Can you help?

MAP International needs help.< blockquote>An international relief program based Brunswick can only watch the devastating flooding in Pakistan that has left 20 million people homeless because it doesn’t have enough money to help.

MAP International, a Christian-based organization that sends medical supplies overseas, is being hurt by a budget shortfall as it nears the Sept. 30 end of its fiscal year, said Michael Nyenhuis, president and chief executive.

The organization needs $150,000 to keep shipments to more than 115 countries on schedule and continue its programs in overseas field offices.


  1. Steve says:

    I’m glad to help you here! You just need to be sure that your opening “blockquote” tag is matched by a closing “/blockquote” tag. Then the broken HTML in your post will be fixed.

    You’re welcome!

    • Actually, I think it’s the space between the < and the b that's causing the issue here. There may not also be a /blockquote, but my guess is that wordpress wouldn't interpret it correctly with the space in there. 🙂

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