1. Mike Hauncho says:

    in 2008 the district voted 56% for McCain. This one is playing right into the hands of Scott. I am sending Austin some money.

  2. Winnersville USA says:

    After barely slipping by in the last midterm election 50.5 to 49.5, Marshall might be toast this time around, because Austin Scott is the man. So glad he is still in the game, with a good chance to win.

    Normally, I would criticize the use of peach pundit as a fundraising tool, but Austin is an exception.

    At the fish fry, Austin told me that Marshall had 4 times as much cash on hand as he did. The only way Marshall survives down here is if there is a huge disparity in fundraising.

    We all know and like Austin, Let’s all step up and take away Marshall’s only chance at re-election and make sure Austin wins and goes to Washington.


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