It is because he’s not exciting

Apparently the GOP is having trouble healing its wounds after the runoff.

I suspect this too will pass, but I’ve got to be honest with you — I just cannot get excited about two old guys who could be in Depends commercials or flacking viagra with Bob Dole.

And no it’s not sour grapes. Had it been Eric Johnson or one of the other candidates other than Ox, I think there’d be more energy. But when the vast majority of people don’t want to take a mulligan with the Barnes administration and the vast majority of people don’t care for Washington, who the hell thinks it is a good idea to nominate two geezers who’ve been nothing but degenerate problems in government for too long?!?!

It’s crazy.

I’m voting for Deal. I think he is preferable to Barnes. But I’m not going to waste my time trying to get excited about some old guy who probably won’t even serve two terms or push the state beyond what really remains a bi partisan, stagnant status quo.

Rah-rah and all that. Deal with it. I’m much more interested in Cagle v. Porter.


  1. Tiberius says:


    I don’t see the Cagle-Porter race catching that much fire. If it were higher on the ballot, the AG’s race could be entertaining but it will be buried by the Gov’s race.

    Boring Gov race. Boring Senate race. I’m in metro Atlanta so Bishop and Marshall are out of my area. No truly contested fall legislative races (there is that 1 in Dublin). Insurance, SOS, PSC, Labor are a blah.

    I am spenidng my time looking up to Pennsylvania and Ohio.

  2. Georgia Judge says:

    Degenerate?? your arrogance is unreal and only surpassed by your self importance and ego.You are a complete joke.

  3. ZazaPachulia says:

    Damn… Robespierre of Macon hates old people.

    How many times can you use a derogatory language to describe an older person in one three paragraph Peach Pundit column? Robespierre of Macon’s set the bar at a pretty impressive 7, but it could be higher depending on how you count the insults. Many of the barbs were directed at both Deal and Barnes, so they could count as double.

    Then there’s this from Mr. RoM : “I’m voting for Deal. I think he is preferable to Barnes.” How exactly? Oh, that’s right, the (R) beside his name. That’s it. I’m a republican, too, but the R is not a free pass in my book. Deal is an uninspiring candidate with serious flaws. He is going to have to earn my vote and I honestly don’t think he can at this point. My vote is really Barnes’ to lose…

    Now, this Porter v. Cagle teaser… You have perked up my interest.

  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Deal isn’t exciting. So Handel would’ve been, what, must-see TV? She’s about as electrfying as a 40 minute sleeper hold.

    Good grief.

    • Erick says:

      I’m not really even saying Handel would have been exciting. It’s just that Deal really isn’t. If I’m forced under oath, I’d have to say Eric Johnson probably would have been the only really exciting one simply because he would have enjoyed every single second of bringing pain to Roy Barnes.

  5. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “And no it’s not sour grapes . . . ”

    Then you clearly have no business posting on the front page.

  6. CobbGOPer says:

    Looks like the Deal apologists are out early today. It’s not that he’s old, Erick, it’s that he’s a crook. I can’t get excited about crooks as my choice for office.

    Which is why I’ll be playing golf on election day.

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      One day just one day I think it would be appropriate for someone you know to get thrown in jail and accused of a crime without any due process. I would hope that you would not complain because I know that you do not believe in our Constitution and the rights of the accused.

  7. fishtail says:

    Here’s a way to get the excitement going in the Lt. Governor race…Carol Porter will be facing Casey Cagle in person at a debate. Perhaps she says something like this: “Lt. Gov. Cagle, when you ran for office you campaigned on a platform that featured family values, integrity, and strong ethical behavior. So I ask you this question, since being elected Lt. Gov., have you ever cheated on your wife?”…

  8. Bugs Dooley says:

    Deal still needs to prove himself to the base, and skipping a debate opportunity where he could have done so struck me as somewhat arrogant. The State GOP has done a great job reminding people about King Roy’s failings in the past with their recent videos and press releases. Now Deal just needs to be able to show that his leadership style, vision, and ability to reign in the state budget will be a vast improvement. Why squander the opportunity?

    • Scott65 says:

      Reign in the budget??? There’s nothing left to reign in. The next governor is going to be forced to take a good hard look at the revenue side of the budget, because it is seriously lacking. There is literally nothing left to cut. Please elaborate where you think it needs to be reigned in…I’d like to know

      • Bugs Dooley says:

        We’ve cut spending the last few years only because the economy forced us to. But what’s to stop unnecessary and ineffective spending from creeping forward again in good economic times, which we’ll (hopefully) see again within the next four year term?

        And yes, there’s always room for review and trimming of the budget, even in lean times. Well-intentioned programs fail to achieve results, government contracts become no longer competitive, and privatization becomes a viable option as new private businesses grow. Politicians should value good stewardship of the taxpayers money — not simply increasing revenues, whether it’s truly needed or not.

        • Scott65 says:

          Problem is…one mans necessary budget item is seen by another as pork…we will never avoid that.

      • “Please elaborate where you think it needs to be reigned in…I’d like to know”

        There’s plenty that can be reigned in…
        – Boat ramp parks need maintenance and upkeep. They’re not one time expenses. Quit building them and encourage private marinas to offer their ramps to the public for a fee. The marinas would also benefit from the increased traffic to their on-site restaurants and other facilities.

        – Don’t incarcerate people for simple possession of marijuana. It’s a waste of space and taxpayer dollars. If it’s not going to be legalized, then just charge them a fine and send them on their way. This should also eliminate some of the court time wasted on this issue as well. Our prisons are already overcrowded.

        – The budget for the Department of Community Health is $2.3B. Are you saying that everything this department does is necessary?

        – Eliminate The Council of the Arts – $2.6M. Arts should be driven by the private sector, not the government.

        – Eliminate Georgia Commission on the Holocaust – $323K

        – Eliminate Georgia Civil War Commission – $25K

        – Eliminate Aviation Hall Of Fame Authority – $44K

        – Eliminate Music Hall Of Fame – $586K

        – Eliminate Sports Hall Of Fame – $512K

        …how long would you like for me to go on?

        • Also, when we look at the numbers here… Prior Year Net Treasury Receipts were their highest ever 2007 to present. However, we’ve also seen our highest annual debt service in those years as well. Now, I’m no accountant, so someone correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t debt service money that we’re paying on loans? Is there any particular reason we can’t pay down these loans so we’re not paying interest on them? Also, don’t the below numbers show a rather poorly managed state these last 8 years?

          Fiscal Year, Highest Annual Debt Service, Prior Year Net Treasury Receipts, Percentage
          2011 (Est.) $1,379,984,062 $18,245,185,716 7.56%
          2010 (Est.) 1,278,325,792 17,832,362,806 7.17%
          2009 1,307,062,392 19,799,131,881 6.60%
          2008 1,173,214,321 19,895,976,560 5.90%
          2007 1,183,981,964 18,343,186,033 6.45%
          2006 1,109,553,454 16,789,925,631 6.61%
          2005 1,020,462,428 15,530,262,707 6.57%
          2004 931,047,735 14,737,541,220 6.32%
          2003 885,771,950 15,126,479,334 5.86%
          2002 877,399,865 15,768,578,047 5.56%

          Numbers copied from

        • macho says:

          Other than the Department of Community Health, the other items aren’t really worth even mentioning in a budget that’s going to be short billions of dollars.

          • Our multi billion dollar budget isn’t composed of several items that each run $1B. It’s composed of lots of little things that all add up. It’s like saying you’re going to buy a $50k car. It didn’t start out as $50k. But when you add the paint, seats, airbags, radio, wheels, exhaust, valves, pistons, air conditioning compressor, seat belts, sunroof, etc… you get the picture. None of those items by themselves are big ticket items. It’s the combination of them that makes the total.

        • Scott65 says:

          GA commission on the holocaust? I never knew there was such a thing…and they get 323k a year??? Just goes to show…I can be wrong just like anyone else…but in all fairness, those are almost nothing in a 18B budget…and SOME (not all) of those might produce more revenue than they cost

  9. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Geez, could you be any more insulting and offensive toward senior citizens. We get it, they’re both over 60, but they’re far from senile or physically incapacitated. Out of all the reasons these 2 candidates could be vilified, you pick their age?

    Were you this depressed when Reagan won the Republican nomination in 1980?

  10. Scott65 says:

    You say you’re interested in the Lt Governor race and dont say why you are interested!!! Its no surprise I’m supporting Carol Porter…I’ve said it on PP several times. I just think that Cagle is about to go down. There is a reason he decided not to run for governor, but still run for lt governor. I think there is something he’s been hiding and its about to come out. I also think that many gold dome republicans know about it too…and that might be part of why there was a last minute try to find someone to challenge him

      • I don’t necessarily see him going down, but I do think it’s funny that all those people that attacked Karen Handel for not having a college degree aren’t coming out of the woodwork to blast Cagle for the same offense.

        • analogkid says:

          My post was just a childish response to the accidental double entendre in Scott’s comment. It amused me given the rumors about Cagle.

          In an effort to “do better,” I’ll say that I hope Scott is right and that Cagle will falter enough to lose, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

          Since you brought up the degree thing, it is in fact one of my complaints about Cagle. That said, the position of LG is nowhere near as mentally demanding as Guv, and therefore a degree is less relevant imo. I’ll also state that I’m a big fan of people who succeed in private industry without degrees, but I don’t view getting elected to multiple public offices as proof that one has succeeded. This, in my mind, is what separated Handel from Chapman (who also doesn’t have a degree).

  11. Georgia Judge says:

    Carol Porter are you kidding me???Please

    Cagle will win this race easily and there was no last minute attempt to run someone against him.

    As Erick likes to say…Deal and Cagle will win…. deal with it.

    • Melb says:

      Didn’t many people try to push Austin Scott to run for Congress or Lt. Gov. b/c they thought Cagle was vulnerable?

      The answer to this question is yes.

  12. dusty ride says:

    Deal and Cagle will win? Perhaps so, but both will be mortally wounded and unable to accomplish anything to unite the party and that is a shame. Me thinks there be more slings and arrows to be loosed and suffered upon Deal and Cagle. With all that is going on, it seems a little early to predict which losers will win.

  13. troutbum70 says:

    Let’s face it. The Gov’s race will be boring and I honestly think the GOP lost out on a good opportunity when Deal won the run off. We would have been much better off with Eric Johnson or in my opinion, Austin Scott. Too bad he couldn’t gain any traction. Even Handel would have been better than Deal. So far, Deal seems to have the personality of a brick wall. Much like the rest of our delegation to D.C. save for one or two members. Heck, even in the county I live in, which is in the metro Atlanta area, Deal couldn’t draw any excitement and I know this because I sit on the GOP county board. I think you have to ask yourself this, “Why would a member of Congress and all the perks it comes with, decide to leave and run for Governor?” So don’t be surprised if a lot more of Deal’s potential ethics issues become a key factor in the race and that the race becomes a dead heat till the very end. Yes, I’ll vote for Deal because I’m a Republican but I’ll hold my nose doing it.

  14. dusty ride says:

    What as opportunity for an entrepenuer to start selling big clothes pins for the nose. Red, of course!

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