First Volley

Rassmussen reports Deal is up over Barnes. 51% to 42% with 3% for the other candidate and 3% undecided.

Barnes shoots back with his second ad:

This is the second ad to feature a generic iPad. Trying to look hip? Trying to get Erick’s endorsement? Looking to make a comeback from the political wilderness? There’s an app for that.


  1. View from Brookhaven says:

    I’m lost as to how we still had double-digit Undecideds on the day before the runoff…and now we’re at 3% in the general?

    • Provocateur says:

      Totally different batch of voter types polled. General Election voters far outnumber primary voters.

  2. The only thing productive that “Obama’s Boy Roy” is going to do for Georgia this election cycle is provide much needed ad revenue for Georgia media companies.

  3. seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

    Uh, I’m no Deal supporter by any means, but Barnes might to work on the last slogan in that ad, unless he thinks it actually doesn’t apply to him, too.

  4. I know that politics has become more of a measure of expertise in slinging mud or talking around an issue in such a way as to make us think it was actually discussed…but, it would be such a nice reprieve to actually hear someone raise an issue that Georgian’s face in our every day lives…and to then actually hear a solution we can actually ponder.

    But, since we generally don’t demand it…then it looks like more of the same Republicrat crap for November!

  5. NonPartisanGA says:

    Oh My Goodness,

    Both Roy Barnes and Eric Holder found out Nathan was ethically challenged just like Handel said. Before the runoff is even certified, Barnes nails the Real Deal on ethics. Is Roy playing dirty politics or just stating the facts like Karen was? As I said before the ethics stuff ain’t going away for Nathan or for that matter Casey. Sadly we chose the old guard instead of higher ethical bars that our entrenched leaders including Ralston fiercely resist. Now we have a nominee who is damaged goods going up against King Roy. I hope you Handel haters are happy. Predictions on whether there will be an indictment withing 60 days of the General Election? Just asking…

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      There won’t be. Some people have actually read the OCE report and aren’t using talking points like mindless drones.

        • AnyoneElse2010 says:

          Probably not a big percentage, but I don’t think that was the question that was asked. The question asked was whether there will be an indictment within 60 days of the General Election, and I am saying there won’t be. What percentage of the voters do you think are going to actually care? From this poll, and the final poll on the runoff election it looks like the greater majority will not.

          • Provocateur says:

            So, you are saying every federal jury meets and indicts every case that is brought before them?

          • Doug Grammer says:

            “The feds don’t waste their time”

            Have you looked at our federal government lately? The DOJ actually got convictions on the New Black Panther Party fiasco in PA, and they dismissed all of the charges before sentencing except for 1 or the 4 defendants named, and his charges were reduced.

            They waste plenty of time and tax dollars.

            BTW, do you really have a clue about “how far” they have gone?

              • Doug Grammer says:

                An indictment and a guilty verdict are two different things. BTW, what would be the charge(s)? Cite OCGA or the federal law. Saying he will be indicted because you don’t like him isn’t enough.

                • AubieTurtle says:

                  The Federal government’s conviction rate in the courtroom is somewhere in the mid to high 90% range. So while you are correct that an indictment is not the same as a guilty verdict, in the vast majority of the cases a person who is indicted by the feds will be convicted.

                  Of course since Deal hasn’t been indicted for anything at this point, he is far from being found guilty in a court of law. The court of public opinion however has much different rules. I suspect there will be a lot of activity in that realm.

    • Ambernappe says:


      Did you also know that the Georgia SOS website was judged the best SOS website in the US? The election will not be certified until the last vote is counted – might be interesting.

      • AubieTurtle says:

        That doesn’t say much for the Secretaries of State in the rest of the country. Last year when there was a locked fence between me and my polling place, I tried to report it on the SOS website. The form was broken with no way to report the error. A month later I went back to test the form and it was still broken. So it didn’t surprise me one bit when it turned out the whole site was found to be insecure and leaking out business owner information. And this is the office we put in charge of ensuring we have fair and secure elections? The problems with the SOS website were things that any first year student at DeVry would be able to fix.

        But hey, the front page of the site is pretty, so we have that going for us.

  6. Blog Goliard says:

    They pay people to come up with spots like this?

    I was all set to spill a whole bunch of pixels exploring the many and varied ways in which this spot is lame, tired, and deeply shallow. But I’ve wasted enough time online today, and ads in August rarely matter much anyhow.

    And life is short. Especially the weekend bits.

  7. TPNoGa says:

    I would say that Deal polling at 51% after a nasty primary where the GOP is supposed to be deeply divided and after lots of negative ads against him is pretty impressive.

    Barnes has recieved nothing but good press for weeks, shoot, the dem primary was a freaking tea party (forgive the pun). Barnes could not be in a better position, yet he only polls 42%? That’s not good. Deal and Handel were bashing each other constantly in a very negative campaign, and yet Deal polls 51%? Wow.

    What happened to all the bitter division. I guess that “unity” breakfast really packed a punch.

  8. chefdavid says:

    I look for the battle ground to be in Atlanta. Deal will bring up the flag. Barnes will counter with the ghetto grandma remark. Deal will come back with electing Barnes is electing Obama.Barnes will counter with the birther or the ethics. Or some third party orgs will bring this out while one of the candidates tries to take the high road. One thing for sure, a way to energize the base is to go negative. Just don’t go too neg or they will get turned off. If you can get your opposition to look like they are more negative while at the same time scaring them that they have to vote or they will get the evil other than you they will go out and vote. Just my 2 cents.

    • Chris says:

      Break 5% and maybe I’ll bother to look up who your candidate is.

      And don’t assume I’m backing the GOP this go around. While I don’t demand the 100% purity test the libertarians do, I do have some standards, and birthers with grand jury problems fall below those standards.

  9. center5 says:

    This IS a Rassmussen poll, so I have to take it with a grain of salt. Give me a M-D, PPP or similiar other poll then we’ll have a better idea where this race is starting at. Not saying Rass is wrong. But his polls do tend to start off a little out of sync with other polls only to sync towards the home stretch.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      I have much more faith in Rasmussen than I do PPP. You do know Public Policy Polling is a Democratic firm right? And not to mention that all of their 2010 polls are showing an electorate that looks similar to that of 2008.

      Everyone and their grandmother knows the electorate will not resemble what came out in 2008. Midterms never turn out that well.

  10. Bill Knowles says:

    It’s still way early, but I was reminded by a good friend that during the primary Deal’s opponents threw everything but the kitchen sink at him and he still got into the runoff then won it.

    Most Democrats are going to vote for Barnes, most Republicnas are going to vote for Deal. It’s that 6-7% that are in the middle that will make the difference.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      I think the middle ground is much bigger than 6 to 7%. Just because some of the middle ground voters think they know who they will vote for, they can still change their minds.

      • B Balz says:

        Which is why I think the pol ops need to be mindful that issue-based discussions will get more folks vote for their candidate.

        As stated, while I supported Rep. Deal in the primary, I am deeply concerned that a GOP executive branch and legislature are not usually best for the aanyone. If the race goes to ‘birtherism’ or some other such nonsense, I will not support Rep. Deal.

        I recall that Rep. Deal asked the question: “How do I answer those constituents that ask me about the Presidents citizenship?”

    • Mama_grizzly says:

      The goons of GRTL would support Bin Laden if he were running because he strongly opposes all abortion. The majority of voters in the primary run off did not care about ethics. The majority of voters in the general will..

  11. Mama_grizzly says:

    Need I remind you that candidates usually receive a bump when they secure their party’s nomination? Need I remind you that Handel was 9% ahead in the polls a week before the election?

    I am not buying the bullshi** that came from Deal’s campaign guy that they checked with the U.S. attorney that convened the grand juury and the DOJ attorney told him Deal was not the target at this time. The U.S. attorney is prohibited from discussing grand jury proceedings and Deal would have you believe that the DOJ attorney broke the law to inform him he was not the target. You people sure will believe anything.

    If Deal wins, the GOP controlled legislature will never change. The GOP needs to be stripped of control of the governor’s mansion just like the national GOP was stripped of the WhiteHouse. If Deal wins the abortion nazis in the GRTL will continue to grow in power.

    I think a Roy Barnes governship will do much good in regard to the good ole boy network. As far as re-districting, considering we have to have DOJ approval for any new lines, both sides will have to reach a compromise no matter who the governor is.

    My question to those that say they will support Deal – Will you still support him if he is indicted?

    • AnyoneElse2010 says:

      Yes because we live in a country where due process is the law. But it is a fictional answer to a fictional question because he will not be indicted. I have a question for you. Will you support him if he is cleared of all charges or if nothing is to come from the grand jury process?

      BTW if it is a dem. governor and a dem. justice dept. there will not have to be a lot of compromise. If any thing the justice department will just be pissed because the lines aren’t more gerrymandered. The Justice Dept. under the executive leadership of Obama, Holder, and Co. is a HUGE joke.

        • AnyoneElse2010 says:

          Not saying that at all. Did it look like I was mentioning their Justice Department in any of my post? Whether or not you believe it was a joke during their time has no impact on whether or not is a joke during Obama’s time.

      • Mama_grizzly says:

        There is always the Federal court system.

        no, I would not support Deal if he were not indicted. He is still unethical. If a Democrat had done the things Deal did, you would be screaming for charges to be filed and for ethics reform to be implemented. Instead it was a Republican and you nominated him and threw genuine ethics reform out the window when you nominated a candidate that is ethically challenged and will not support ethics reform..

    • Gary Cooper says:

      “I think a Roy Barnes governship will do much good in regard to the good ole boy network.”

      Obviously you weren’t around from 1999-2003. Roy Barnes exemplifies everything about the “good ole-boy” network. I understand your concerns about Deal, but don’t act like Barnes is some middle of the road candidate.

  12. Mama_grizzly says:

    What did the polls say 3 months out from the GOP primary? They all had the Oxster way out front and that all changed by the time the primary rolled around. The poll numbers did t start moving until 4 weeks out.

    Think about this. If only 10% of the Handel voters vote for Monds or Barnes then Barnes will win.. Barnes has about a 40 -45% base.

    • Doug Grammer says:

      If 10% of Sec. Handel’s vote voted for Monds there would be a run off because Gov. Barnes still won’t break 50% and Congressman Deal would win that run off. If 10% of Sec. Handel’s vote voted for Gov. Barnes, Gov. Barnes might have a chance at winning.

      I expect there will be some that will refuse to vote for Congressman Deal, but I expect that number to be more like between 2% and maybe 5% of Sec. Handel’s vote. There will be more voters in November to make up for that loss. I expect Congressman Deal to win without a run off. Gov. Barnes’s base is not as high as you think it is.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      Yeah those polls had Ox hovering between 20% and 30%, never a majority. And with GA election law, it doesn’t matter if 10% of Handel voters push the button for Monds or any other 3rd party candidate. If they do, that just forces the race into a runoff and I am pretty sure Deal wins that one handily.

  13. Mama_grizzly says:

    If Barnes hammers Deal on ethics and the birther issue, some Deal supporters would have second thoughts. If Deal is indicted, he should step down . There is no difference between the good ole boy network of Barnes and of the GOP. The difference is that under a Dem governor and a GOP controlled legislature, the good ole boy network will be dramatically diminished..

    Grammer, you may not have an issue in supporting unethical candidates but other voters will… You would not care if Deal were caught in bed with a dead woman or live man, you and others like you would still support Deal.

    • Doug Grammer says:


      If you are going to call me out, I’m usually going to respond. Your candidate lost. Quit crying. It’s boring. I trusted the will over the voters and they picked Congressman Deal. Sec. Handel still has some ethics charges pending, but I’ve never seen you call her unethical. If she had received the nomination, I would be backing her and you wouldn’t be calling her unethical. I find it funny that you trust her in all things except a call to support the nominee.

      You keep spouting stupid things like IF this and IF that (four “if’s” in your last post.), well, wake up and have a nice fresh glass of reality. They aren’t going to happen. Normally, I’d try to persuade you to try to vote for Congressman Deal. However, it’s obvious that you are not going to take your ball and go home, you are going to play for the other team. You are the epitome of a sore loser. Will you whine this much if Gov. Palin doesn’t get the nomination for 2012? Will you vote for President Obama?

      • Pine Knot says:

        Good points on all fronts DG. It’s the same logic some are using, that in part, got Obama elected.

  14. Mama_grizzly says:

    GC, you are assuming they would vote for Monds. I think when November comes around, they will vote for Barnes in order to stop the good ole boys.. I plan on voting for Barnes …

    • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

      I’d like to know more about where Barnes stands on the healthcare mandate before going that far. It takes effect in 2014, which means the last year of his term could be important in that regard.

      • Harry says:

        Most of us Handelistas are trying to stay focused on Ronald Reagan’s 80% rule. My one sore spot – can somebody assure me that Nathan Deal is no longer benefiting financially from the insider salvage title operation? That would make me feel a lot better.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          Asked and answered in another thread, but will answer again. When the State Department of Revenue threw safety out the window, Congressman Deal got out of the inspection business in August of 2009.

          • Mama_grizzly says:

            Deal did financially benefit from the no bid contract and used his Congressional office to try to protect it along with Cagle. The only reason he is not still is that Bart Graham did not cave in to Deal and Cagle’s wishes. I am most interested to see what Graham told the grand jury and if there were hidden tapes or paper trails…

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Step one, no contract so it wasn’t a no bid contract. (but I know what you mean.) Step two, If Lt. Gov. Cagel wanted something passed, he probably had the votes to get it passed. Step three, Congressman Deal e-mailed lt. Gov. Cagel’s office withdrawing any objections he had. Step four, Graham may go to jail or at least get fined for leaking Grand Jury proceedings. That is against the law. Paper trails are all over the report. Have you read it?

              I don’t like pulling long quotes from links, but in this case, I think it’s appropriate.

              “Representative Deal and his business partner maintain that although it was not in their
              financial interest to do so, at the third meeting they expressed to the Revenue Commissioner that the program should not be changed. They argued that any inspection should be conducted by state-employed and authorized inspectors to ensure the safety of drivers on Georgia roads. Representative Deal and his business partner stated that state
              inspectors are often former body shop workers or law enforcement personnel who have experience with vehicle safety specifications. They explained that they were concerned that inexperienced, private inspectors would jeopardize vehicle safety.

              The Revenue Commissioner stated that the vehicle inspection program never covered the safety of vehicles. He stated that the state inspectors’ only role was to grant title to salvaged cars; thus, their position was named “Salvage Title Inspectors.” These “Salvage Title Inspectors” examined the title of the vehicle, with a limited examination of the physical vehicle itself, to make proper title assessments. He further stated that his proposed elimination of state employed inspectors would not decrease vehicle
              safety because private inspectors would be required to receive accreditation from a “worldwide collision repair training” program and may, as a result, be even more qualified than previous inspectors.”

              He had the option to stay in the buiness and contiue to make money from it. He chose not to do so. If he was just all about the dollars as you seem to imply, why didn’t he keep inspecting?

      • Mama_grizzly says:

        I am very conservative and consider myself pro life even if GRTL does not. I am not supporting Palin for President.

        Handel was not supported by the good ole boy network in the GOP legislature trying to protect their little deals and opposed to true ethics reform like Deal was.

        If Deal would come out and really push strong ethics reform like I have seen mentioned, then he may get my vote. Deal is protecting the good ole boy network so real ethics reform will not be pushed. It appears the only way the good ole boy network will be dismantled is for them to lose control..

        • Pine Knot says:

          If you are very conservative you would not even consider voting for King Roy. If you were on the live chat the night of the run off you would have seen how supportive I would have been if Handel won. We do not need Roy Barnes in there especially in a year when our districts will get skewed again.

  15. hannah says:

    Polling is part of a comprehensive campaign strategy to promote candidates as celebrities (somebody that everyone’s talking about) and depress the opposition so voters who want to be “winners” won’t bother to vote for a “loser.” It’s a strategy that’s worked well with an uninformed electorate, especially when it’s been employed with a regular diet of talking points.
    If Republican political operatives put half as much effort into solving problems as they do massaging the message and the public perception, we wouldn’t have decades of mismanagement to contend with.
    Figurehead representatives wouldn’t be nearly as bad, if their strings weren’t being pulled by crooks. Nixon spoke true when he said, “I am not a crook.” What he left out was that the people in the basement of the White House were. And some of them (Roger Stone, Roger Ailes, Bob Odell, Charlie Black & Paul Manfort, for example) are with us still. Deprivation under cover of law is what they specialize in and the lie, which is not a crime unless you take an oath, is their main tool.

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