Want to Make a Difference?

Austin Scott needs your help.

It doesn’t matter what district you live in (I’m from the Ninth District and have donated to Austin’s campaign), you CAN make a difference this November. We have an ever-expanding government here in the United States and it’s up to us to make things right. A major step in the “Right” (pun intended) direction would be to make sure that true small government advocates are elected to Congress. Austin has the experience and background that we need in Washington to make a difference. He is in a heated election versus a Democratic incumbent that wasted tax dollars on TARP and Obama’s Stimulus Package.

This race is about the only one I am 110% committed to in Georgia. It’s not as much about a GOP majority in Congress as it is making sure that government is limited. If you agree that our country is headed in the wrong direction and that we need REAL change, then join me in supporting Austin Scott for Congress. ANY donation will help us place a real person, not an empty suit, in Congress.


  1. Austin is a great candidate and the freshman class he will enter this next year will help reshape this country and the Republicans in the House of Representatives who lost their way under George Bush.

    Please don’t discount Mike Keown’s chances either. These are two real pick up opportunities.

  2. John Konop says:

    I agree, very well written post and I did donated money and live in the 6th district. I hope more of you living out of the district would support Austin Scott with donations which will send a message to WASHINTON enough is an enough.

        • polisavvy says:

          Rather or not you have a fund raising event, make telephone calls seeking donors, or have something mentioned on a blog, at the end of the day, it is still the same — an attempt to get contributions/donations. What’s the difference? It’s not begging, its requesting. People aren’t forced to contribute/donate, they are only asked. That’s all that Tyler did here. Unfortunately, ALL campaigns cost so much money that it is an necessary evil to raise large amounts of money.

    • Steve says:

      Ehh, given that the majority of contributors here are GOP-affiliated… and given the general reception that the GOP’s gubernatorial nominee has received here… they need to cheerlead for somebody or they’ll be run out of town! Plus, Libertarian events get announced now and then, and Farris has strangely enough become the Dem announcer, so it’s only fair.

      • Chris says:


        I’m not a Dem announcer. I just refuse to support candidates that have zero merit based on the letter they happen to stick after their name this year.

          • polisavvy says:

            Agreed. I just wish there was a “skip” button on the ballot, instead of a “next” button. It’d be more fun to just hit “skip.” As a matter of fact, there are only a couple I plan to actually vote. The rest will be “nexted.” They aren’t worthy.

      • Jace Walden says:

        Yeah, but this wasn’t a “come to Austin’s event” at time/place/date. This was “give Austin your money”. It reads like a paid ad, uses his television ad and gives everyone a link to find where to donate.

        I wonder if Austin is gonna list this as an “in kind” contribution.

        • Jeremy Jones says:

          Since PP now accepts advertising revenue, unless the front page posters agree to put out a plea to contribute to the campaign of his opponent, I would think this very close to a paid political ad, and should be reported as such. Whether it is on Scott’s report, or if PP should file their own report as a special interest group such as CFG is debatable.

          • TheEiger says:

            You people are crazy and will complain about anything. Lets talk about the difference between Scott and Marshall instead of this crap. Jeremy, are you just mad that PP didn’t post a similar post for you for your failed run for Congress? Lets get back to the issues and talk about how Austin will help put our country back on the right path.

            • inlimine says:

              “This crap” being the initial post instead of a post about discussing the difference between Scott and Marshall?

            • polisavvy says:

              Agreed; however, as you can see, there are some on here who have axes to grind and some who always have to find something negative to say. The issues are very important. With the election 68 days out, too bad people don’t realize that.

              • B Balz says:

                The only issue, polisavvy, is whether 50% +1 of the voters want a Dem or a GOP rep.

                Both candidates are moderates, the only issue is whether or not we have a GOP candidate replace the Dem candidate. This race is purely political, with issue votes close, but not exactly aligned by Party.

            • Jeremy Jones says:

              I am not mad at all. I think PP was more than fair with the coverage they gave me vs. what I deserved. They gave me a front page post when I announced, have never deleted a post of mine when I commented on issues of the day, even my own race.

              I have contributed to Austin, and intend on going door to door with him in the near future.

              Just because I support a candidate does not mean I cannot express my opinions on how something is handled. I have no problems with PP putting up anything they want on the blog they own and maintain. My comments of it being a gray area are more of a complaint of the myriad of silly campaign and ethics laws that do nothing to make campaigns “fair and open.”

              I don’t care if PP puts a contribution link on the front page everyday and requires people to contribute 50 cents for every post they wish to make between now and the election.

              Sadly, I bet the FEC would disagree with my support of such a thing.

          • B Balz says:

            This is a topic we discussed yesterday and I do think it is relevant to disclose an ‘in kind’ contribution. Either that or risk the oppo doing it for you in the form of an ethics violation.

            • polisavvy says:

              This is not an ‘in kind’ contribution at all. The only thing from the campaign that is used in the post is a commercial which can be accessed by anyone through YouTube. It’s the same commerical that ran during the primary. Further, there would be no way to determine who gave money because of this post and those who are just giving money having never seen either this post or the commerical. It’s no different than someone talking to their friends and asking them to give money. It really does not constitute an ethics violation. Of course, if Marshall is so inclined I guess he could try spin it as an ethics violation. Anyone who tries to access the divorce papers of Austin Scott’s parents would probably try most anything.

            • TheEiger says:

              Again, you people are crazy. There is not ethics violations here and if Marshall filed one it would immediately be thrown out because it has no merit.

              • polisavvy says:

                I guess you’ve figured out that you can just ‘cut and paste’ the whole “you people are crazy” thing. I don’t say people are ‘crazy’ but I do think it sometimes.

  3. inlimine says:

    “Austin Scott needs your money” would be a better intro. I realize that most of the posts here are pro-Repub, but this one does come off a little desperate and begging. I like Austin Scott but was disappointed to see him switch races when he knew he couldn’t win or get close in the Governor’s race. Maybe he won’t switch again before November.

  4. Is there a choice here on who to support? Who on here wants to defend the past 4 years of Nancy Pelosi?

    A vote for Jim Marshall or Sanford Bishop is a vote for Nancy Pelosi.

    Please, someone here, Republicans (who are still crying because Deal beat your candidate), Democrats (still trying to support a failed one term President), or the plethora of Libertards who post and comment here, PLEASE tell me why you would want Nancy Pelosi in charge of the United States House of Representatives for 2 more years.

    • polisavvy says:

      Unfortunately, luke, they are still going to be whining, moaning, and complaining right up until November 2nd. It’s easier to sit around and complain than to actually do something constructive. I’m sure you’ve already figured out that there is absolutely no way to please half the people who post on here. They will find fault in every dang thing posted. For the life of me, since some seem to hate the FP posters, I don’t know why they torture themselves by stopping by.

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