Gas prices drop

Gas prices are headed down in Georgia:

AAA Auto Club South reported the average price per gallon of gasoline in Georgia is $2.52, compared with $2.57 last week, $2.61 last monthy and $2.45 a year ago.

The national average price of unleaded regular gasoline is $2.67 per gallon — 4 cents less than last week.
Even with the boost in investor confidence, the current condition of the economy and continued growth of U.S. stockpiles of crude oil do not support crude oil trading above $75 a barrel,” said Jessica Brady, AAA spokeswoman. “Although consumers will see a slight increase in retail gasoline prices this week, it’s very possible prices will dip again next week.”

A relatively tame hurricane season is also a reason why gas prices have remained lower this summer. As always you can visit to find the cheapest gas in Metro Atlanta.


  1. Scott65 says:

    …and your “tame hurricane season” is just about to walk out the door too. We now have Fiona which 2 of the major models have coming ashore as a strong hurricane near N. Fl/GA coast, as well as Earl which is a Cat4 and pressure is still falling through the floor

  2. NoTeabagging says:

    But Boog, The Guv’ment has to keep subsidizing Farmers as slaves to the Petrochemical companies that sell the seed and pesticides to grow the corn for ethanol.

    • MSBassSinger says:

      Ethanol is one of the “green” solutions forced on us by the liberals in Congress. Remember, if it is “green”, it is ignorance and somewhere, somehow, a liberal is using government to steal your money.

      • NoTeabagging says:

        Farmers are now indentured servants to big corporations. The Farmers are mortgaged to their eyeballs to keep buying machines, chemicals, etc. Big Corp. tells them they must have to keep their contracts. And yes, Farmers really don’t own their land anymore, nor they can they pass it on to the next generation, thanks to the fine print in subsidies, contracts, loans, etc.

        • Also thanks to the estate tax (not valid in 2010) it was previously difficult to pass a farm along to family as well. My wife’s family currently has a farm for sale in Dawsonville that has to be sold to pay the IRS it’s half of the estate.

  3. saltycracker says:

    So buy a natural resource fund – if gas goes down you ride cheap, if it goes up you make a few bucks…….
    gas 30+ mpg, good
    biodiesel, real good,
    hybrid, phony good


    Cracker Grandma sez – 75 mph have a party, 100 mph get inland, 120+ you’re going home to Jesus……

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