1. chefdavid says:

    Well the sky must be falling today. In Trenton, GA commissioners announces a special called meeting to discuss the millage rate and an ordinance allowing Beer and Wine sales in Restaurants. I am sure the churches are already meeting at such dens of the devil at lunch today in Chattanooga as Chili’s, Applebees and the such.
    I plan on speaking for it if given the chance. This argument is going to be funny as Trenton allows Beer and Wine sales in stores. I am sure the thumpers wil be out in force in those who are fer it will be very few in numbers. It is very easy to be active against something.

  2. John Konop says:

    School chief candidates:

    The truth is we must cross utilize facilities and instructors between 7-12 and College/Voc-Tech schools. If we do not breakdown the walls and have both groups work together and reduce the budget this way the quality of education will spiral downward.

    The honest truth is the state will even have less money this year than last. We have an 18 billion dollar unfunded healthcare liability for state workers and close to 500 million that was a one time gain to balance the budget this year.

    We have to look at the following areas to make sure we do not cut anymore teachers.

    1) 20 % reduction in high paid administrators over a 100k
    2) All non core education extra activities paid by fund raisers and or parents
    3) A fuel fee for buses
    4) Raising lunch cost
    5) Using community volunteers for office and classroom aids
    6) Using technology to teach more on-line classes
    7) Look for revenue opportunities for facilities not in use ie colleges, JC, Vo-Tech……
    8) Use faculty from colleges and Vo-Tech schools in high schools and or campuses to shorten school time and create tax payers sooner
    9) Eliminate math 123 which is draining resources and creating massive issues in the schools
    10) Re-adjust the retirement plan to index based a life expectancy. If we do not do this any honest person who knows the math will tell you that many of you will have NO healthcare retirement at all!

    The above is just a few ideas. But we are all kidding ourselves if whoever takes the job does not realize that we must improve the system with limited resources. I realize the tough medicine I am proposing will make all sides mad but I challenge anyone to tell me how else we will deal with the shortage of funds while improving the system?

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