The Apology Tour

The Republican Governors Association is launching its first big ad in Georgia against Roy Barnes called “apologize”. Here is the script:

Announcer: Our president has travelled the globe apologizing for America.

Our former Governor Roy Barnes is travelling the state apologizing for his first term in office.

Apologizing for his disastrous education results.

Apologizing for his arrogance.

Apologizing for ignoring the will of the people.

Roy Barnes and Barack Obama need to know:

Georgians don’t want apologies.

They want results.


        • MSBassSinger says:

          I suspect if the site had video footage of Barnes beating puppies and robbing little old ladies (and to be clear, I am not alleging any such thing) you would still say “weak”.

          Were you able to factually refute any of the long list at that URL?

          • There’s nothing to refute. He’s arrogant..okay, so are most politicians. He pissed off teachers by forcing them to work to keep their jobs? The horror! Georgia ranked in the bottom of education? We were before. We are now. He said he’s sorry? How dare he!

            If we’re going to oppose candidate b/c they’re power hungry d-bags, I suggest we start looking at our own house first.

            • MSBassSinger says:

              > I suggest we start looking at our own house first

              Some of us have. Sonny Perdue was not our best choice for a candidate, but his contrast with Barnes 8 years ago was sufficient. Perdue has his own kind of arrogance. One of many examples of his arrogance in mundane decisions was his appointment to Superior Court Judge in Houston County a person whom many believed, as ADA, prosecuted people this ADA knew were not guilty – and told Perdue so in writing. Yet, Perdue ignored them, did not even ask the GBI to investigate, and appointed that former ADA who is now a Superior Court Judge.

              I am sure many Deal supporters on PP can come up with other and better examples. The point is that things like arrogance indicate a more serious underlying flaw that affects judegment overall – whether Barnes or Perdue.

              I wonder what (IMHO illegal) government restrictions exist on the RGA as to what they can say in terms of campaigning for Deal.

              I hope Deal is smart enough to stick to the issues, and mention Barnes only when Barnes differs on an issue. It has been a week since Deal knew he was the candidate – where are the pointed issue ads? Why isn’t Deal’s website more up-to-date?

            • ACCmoderate says:

              I dare you to find a politician that isn’t a power hungry d-bag.

              Heck, take a trip up to Washington DC and eavesdrop on the conversations among Hill staffers… they’re more douchey than the politicos they work for.

              • Provocateur says:

                Buzz Brockway doesn’t appear to be a power-hungry d-bag politician.

                Of course…he hasn’t been officially sworn-in yet, or treated to the Raymon White Special Lobbyist Treatment yet either. I’m not sure which of those activities will turn him into one.

  1. Jace Walden says:

    Bam! And Republicans have found a way to tie Barnes to Obama. And it wasn’t even hard. That’s why I still believe (regardless of what people want to think) that Nathan Deal will win this election going away, by 8 to 10 percent.

    Not that Roy Barnes is a bad candidate, it’s just a Republican year in a Republican state. Cards are not in his favor.

  2. Quaker says:

    I’m still waiting for the GOP to come up with something substantial – some hint the they could accomplish something to better the state and nation. So far, all I’ve heard are hysterical rants about birth certificates, mosks, anchor babies, female grizzley bears with PMS, and the like. Even Newt, an intelligent man, disingenuously compairs Islam, a world wide religion, with political powers like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Doesn’t the US have any problems they could address straight on? As a voter, I’m less interested in how bad your opponent may be than how good you would be. I’ll offer some advice for a political ad: (1) Identify a problem area; (2) State with specificity how you would address it. Oh, and while you’re at it lock your nutters like Alabama Senator Sessions in ther attic out of public view.

    • Ambernappe says:

      Since at least 711 A.D. in Sindh,India, the Muslims have terrorized surrounding cultures with their endless violent jihads. In Medieval British poetry, the occasional “dark” one was feared, but since the armies were so far away, there seemed no likelihood of jihad in the British Isles – several hundred years have brought them right into the country now, and the entire Western world is now threatened. I would say that Newt knows exactly what he is talking about

    • MSBassSinger says:

      It would be nice if every candidate can pre-packaged with the bills for the legislature already written and a 30 second executive summary. But, no one does that, for numerous good reasons.

      First, I looked at what Nathan Deal has on his website ( about what he will do. I didn’t see anything about birth certificates, though. I hope you are not disappointed. As an aside, his campaign folks need update the website. It is still in primary mode, from what it looks like.

      Sorry, I couldn’t find a website where Newt was running for Governor – of anything. He sure wouldn’t get my vote if he did. Nor could I find where Alabama’s Jeff Sessions was running for anything in Georgia.

      Next, I went to Roy Barnes’ website (, which then gives you links to other issue pages). There was no more detail there than in Deal’s website, though Deal was more succinct.

      While I found enough on each website to get a good idea of who the candidates want us to see as their agenda, and found things I liked on both sites, the context of Barnes’ issue list is “I can control the government to help you” and the context of Deal’s issue list is “I can get government out of the way so you can help yourself”.

      • bowersville says:

        or maybe the Marc Rountree suggested upper cut linking Deal to the GOP drunken sailor spending Congress of 2 years ago.

        • bowersville says:

          The counter punch is out, it’s a 16 second ad asking why won’t Deal release his income tax returns.

          • Provocateur says:

            FYI, Handel would have refused to disclose her tax returns as well. When Johnson laid his out there, she refused.

            SO…you Handel-Lovers do not have a valid argument here on the issue of Deal refusing to disclose.

    • TalmadgeGhost says:

      I agree.

      I have more faith it seems in the people of this great state than the GA GOP does. They were smart enough not to fall for “Sarah” Handel. They are smart enough to look at 2002 and 2010 and see which one was better for them, their kids and their communities.

      Give me a break.

      I mean, if they keep making mistakes like this they could cost Deal what should be an easy election. Jace is right – the numbers just don’t add up to get enough Dems to the polls for Roy to win. Deal should just say – I was a Democrat for decades, switched parties when many of you good folks in Georgia did – I’m pretty much the same as Roy Barnes, but I call myself a Republican. With that he’d probably win by 10-15points.

  3. rightofcenter says:

    Well, it didn’t take long for the negative losers to come and repeat their usual garbage. And I must say, Chris, you have lost all credibility (not that you ever had much, but still) with your unhinged hatred of Nathan Deal.

    In my opinion, this is a brilliant ad. In one ad, it ties Barnes to Obama and reminds Georgians of why they so disliked Barnes when he was governor. Brilliant.

    • ACCmoderate says:

      So mentioning Obama and Barnes in the same 20 seconds effectively “ties” them together?

      The only similarity between Barnes and Obama is their party ID.

      If we want to “tie” people together, lets go ahead and point out that Nathan Deal supported the failed economic policies of George W Bush that landed the economy in the sorry state its in. Let’s “tie” Deal to the Congress that has a single digit approval rate. Let’s point out that Deal was part of a body that raised defecit spending and drove this country further into debt.

  4. ACCmoderate says:

    “Georgians don’t want apologies, they want results”

    So this November, vote for the party that has provided results.

    On second thought, you might just want to stay home.

  5. B Balz says:

    The Car: Why Obama may not be a bad word and why he may get re-elected:

    Soon, we will see The Nurse, which will talk about millions that will now have health insurance, despite pre-existing conditions. B4 y’all jump on me, I know we cannot afford it, and I know the Bill is flawed.

    But when you get insurance for the first time ever, who you gonna vote for?

    Do NOT discount this Administration.

  6. GOPwits says:

    In Savannah, Deal refused to debate Barnes. Said he wasn’t in the mood to debate today. WTF? He won’t release his tax returns. He’s under a federal grand jury investigation. He got rich serving in office. What in the hell?

  7. polisavvy says:

    At the risk of truly dating myself, I think that Connie Francis’ “Who’s Sorry Now” would have set the mood for the whole ad.

  8. Skyler Akins says:

    How has education got better under Perdue? How has Georgia got better under Perdue? What “results” have we gotten under Perdue? Our state is still in peril, in every area of Georgia government..

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