Government jobs grow despite cuts

Mostly school hirings.

Despite months of falling tax receipts and announced teacher layoffs, Georgia added 7,000 government jobs during the last year, according to Labor Department statistics requested by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At least it isn’t a bunch of bureaucrats.


  1. saltycracker says:

    After they cut a lot of early out retirement deals to push legions to the other set of taxpayer liability books (underfunded by BILLIONS) – pension & health – but most of that cost is future, right ?

    Revenues down, employees up, payrolls up, benfits great, work culture remains inefficient…….and this is in a Republican state.
    Can’t wait for Barnes……

    Vote Republican – Default will take longer

  2. bluedogdem says:

    Basically gov’t is bigger now. Erick, who has total control of the GA Gov’t for the last 6 years or so??? Thats what I thought

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