Our Eggs Are Safe

UGA says so.

No cases have been reported in Georgia, though, and a University of Georgia researcher assured consumers that eggs produced here are safe.

“In terms of our eggs in Georgia, I would feel very comfortable with those,” said Scott Russell, a scientist specializing in salmonella.

Just don’t try to implant them or Georgia Right to Life will issue a fatwa.


  1. So if I go get sick from eating an egg here in Georgia, I can sue UGA since they are guaranteeing them? I’d be willing to settle the case for football tickets for life?

  2. Scott65 says:

    …or GRTL will organize a protest at your house and try to take your eggs to ensure they will be preserved…lol

  3. ACCmoderate says:

    So, UGA scientists are ok when they report on egg quality but they’re an embarrassment to the scientific community when they report on water and air quailty?

    Erick you truly are one of a kind.

  4. Pundit mom says:

    Just read an eloquent post on redstate.com professing your pride in Franklin Graham for standing up for The Truth and his faith. Read another equally passionate post about Obama attacking Koch Industries and how his modus operandi is to go after anyone who disagrees with him. Don’t you find it a bit hypocritical to say those things and then attack GRTL over and over and over again? Really, this post had nothing to do with GRTL and yet you use it as an opportunity to respond sarcastically, even invoking islamic terminolgy. Isn’t GRTL just standing firm, despite opposition to their beliefs and values? Aren’t you as guilty as Barack Obama in attacking those you disagree with? Just sayin…..

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