We have a problem

This is probably going to blow up even worse.

Gov. Sonny Perdue questioned Thursday whether a test security firm hired to help investigate 58 Atlanta Public Schools for alleged cheating on state tests may have deliberately narrowed its search for wrongdoing — a key concern to his decision this week to appoint a special investigator to broaden that probe.

I think we should just shut down the government schools and send kids to the private school of their choice. Or at least convert en masse to charter schools. The school bureaucracies in this state are going to be our undoing.


    • macho says:

      Either way it’s income redistribution. Whether the government pays for the schools and then they are “free” or the schools are private and the government gives parents vouchers; it’s all the same effect – redistribution of income to people with kids from people without kids.

  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    More nuggets of brilliance from the Robespierre of Macon…

    (and yes, this is dripping with sarcasm)

  2. ACCmoderate says:

    Westminster admissions office: “Sure, let your idiot kids come down here and enroll. I’m sure it won’t sully our school’s reputation.”

    Somehow I don’t see that sentence ever happening.

    • macho says:

      Not necessarily an advocate for vouchers, although the Atlanta Public Schools can almost make anyone an advocate, but there are more private schools than Westminster and Lovett. If for some reason, the government moved to vouchers and private schools, the supply would increase.

      • jm says:

        Supply would increase? You’re taking a textbook example about supply and demand, and ignoring the local reality. Schools need land, and inside the perimeter, that’s not going to be cheap . Schools just can’t pop up because they are needed (although some will likely be virtual), and the current buildings won’t be handed over for free.

  3. View from Brookhaven says:

    I say we give all parents the chance to get an application to get on a waiting list for vouchers.

    I just want to see if the line would be longer or shorter than that one in East Point…

  4. chefdavid says:

    Ramblin has pointed out many times locally that it would be cheaper for us to send our kids in Dade to Chattanooga Christian on a per student basis. But after raising taxes this year and hiring a bunch of coaches our board is thinking about:
    “The Board discussed the possibility of joining the Georgia School Board Association (GSBA) and the Georgia School Superintendent Association in filing an amicus brief against the Charter School Commission. Superintendent Patty Priest said that there would be no cost to the Dade County School System in joining the brief. “If a charter school popped up around this area, then local revenue would be calculated against both of the systems,” Priest said. “Charter Schools take away local control but still use tax dollars.” She said that the GSBA and the GSSA have looked into the situation and feel that the brief would be the best for the public school systems. Any action on the issue was tabled until next month’s meeting.”
    according to our local fluffer discoverdade.com .
    Then they decided on their policies for home school students drivers liscences.


    Can they stay out of such things that don’t concern them. I guess not if it means getting into their pot. I suspect that this grant they just got
    will prove that pay for performance does not work. But Mr. Gates we thank you for your money is the attitude the board will take.

  5. Lady Thinker says:

    There are many educational problems in Georgia as the never going away cheating scandal shows and Georgians are not vocal enough in demanding that our system be fixed so we can climb out of the bottom five educational status in this country.

  6. Beanie says:

    Shut down the government schools, yes. But fund private schools with taxpayer money? Fuhgeddaboutit. Homeschool is cheaper.

    • Lady Thinker says:

      Did you know that many homeschool kids have to get a GED before they can be accepted by some colleges? I didn’t know that until the home-schooled kids of my dentist, whose mom was a school teacher, told me. I was shocked.

      • griftdrift says:

        I wouldn’t be shocked. I’d imagine most colleges would want some assurance that the standards of education didn’t include a biology class that taught Jesus preached to the dinosaurs.

        • Chris says:

          How many did he convert? And how did Noah keep the dinosaurs from eating the other animals on the Ark?

        • drjay says:

          he didn’t preach to them, he just took two of them and a loaf of bread and was able to feed a whole village if i recall correctly…i guess i thought all homeschooled kids took the ged in order to have some sort of “diploma” to carry into adulthood…

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