Rothenberg changes ranking for GA-8

Following Charlie Cook, the Rothenberg Political Report has moved GA-8:

Republicans had a hard time finding a credible challenger to Democratic Cong. Jim Marshall. But now that state Rep. Austin Scott is in the race, this district becomes dramatically more interesting. Marshall has proven his skill since he was first elected in 2002, but he faces a difficult test this year. Marshall has done better in presidential years (2004 and 2008) than in midterms (2002 and 2006), and four years ago, during a huge Democratic wave nationally, he almost lost his seat. Move from Lean Democrat to Toss-up/Tilt Democrat.


  1. BoogDoc7 says:

    Ehhh…maybe. For a while I thought that after Mac Collins, Marshall was pretty safe. He still may be.

    Not being a nay sayer, and I’ll vote for Scott, but I don’t believe this is one we can hang our hat on.

    If Marshall were a Republican, there wouldn’t be a close race ever again.

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