GOP Voters More Excited.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Republican voters seem more energized this year. Now the “The Fix” at Washington Post has noticed and provides some data to examine. (hat tip: Political Insider)

In Georgia, Republican turnout was 63 percent of the total vote in the governor’s primary, where the GOP battle was, notably, much closer than former Gov. Roy Barnes’s Democratic primary win.

Still, the relative GOP turnout was more than 10 points higher than it was in both the 2008 presidential primary and the open Senate race won by Johnny Isakson (R) in 2004.


  1. drjay says:

    i usually like cillizza, although it appears he did not write this particular “fix” but yeah, primary turnout seems like a pretty meaningless stat, and he has no perspective on ga politics for much meaningful commentary, the same is probably true of the other races he mentioned like ark and sc…

    • Agreed Dr. J
      Just like the 2008 gop primaries… but when lack luster bad candidates ‘win’ those primaries… a more accurate “GOP voters ‘WERE’ more exited” title of post would be more apt.

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