GAE Endorses Barnes. In Other News, Dog Bites Man.

Will rank and file teachers fall in line?

Barnes has been courting teachers aggressively as part of his comeback bid and has apologized to educators.

“It was never my intent — and it is not my intent now — not to treasure teachers and learning,” Barnes says in a video ad posted on his website and shipped to teachers.

In its release Friday, the GAE said Barnes “while still facing some backlash from his previous administration, now has the benefit of hindsight in what is truly needed to help our public schools and its students.”

The Deal campaign on Friday said the endorsement “demonstrates how out of touch the union bosses are with Georgia’s educators.”

“Teachers haven’t forgotten the arrogance and bullying of the Barnes administration, and most will vote for Nathan Deal,” spokesman Brian Robinson said. He noted that in Barnes’ home base of Cobb County, the association of educators have endorsed Deal.
The Barnes campaign had no immediate comment Friday.

The GAE overwhelmingly backs Democratic candidates. Its list of statewide endorsements announced on Friday were all Democrats.


    • bluedogdem says:

      I’m sure the rank and file teachers will fall in line just like you and the other GOP voters!!!!

  1. RuralDem says:

    Oh, and Buzz, funny title. Considering the GAE did not endorse Barnes in the Primary. Maybe the title fits more with your endorsement of Deal.

    Did Deal even respond to the questionnaire?

    • If the local association of educators endorsed Deal then yes he filled out their questionnaire.

      I know you don’t like discussing things with me you’d rather complain about how partisan you think I am but I have a serious question I don’t know the answer to: When the last time GAE endorsed a Republican candidate for Governor?

      • DTK says:


        If I remember correctly, the GAE refused to endorse either Barnes or Perdue in 2002, which many took as an implicit endorsement of Perdue.

        I get your point about that when a group normally aligned with the Democratic Party endorses a Democrat it is not typically considered big news, but with Barnes’ history with the group, I think it is.

        Plus, if I recall, Deal has trumpeted his family’s ties to education throughout the campaign. I imagine the Deal camp would have liked it if the GAE had sat out this year’s race too.

      • RuralDem says:


        I’m not sure how the GAE and its local associations operate in regards to endorsements, but considering the GAE endorsed Barnes and the local Cobb Association endorsed Deal, there’s a reason possibility to believe that there are different standards.

        If I do not like discussing things with you, then why am I usually the last one responding? As usual, you’re making little to no sense.

        I do complain about you being a partisan, because, in reality, that’s how you come across on here.

        I could easily turn that around and ask you how often Republican Gubernatorial candidates seek out an endorsement from the GAE, can you provide any numbers there? Let’s say since 1994.

        [EDIT – I found this from a 2008 newsletter from the Gwinnett County Association of Educators.

        *Process: GCAE-FPE makes a RECOMMENDATION to Georgia Association of Educators-FPE (GAE-FPE) based upon the outcome of the May 13th meeting. GAE-FPE has its own procedures but uses the same questionnaire.”]

        So I’ll give you credit for being right on the endorsement process. I didn’t know that was how it worked

  2. fishtail says:

    Like you said Buzz, if it helps you, then you’re for it. If it hurts you, you’re against it…

        • Doug Grammer says:

          I started training in mid October of 1989, got my “wings’ in late December of 1989. Still learning new things on occasion, but I don’t patrol (very much) any more.

          See, I tied learning things into my answer so it wouldn’t be a total thread jack. I don’t mind questions, but let’s take it to an open thread.

      • fishtail says:

        you said it when you posted your suck-up endorsement of Nathan Deal…if it’s good for your district, etc….

          • fishtail says:

            Buzz..your exact words…”Why am I supporting Nathan Deal? I explain in more detail as we move forward, but as an incoming freshman Legislator, Nathan Deal is someone I can work with to get good stuff done for the people of my district. I don’t think I can get much done with Roy Barnes in the Governor’s mansion – it will be more about trying to block bad stuff. Some of you may like the idea of divided government and there’s plenty of data to support your idea on the Federal level. For me, I don’t want a Democrat Governor and a Republican Legislature. Call me selfish, but I want the chance to get some of my ideas enacted into law. Nathan Deal gives me a better chance to do exactly that.”

            • You said “Like you said Buzz, if it helps you, then you’re for it. If it hurts you, you’re against it…” which takes what I said about wanting to get good stuff done in the legislature and turns it into some sort of Narcissistic statement about how I live my life. That’s not at all what I said.

              • RuralDem says:

                “That’s not at all what I said.”

                That’s certainly how you come across on here.

                Occasionally you do make a decent post, but these days it can all be summed up as “Democrat bad. Republican good”.

                If Obama switched parties, you’d be the second in line to congratulate him and act as his best friend. Doug would obviously be first.

                Before you go on your typical “oh you’re a Democrat” rant. I consider myself a Democrat, though a conservative one, but I have no problem supporting Republicans. I prefer person over party.

                • Doug Grammer says:

                  He would be welcomed by me, only if he fired at least 90% of his czars, killed cap and trade, and started the defending of the healthcare bill, followed by a real bipartisan health care bill, that didn’t tax people for not buying a private product. He’d need to do all of that in the first 48 hours of a switch. Then, we’d have to talk about his cabinet.

                  He’d have to help raise some $ for GOP candidates as well.

  3. ACCmoderate says:

    Given the status of public schools in Georgia and the general disregard they’ve recieved from Republican legislators more interested in chasing tail, I’m not surprised that the GAE is overwhelmingly backing Democratic candidates.

    The Democrats were the only ones talking education during the primary, the GOP was too busy beating up the big gay boogeyman.

  4. John Konop says:

    This happen because of the failed policies of Kathy Cox has left a bad taste in the mouth of many teachers and parents. The GOP has lost ground via pushing No Child Left Behind one size fit all college bound or drop-out education policy.

    Whichever candidate vows to stop the madness and let students track to the proper education via aptitude will gain major support from the soccer mom crowd.

  5. Bucky Plyler says:

    I thought the teachers were smarter than this…maybe they are. Maybe it’s the GAE that’s a little slow….

    • bowersville says:

      Teachers are smart and so is the GAE and you can count on this for a fact, they are not and I repeat, they are not single issue voters.

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    Here is how out of touch Deal is: GAE is not a union.

    They trot out hot-buttom terms like “union bosses” to deliberately smear the opponent and misinform the electorate. GAE is no more a union than the Bankers Association, tthe georgia Association of Realtors, the Association of Counties or the Georgia Municipal Association, or any of the other dozens of professional organizations.

      • RuralDem says:

        So, if the GAE is a union, and the GAE and it’s local affiliates partner (as Buzz alluded), then that would mean Deal was endorsed by a local union, right? I mean, they use the same endorsement application.

        If so, then why in the world would Deal’s campaign say that the GAE endorsement “demonstrates how out of touch the union bosses are with Georgia’s educators” and then turn around and tout an endorsement from a local affiliate?

        Kind of odd.

  7. bowersville says:

    The term “union bosses” is used in the way “birfer” issues are used. Nuts vote too. “Union bosses” also separates the GAE from the rank and file teacher in the eyes of some and leaves room for teachers to vote for their candidate of choice. Smart move without the GAE endorsement.

    Teachers are smart people, they have all sorts of higher education degrees. As a whole they are dedicated to their job and the children they teach. There are teachers in every town, every city and every county along with their families, extended families, friends and parents of students. In today’s economy, teachers are missing the one element they have become accustomed to, job security due to cut backs, furloughs etc.

    Traditionally, Democrats support public education. Republicans favor options as in charter schools. What smaller counties know or are quickly discovering is we can’t afford to pay enough property taxes to pay for what we have, much less another system in the form of Charter schools. With that in mind the GAE endorsement is no surprise.

    Teachers know Barnes’ history and they know W’s NCLB. Property owners know the history of their property taxes too.

    Deal got his share, I bet it was a large share if not almost all of the teachers that voted in the R primaries.

    Teachers will vote their pocket book in the general. Two smart men, Deal and Barnes’ know this too. No the GAE isn’t out of touch and teachers are smart and they will vote wisely.

  8. kolt473 says: -GAE about to be had again, dilapidated schools furloughs, low pay, why endorse again? the old saying ”fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. GAE IS ABOUT TO GET SCREWED. but if the brain dead’s wish it, so be it…..notice apology to blacks, white doesn’t count, KING ROY’S allegiance UNIONS.

  9. bowersville says:

    …notice apology to blacks, white doesn’t count…

    Are you dumb enough to throw out the race card ? This isn’t 1966 Selma Alabama you’re speaking to.

    • kolt473 says:

      the libs have been playing race card since election, the OBAMUNISM’S stupid white cop, bitter clingers, redneck riviera ect. who’s snubbing OBAMUNISM BOBA FETT CLINTON. What he said at BYRDS memorial, he had to join the klan to get elected, the left has had 120 year history of intolerance check your history of the DNC from 1864 platform to present look at leaders NANCY DOPEO AND DIRTY HARRY. THE LEFT SEE US NOT 1966 BUT TRY FURTHER BACK, 1940-50 look who got high tech lynching in the 1980’s CLARENCE THOMAS. Going to speak up it’s my free speech to do so. I seem to recall, Jesse Jackson wtd to do a LORENA BOBBITT on OBAMUNISUM. who hosed the blacks down ”DEMOCRAT BULL CONNER” And HILDA BEAST CLINTON went to Selma with her black dialogue trying to convince the fools she was for them. If you want racism, look at yourself. As far as King Roy is concerned, he still thinks its 1968 not 2010…

  10. Lady Thinker says:

    When asked about furloughing teachers, Deal said he would do it if necessary. That’s a way of refusing to move Georgia out of the bottom five educational rankings.

  11. Three Jack says:

    gae endorses barnes, grtl endorses deal…who cares? there is little difference between these two relics, just a matter of which will end up as the next dem governor of georgia.

      • Three Jack says:

        imho, jobs and the economy are the issues, but not issues that can necessarily be addressed by state government. generally speaking, government on every level is more likely to cause deeper problems than solve them.

        the next governor will need to address the underlying issues that cause companies to choose other states for re-location or startup. education, transportation and rampant crime should be the focus of whichever dem takes over next. unfortunately neither relic has the cajones to get past politics to address these issues, i.e. both pandering to teacher unions in search of votes instead of telling the truth.

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