Rogers And Orrock Debate Vouchers On Fox5

Chip Rogers and Nan Orrock had a lively debate on school vouchers on Fox 5 in Atlanta. Enjoy.


  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    Why is Nan so mad at private schools? If your local public school system is good patents will keep their children in it. If it is not then let them have the opportunity to take the tax dollars they already paid into the system and use it at another school system or private school.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Establishing an alternative to a broken and apparently unrepairable system might help some kids but it won’t alter the sucking sound of our money going out….

  3. achilles says:

    It would be nothing compared to the meltdown we’d see if all the kids in APS suddenly enrolled in the city’s private schools.

    Does anyone seriously think that the parents at Westminster, Paideia, etc. would let that happen?

    • Gary Cooper says:

      So you have proof that he tried to con the bank or are you just going off of your bias against the Senator? Still hoping some miracle happens and Patrick Thompson somehow wins that election huh?

  4. Glen Ross says:

    Sen. Rogers seems like a smart guy and an effective communicator. Why don’t guys like he and Shaffer run for higher offices instead of the goons who normally show up?

  5. Atticus Grinch says:

    His public comments about the Bank’s lawsuit and the reasons he has given about why he has not paid the Bank (Hey, I sold that .. Hey, a church used it …Hey, this Bank is about to fail) raise true questions about his character.

    I just read this in the Chattanooga paper about the continuation of the depositions in the case:

    Rogers was traveling in Washington, but he sent a brief written statement through staffers.

    “The deposition involves a business in which I have no ownership interest,” he said, adding that he had no additional comment on the case.

    The man signed a personal guaranty which is effective even if he did sell the business. He knows that. His lawyer knows that (look at the answer and counterclaim filed by lawyer Simon Bloom and see if he raises this “sale” as a defense). He is engaging in the sort of legal gamesmanship that he would not tolerate from others.

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