But speaking of charter schools

Bibb County is joining the lawsuit against charter schools.

The Bibb County school system is now included as one of the parties in an amicus brief being filed in support of school systems in the state that want control over granting charter school petitions.

Eight school systems have challenged in the Superior Court of Fulton County the law that creates the Georgia Charter School Commission.

It seems like every crap school system that could couldn’t care less about actually educating kids is intent on suing over charter schools.

I would move sooner than put my kids in the Bibb County school system. It’s ridiculous.

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  1. chefdavid says:

    Dade was looking at joining this. http://www.discoverdade.com/themountain~valleyindependentaugust172010.htm They also just recently tighted their guidelines on monthly forms that home schooled students must turn in or loose their driving privlidges. Do they get money for homeschoolers based on head count? This is all about money. Now that our school system just raised taxes they have plenty of money to contribute to the brief. To say it won’t cost a dime is baloney. It cost just by them talking about it. Surely they talked to the board attorney before joining the breif.

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