Armey endorses Keown

Dick Armey, former House Majority Leader, head of FreedomWorks, was in Albany today to sign copies of his new book, Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto. During his visit, he endorsed Mike Keown in his bid to unseat Rep. Sanford Bishop (the article was written prior to today’s visit):

Armey confirmed that he would endorse Mike Keown, R-Albany, candidate for the Second Congressional District in his run against incumbent Sanford Bishop, D-Albany.

The official endorsement would come at an 8 a.m.-10 a.m. book signing today at Merry Acres, 1500 Dawson Road.

“His endorsement puts a strong conservative organization behind Keown,” said Mike Sabot, a Tea Party Movement supporter. “Conservatives aren’t just under the wire anymore. We are a strong force.”

With an audience filled mostly with Tea Party members, at least one person chose to reserve his support for Keown until he does further research.

Not that this is surprise or anything, but with Armey’s new book and attention he has received as one of the figures in the tea party movement, it’s worth noting.

According to the AJC, Democrats have already responded with this old and tired line:

“As long as Keown and his allies stand up for privatizing Social Security, they are out-of-touch with Georgia seniors who know they can’t afford to risk it.”

Yeah, well, when you can’t run on anything else, demagoguery serves as a substitute.


  1. BoogDoc7 says:

    Not just demagoguery, but absolute misinformation. No Republican plan calls for privatizing seniors’ social security – any “privatization” (which is a generous term) would only apply to younger workers.

      • Gary Cooper says:

        Uh….he is a former House Majority Leader. The man retired from the house and the House GOP started going downhill thereafter with the likes of Tom Delay.

    • In the right place at the right time. He would’ve made a hell of a better Speaker than Hastert. In fact, the GOP might have still been in control of the House and Nan Pelosi would have been fired by now as Minority Chair.

      However, I must say that a post-Primary endorsement of a Republican by Armey and Freedom works is a little late. Mike could’ve used the help more last month.

      • Jason says:

        The GOP is largely relying on the tea party movement, which Armey represents, to come out and vote in November. It’s not “a little late,” it’s an appeal to a very motivated base close to an election.

        • You’re probably right. If he highlights the winnable races across the country and mobilizes his followers, mainly the core Tea Party style voter, he could boost Keown.

    • Ambernappe says:

      Perhaps you were yet a toddler when Dick Armey served eighteen years in the US House of Representatives, eight of them as Majority Leader. The ideas which he espoused and supported were the forerunner of the Tea Party concept. Representative Armey still possesses energy and vision sufficient to maintain a venerable presence on the national level.

      Speaking to a small group of local (Fulton County) Republicans on Wednesday afternoon, Armey revealed a bit of his humorous side by claiming to be “the first human in the world to shoot myself in the foot while it was still in my mouth”.

      Discounting the appeal and influence of Dick Armey may not be the best use of your time and intelligence.

      • AubieTurtle says:

        I’m not discounting him at all. I’m just wondering how he came to be the face of the Tea Party, a group that everytime someone says anything negative about them, claims to be super duper grass roots, not affliated with any party and anything stupid any supporter does is an isolated incident that shouldn’t reflect on the rest of them because they super duper independent and grass roots. That line has been repeated over and over again so it is weird to see someone labeled as being a leader of the Tea Party, especially someone who has a long history of being part of the Republican Party establishment.

        Can’t have it both ways… Tea Party is independent grass roots or they’re an extension of the GOP. Dick Armey being their posterboy seems to show which one is the case.

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