I’m on the radio for the next three hours

I’m filling in for Herman Cain now. From 7pm to 10pm ET, you can listen live on 95.5 FM in Atlanta or 750 AM (you can probably pick that up in about 30 states with it being 50,000 watts and all).

If you’re dying to call in, you can call in at 404-872-0750 in the Atlanta area and 1-800-WSB-TALK nationwide.

You can listen live at http://wsbradio.com.

Otherwise consider this an open thread.


  1. Ambernappe says:

    We listened for about 40 minutes while on our way to dinner. You did well – but keep the day job for awhile. You have a nice voice, fairly good timing….just continue apprenticing to Mr. Cain.

  2. Erick,

    You mentioned that RedState was the most read, right of center blog in the country. I read it nearly every day and enjoy it. Why not make Peach Pundit a right of center blog? It is getting old hearing from only Libertards as your front page posters.

    Also, you called for Unity very early on in the governors race, however, your post a few days ago about the old, boring Deal isn’t exactly helpful in defeating Obama’s Boy Roy.

    I think you would gain many more followers to this site if you would replicate RedState on a Georgia level. There are many more of us than them (Libertarians = 5% at most of electorate).

    Respectfully, Luke

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