1. hannah says:

    “accountability” means able to render an account. It does not mean that an accounting is rendered (made and provided). Republicans, in renaming the General Accounting Office the Government Accountability Office, effectively vitiated its independence and function. When Republicans inveigh against bureaucrats and their jargon, they know of what they speak. The enthusiasm for clever double-speak hasn’t flagged a bit since the days of “nattering nabobs of negativism.” Which, perhaps ironically, has now evolved into the Party of No. Strange.

  2. Great job, AJC, for leading off that article with a hot accusation (without a thorough explanation of the facts) against former Gov. Joe Frank Harris, and not soliciting or printing any comment or rebuttal from Mr. Harris himself.

    Slash & burn one-sided journalism at its finest, courtesy of your local fishwrapper.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    More please?

    How about we simply return to what was, before the ethics “reform” legislation, on this matter.

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