LP Georgia nominates Dan Barber for Lt. Governor

By a vote of 16 to 3, the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s Executive Committee nominated Dan Barber to serve as its substitute for Rhonda Martini, who withdrew due to a family matter, in the race for Lt. Governor.

The paperwork necessary to finalize the change on the ballot was submitted to the Secretary of State’s office this afternoon.

Disclosure: I serve on the LP Georgia ExCom in a non-voting capacity.


    • Steve says:

      I’d be in favor of closing the border on the definition of “Atlanta Metro Area”… so we can stop pretending that backwater sticks like Paulding, Hall, Fayette, etc are “metropolitan” and matter.

    • That’s a really cheap shot “redrock.” 19 white guys put down their doobies and quit playing Dungeons and Dragons long enough to elect one of themselves to be the next nominee.

      • Chris says:


        Your ignorance shows again. The LP doesn’t play D&D. They stop debating the impact of Albert Gallatian’s opposition on the Jay treaty of 1795 and how it pertains to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to hold nominations.

        • “They stop debating the impact of Albert Gallatian’s opposition on the Jay treaty of 1795 and how it pertains to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to hold nominations.”

          Chris, is that why the LP never got anything accomplished when you were involved? Perhaps that was what you guys did back then. It’s not what goes on these days.

  1. Quaker says:

    Some Libertarians seem to me to be mindless anarchists – Neal Boortz comes to mind. Others are more principled and rational than partisan Rs and Ds – Bob Barr, for example. I’m neither a D nor an R , although I consistently vote against Rs, so the Ls give me a small other option. I wish there were more Independents to choose from.

  2. susieq754 says:

    I have known Dan Barber for about 15 years. He is one of the most honest men I know. Not only from a personal knowledge of him, but also as a business man. He believes in honoring his word, he believes in the small business owner and the struggles they face today. If I were going to vote to vote for someone who truly believes in the rights of mankind and the rights of the country this would be my vote, because I know that Mr. Barber stands by his word.

  3. Kash says:

    Ok, I have a couple of comments in response to all those above.
    1) I know that Dan Barber would be a great candidate for Lt. Governor he is a man of unwaivering principles, values and ethics, and precisely the kind of person we desperately need in office.
    2) Even if dont know Dan’s character, critize his principles and values or his platform if you can find the holes in it rather than attack his character. For example, when Dan decided to run, his exact words were “Even if I lose, I still win, because Im not going to compromise my values and I’ll still have them at the end of the day.”
    3) I think its time we bring back the dignity that the Libertarian Party deserves and put the whacko talkshow hosts that claim to be Libertarian behind in the past. Because a true Libertarian is one who believes in smaller government, and in ensuring that our individidual rights as bestowed by the Constitution itself arent impeded upon by a tyrranical government much like the one our forefathers left behind.
    4) Im sure by the time Dan has served and shown what it means to be a true libertarian, and other sensible individuals in the future step up behind the party platform, the image will be restored.
    5) Think about it, Dan could have taken an easier route by running as a Republican if he just wanted to get into office, but sometimes the right path is not so easy. Dan Barber stood for the Libertarian party because he believes in it.
    6) Finally, I will leave you with this quote from William Allen White who once said: “Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others.” Need I say more? Vote for Dan Barber.

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