Our Congress Critters crawl out of the swamp

Courtsey of the AJC

Johnny defends the home buyer credit

Kingston goes looking for snakes and comes up empty. I’d have sent him here

John Lewis blows off Glenn Beck to drink some SoCo and listen to Jazz.

Three topics of discussion, Enjoy your weekend.


  1. saltycracker says:

    So when a tax credit morphs into a handout is it called an Isakson ?

    Rights depends….as Lewis expresses his outrage over a tea party rally at the Lincoln Memorial because it falls on MLK’s dream anniversary will he use “rights” for public financing to build the mosque at ground zero ?

  2. saltycracker says:

    So sorry – right/left sarcasm – first was a new word for when a tax deduction is used up and the gov’t sends a check for the balance – it used to be called a handout or redistribution…..second…..what is appropriate depends on one’s viewpoint & Lewis is always good for a real spin……lots of folks demonstrating to get gov’t off their backs & a lot were trying to get Gov’t to carry them….& some mingled…..

    Third – Kingston was probably more productive saving the Indigo…..

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