Audacity Of Hope Open Thread

Unemployment rate falls as people quit looking for jobs.

There were 230,100 long-term unemployed Georgians in July — those who have been out of work for 27 weeks or longer, the labor department said. This represents an increase of 90 percent from July 2009.

The long-term unemployed now account for 49.8 percent of the 462,372 jobless workers in Georgia. That’s one out of two people searching for a job.

During the past two months, Georgia’s labor force has declined by more than 40,000 as discouraged workers dropped out, the labor department said. This is the first time since 2001 that Georgia has experienced significant reductions in the labor force for two consecutive months.

Talk amongst yourselves in this Open Thread.


  1. hugoblacksupreme says:

    Maybe our new Labor Comm. can get everyone a job at W. Georgia College. I hear that he really knows how to work over those University Lobbyist!

    • Harry says:

      Mark Butler hasn’t been elected yet. The Democrat, Darryl A. Hicks, has my vote. Hicks has a strong management background with AGL Resources. has an MBA, and has done extensive civic and volunteer work. From all indications, he is a good family man.

      • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

        I’m a Democrat and I’m going to be hard pressed to vote for Hicks. His speeches rouse me about as much as listening to NPR’s Annual Pledge Drives.

        Anybody want to try to convince me to vote for the Libertarian?

        • Harry says:

          Not a good speech maker? Is that a necessary qualification to be labor commissioner? I think the real reason is that he’s too conservative for you.

          • Erick's Mortal Enemy says:

            Trust me, that’s not it. I’m voting for two Republicans come this election. I vote candidate, and I don’t think Hicks is a good one. Sorry.

    • Bridget says:

      I have the same question since this is an open thread. I can’t even find where to load a photo under my profile settings.

      • polisavvy says:

        I’d do the same; but, unfortunately, I am a little more than a tad technically challenged. It would have to be laid out simplistically for me. LOL!! 😉

        • Bridget says:

          I know this isn’t an IT helpdesk thread, but the Gravatar page isn’t recognizing my WordPress account. I’ve tried both my email and my screen name and reset my password then waited to re-log in on both sites. Any other suggestions?

      • Bridget says:

        Well, I just discovered that I have a PP login but not a WordPress login. I thought they were one in same. I now have a new WordPress/Gravatar login. The PP “register” button currently gets stuck after hitting submit. Hopefully, once start using my WordPress login to get into PP, this will be cleared up. Not that having an avatar makes my world go ’round, but I like things to work as intended…

  2. bowersville says:

    Open thread comment.

    The AJC has an interesting read concerning healing the GOP in the primary aftermath. It’s under the Elections section. The article “GOP Healing…” has a link to IA.

  3. Baker says:

    I continue to be dumbfounded as to why people do not understand the economic effects of the uncertainty created by multiple bills exceeding 2,000 pages.

  4. Read this article recently and thought it rather interesting… figured I’d share. Essentially the Ex-Mexican President is calling for the legalization of drugs because he’s realized that the warn on drugs has failed and that legalization would actually decrease violence. If Mexico did legalize drugs, what impact do you think this would have on the United States?

    • Provocateur says:

      Perhaps more Mexicans would get hooked on drugs and stop coming to America.

      OR…conversely, perhaps more Americans would move to Mexico to get access to easy drugs.

  5. dixiechick says:

    From what i understand the Republican candidate for Labor Commissioner wants to force people drawing unemployment to get drug tested. That’s kicking people while they are down.
    I think they need to spend more time upgrading the idiotic system they have in place for getting the unemployment. The computer system and the phone system don’t work together. You can’t certify by computer one week and phone the next week or it holds up your check, if you make a mistake and enter your SSN twice on the phone system you have to show up at an office to fix it. Any simple issue you have to show up to fix it. What a joke.
    We could have far fewer DOL employees if this was streamlined.

  6. Doug Deal says:

    If anyone is an IE user that wants to get rid of the irritating wibiya bar, or just wants to mess with their “online” count, just add * to your restricted sites, under internet options/security and voila, it’s gone.

  7. Jeremy Jones says:

    I discovered this the same way I am sure the others did, however, in today’s political environment, it is quite funny.

    Look who is in the “friend” list of the “Kasi Spa” on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100000897263571

    From their profile:

    “Here at Kasi Spa , our goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive for total comfort and relaxation. Male clients are treated to a pampered and serene environment. Kasi Spa’s staff is entirely female. We hope to accomidate our clients with outstanding…”

    Friends of the Kasi Spa include:

    Tommie Williams
    Jeff Mullis
    Otis Putnam
    Melvin Everson
    Randy Neugebauer
    Jason Shepard
    David Barbee
    Alan Powell

    Full disclosure, I too am a “friend,” albeit temporarily to keep access to the humorous page.

    I am sure, like me, these men just accept every friend request they get, that is how I found it. But a lesser blog/website, might make a big deal about this!


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