast by a member of our military that is not counted due to slow mail service or a missed deadline is one too many. This e-government solution increases Georgia’s commitment to our men and women in uniform, who fight to protect our Constitution and our freedoms, by providing them additional opportunities to vote and fully participate in our elections.”

The system which will deliver these blank ballots was developed in-house within the Secretary of State’s Office at no additional cost to Georgia’s taxpayers. “We were able to leverage our existing technology and resources to better serve Georgia’s overseas and military voters without having to incur any additional costs or expense,” said Secretary Kemp.

In conjunction with launching the MOVE Act compliant electronic ballot delivery system, Secretary Kemp announced an updated Elections Division webpage. The new site will make it easier to find and locate critical information for all voters and anyone interested in Georgia elections.


  1. Ambernappe says:

    The idea that being on foreign assignment would preclude the rights of our military and diplomatic services to exercise their right to participate in the electoral process is unacceptable. I am pleased to learn that Georgia is leading in the process to accommodate this important function to citizens who are on foreign grounds during such an important time.

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