Into the Briar Patch

Democrats claim they wanted Nathan Deal all along. We know that’s crap. They wanted Oxendine.

National Democrats privately said they had preferred Deal as the GOP nominee, believing him to be the weaker general election candidate because of his vulnerabilities introduced by the ethics probe.

I suspect the Deal team will have fun reciprocating the Rat.


  1. John Konop says:

    I agree this is one of the key points of the election.

    ……Longtime Georgia Republican strategist Mark Rountree, who wasn’t working for either gubernatorial candidate, cautioned that Barnes can’t make the ethics problems germane to just Republicans.
    “He has to almost argue that Deal is a unique situation,” said Rountree.

    “Is this an actual anti-incumbent year or anti-Democrat year — this is a good state to use to figure that out,” said Rountree. “If it ends up being [an] anti-Democrat year, Republicans will be fine.”…….

  2. bowersville says:

    If this contract has been going on for 20 years, Barnes was Governor just 8 years ago. So the contract was out there during Barnes time in office.

    How does Barnes work it in without taking on some of the responsibility?

  3. Jason Heyward for President says:

    I definitely think the democrats would have rather had Oxendine, but they probably knew there wasn’t any chance of that actually happening. Out of the serious contenders (Deal, Handel, Johnson) Deal should be the easiest to run against.

  4. griftdrift says:

    Here’s the fun thing about links. You can click through and read the whole thing!

    Which if you do, you will see that the context is the Democrats preferred Deal to……Handel. No mention of Oxendine because we had a little thing called a runoff. Something, sadly for most, John missed out on.

    But hey.

    No context is one of Erick’s favorite tricks! And we all know tricks are for kids.

    • bowersville says:

      John missed out on? Are you talking about John Konop?

      The Rountree quote is from page two. I guess John read page two without clicking through. How do you do that John?

      • John Konop says:


        I read the post at politico and just thought that what Mark Rountree said made a lot of sense. I saw a poll showing that people are not any happier with the GOP than the Dems in the HOUSE.

        That is why this will be a very interesting election in very RED Georgia. I will bet Barnes will try to paint Deal into a corner as being part of Washington corrupt culture that created the mess. And Deal will try to make Barnes look like an out of control spender tied to Obama, which will be real tricky since Deal voted for must of the bills that created the problem, and Barnes was not in Congress. If Barnes pulls this off in RED Georgia in this economy than we all know that people are really pissed at the HOUSE in Washington no matter what party.

        Get out the popcorn!

        • bowersville says:

          That’s an interesting strategy. It’s a tightrope for Barnes to walk and IMHO it will still need several miss-ques from the Deal camp for Barnes to pull it off.

  5. Ron Daniels says:

    There has been a lot of talk about this contract. Show it to us. Show us where Deal did something wrong. I haven’t seen the alleged contract. Where is it? Why hasn’t it been paraded out?

    This isn’t Law and Order – simply saying “there was a contract” won’t suffice like saying “And where is the body? Your honor the defense calls it’s next witness . . . the supposedly deceased Jane Doe!” This isn’t courtroom drama soap opera time. If Deal did something wrong, there would be a record of it. It’s put up or shut up time.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Sounds an awful lot like “NO! It’s 23% not 30%. You’re all wrong and I’m right. 23 23 23 23!!!!! Stop saying 30%, it’s not 30%. Anyone who thinks it is 30% is wrong.”

      “If Deal did something wrong, there would be a record of it.”

      Seriously? Deal aside, in general when people do something wrong, they don’t like for there to be a paper trail. This is about improper use of influence which pretty much by its nature doesn’t leave a record.

      In the end however I doubt that this is going to damage Deal all that much. Like someone said in a post a few days ago, corruption just really doesn’t bother the voters of Georgia that much. Unless he was photographed with his hand in the Little League fund raising jar, file this deal under pols will be pols.

    • redrock says:

      Ron – when did you become a facts guy? I thought you were a “spew baseless rumors” type. Good to see the change.

      • Provocateur says:

        Ron has been the most surprising front page poster of this whole site: He does historical research and presents it pretty well.

        The Spew Baseless Rumors Club has the following dues-paid members: Erick, Icarus, & Chris.

    • Doug Deal says:

      Try reading this article, Ronald.

      Agreement with state benefits Deal’s firm

      In it you will see such gems as:

      U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal, a Republican candidate for governor in 2010, personally intervened with Georgia leaders to preserve an obscure state program that earns his company nearly $300,000 a year.

      Deal on three occasions in the past year and a half met with state Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham to question proposed changes Graham wanted to make in the way Georgia inspects rebuilt salvaged vehicles. Deal coordinated his efforts through the office of a political ally, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

      Also, Deal’s chief of staff used his congressional e-mail account to contact Georgia Senate and Revenue Department staff to discuss the plans and to set appointments for Deal to meet with officials, including Cagle.

      But veteran legislators of both parties said it is unusual to be lobbied by congressmen on issues that affect their personal businesses.

      One does not need a contract to get a special perk from the state. You just need to be designated an approved station. Deal arranged for his place in Gainesville to be the closest approved station to Atlanta. Read the article and tell me this is something other than a perk given to the politically powerful.

  6. Georgia Judge says:

    I know facts are a stubborn thing but hay they are what they are:
    1.There was NO contract,period end of story.
    2.There was never a payment to not only Deal’s company but to none of them from the state,no taxpayer money,nothing.Those having vehicles inspected wrote a check to the state for the State Inspector and a seperate check to the facility owner for use of the facility .

    The real story here is now that Graham ended the inspections process,how safe are our highways with approximately 15-20 THOUSAND NON-INSPECTED VEHICLES ON THE ROAD.

  7. Skyler Akins says:

    Oxendine was the Corruption Commissioner, and Nathan Deal is the Corruption Congressman. Nathan Deal might be the first Governor to be indicted by a Federal Grand Jury, and there is no way anyone can deny that he improperly used his Congressional Office, and staff, to keep his crony salvage business running without a bid on the contract by the state, under the sanction of Casey Cagle. He’s being investigated by the Georgia Ethics Commission: and we all know he might face federal Grand Jury indictment on Public Corruption charges because of this:
    ..which state:
    NATURE OF THE ALLEGED VIOLATION: Representative Nathan Deal and his business partner own Recovery Services, Inc. a/k/a Gainesville Salvage & Disposal (“GSD”), located in Gainesville, Georgia. GSD is a regional vehicle salvage station that was formerly authorized by the state of Georgia to facilitate inspections of damaged vehicles before they were sold or driven.
    In 2008 and 2009, Representative Deal and a member of his Congressional staff contacted and met with Georgia state officials related to contemplated state action on the vehicle inspection program. Further, on his 2009 Financial Disclosure Statement (covering calendar year 2008), Representative Deal listed unearned GSD “Dividends” income (unearned “Partnership Income” on an amended form) from $50,001 to $100,000.
    How much more crony AND corrupt can you get? This man belongs in prison!

              • Referring to Skyler’s incomprehensible understanding of the articles he just referenced, Doug says: “Skyler = no reading comprehension.”

                In trying to “burn” Doug back, Skyler says:
                “Doug, You’re the one with the reading comprehension my friend.” (Get it; he misspoke again trying to get Doug back?) It just sounded funny to me.

                At least I didn’t say: “Screw Nathan Deal. I hope he has a heart attack,” as someone on your side (“your side” meaning people like you two who never miss an opportunity to malign an honorable man based on innuendo and your chosen candidate’s slanderous campaign materials) said in a recent PP post calling for unity. (Konop did rightly condemn that statement by the way.)

                However, if I crossed the line I apologize. It was a silly line from a very silly movie and I guess it didn’t go over well.

                • bowersville says:

                  You did, let’s move on. Skyler adds to the conversation and the rest of us will decide the merits.

                  Polite counter arguments are more productive at this point.

                  • Skyler Akins says:

                    Thanks guys, I like to think we’re all adults here and can have a discussion about the issues facing our state, and how to move forward. It’s so simple to make a personal attack, or call me names when you have no intellectual merits to go on.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I never said that Sklyer shouldn’t post.


                      Please go to the link you proved:


                      and tell us all about guilt or innocence on page 22 under conclusions. I also ask you to go to exhibit 15, the last page of the PDF and tell us what it says.

                      If Congressman Deal belongs in prison, please tell us under what charge and cite OCGA so we can look it up as well. You want to discuss intellectual merit of statements, so let’s do that. When you can’t find a law he is even accused of breaking, will you own up to the fact Congressman Deal doesn’t belong in jail?

                      My comment was made to show that Sklyer didn’t know what he was talking about in some areas. Let’s see if he can comprehend the areas I’ve asked him to look at for us. It’s not a personal attack, it’s a statement of truth. For it to be a personal attack, I could have called him ugly which would have had nothing to do with the issues. I am investigating how well he looked at the document he want us to accept his interpretation of.

                    • Skyler Akins says:

                      It’s well known that Nathan messed his taxes up, among other things.
                      How does it make you feel that a blackberry, email account, congressional staff, and computer that your taxes pay for were used to set up un-official meetings for a sitting Member of Congress’ personal business. That is just the beginning.
                      Page 23, Speaking of his “misreported” taxes:
                      69. The OCE does not take a position on Representative Deal’s motivations for inserting himself into discussions of potential modifications to a state vehicle inspection program.
                      However, during operation of the previous vehicle inspection system, Representative Deal received a significant financial benefit as a GSD partner and corporate officer. It is
                      undisputed that as a “public servant,” Representative Deal took active steps to preserve a purely state program, one that had generated financial benefit for Representative Deal and his business partner. Further, while taking these steps, Representative Deal used
                      resources of the House of Representatives.
                      70. The OCE reviews the facts as presented at the time of review and does not take a position on whether Representative Deal’s income from GSD was mistakenly reported as earned
                      income since 2006 on his federal income taxes. The evidence before the Board is that Representative Deal characterized his income from GSD as wages on his tax return and,
                      by contrast, as unearned “Dividends” or unearned “Partnership Income” on his Financial Disclosure Statements. This inconsistency, as of the end of the second-phase review and Board vote, has not been resolved.
                      The FBI calls this misuse of public funds, and public corruption, Doug.

                    • Skyler Akins says:

                      These “gaffes” on taxes, as you’re attempting to point out on page 22 from his CPA about Deal, are exactly what they’re going after Charlie Rangel for too, the only difference is Nathan Deal resigned from Congress before they could take official action on him. However, Rangel is in trouble for, among other things, using the US House letterhead to solicit money for his School of Public Service, which pales in comparison to Nathan Deal, who used the entire resources of his Congressional Office, and influence/relationships with state officials to line his pockets.

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      So you agree that Congressman Deal filed 75K worth of income as earned income instead of passive income, and he has the right to amend his tax report.

                      It is not in the same league as where Rep. Rangel failed to report rental income from vacation property in the Dominican Republic and to report more than $600,000 in assets on his congressional financial disclosure statements , he financed the purchase of the property with an interest-free loan from a campaign backer who is also a politically active lawyer. “It turns out Rangel had a credit union account worth at least $250,000 and maybe as much as $500,000 — and didn’t report it. He had investment accounts worth about the same, which he also didn’t report. Ditto for three pieces of property in New Jersey. “Beyond that, we’ve learned that Rangel has failed to report assets totaling more than $1 million on legally required financial disclosure forms going back to at least 2001.

                      Congressman Deal is not accurately compared to be in the same league as Rangel. Not by a long shot.

                      How do I feel about Chris Riley sending an e-mail? I’m not bothered by it at all as when you look in the report and see on page 133-134 he was doing consistent services in setting up the first meeting. I disagree that it was just personal business. That is your OPINION.

                      On points 69 and 70, they equal no finding of guilt or innocence. Going back to your failure of reading comprehension, there were no “public funds” in play. These funds were from private corporations or individuals paid to inspect salvaged vehicles. The pilot program was started almost 20 years ago, and there is/was no contract. It was an at will arrangement with the state and the inspection stations. There were no tax funds involved and there was no corruption. If you look at the three meeting that occurred, the only discussed to continuation of the program at the third meeting, and the focus was the lack of the Georgia Revenue Department’s lack of concern for public safety. Deal could have continued the inspection business, but stopped in August of 2009 because of the lack of focus on safety.

                      Try again.

                      Your second post in nothing but smoke and mirrors with no facts to back it up. I’ve already given you a better tatste of what Rep. Rangel is really up against. Learn what you are talking about.

                      Do better.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    The Dems preference would have been McBerry, Oxendine and Deal in that order. Handel would have given Barnes the toughest fight. We also would not be left wondering if she would be indicted in an “October Surprise” by an Obama Justice Department.

    Somehow I don’t think Gibbs made an innocent comment. I think he inadvertantly tipped off what they had planned. I sure hope nothing happens and there is no technicality that they can indict on. They won’t care that Deal is innocent. They will look for political points to be made and bragging rights for the Obama Administration in an otherwise horrible day for Dems.

    “In response, Gibbs said Deal’s stance on the president’s background “might be some of the least of (Deal’s) concerns — in terms of some ethics investigations that are currently ongoing.”

    • Bugs Dooley says:

      If an ‘October surprise’ comes, what recourse does the GOP have? Isn’t Nathan Deal’s name pretty much confirmed on the November ballot, just like Kathy Cox was in the Primary?

      And another hypothetical: if the surprise comes not in October but after Deal is elected Governor and they implicate Cagle for his involvement too, does that leave us with Ralston? Not sure of the succession line for Governor.

      • Lady Thinker says:

        As I recall, the gubernatorial line of succession for the majority of states is:

        (1) The Lieutenant Governor;
        (2) The elected Attorney General;
        (3) The elected Secretary of State;
        (4) The elected Comptroller;
        (5) The elected Treasurer;
        (6) The President of the Senate;
        (7) The Speaker of the House of Representatives.

        I don’t recall Georgia’s specifics at the moment.

  9. bowersville says:

    The “October Surprise” is a conspiracy theory.

    Had David Axelrod said what Gibbs said, you might have something.

    It’s politics to create doubt. I believe at least the US House will be controlled by the GOP come January. Can you imagine the heyday the US House committees that have jurisdiction in such matters under GOP control would have if there was a conspiracy? No way.

    Gibbs was playing politics, that’s why he’s hushed up and said no more comments on the Deal matter.

  10. macho says:

    With a big spotlight on Charlie Rangle and Maxine Waters, I’m worried to think what a Democratic controlled DOJ might do as a counterbalance.

  11. Glen Ross says:

    This is nonsense. Deal was the strongest candidate against Barnes all along and they know it. They would have said that no matter who we nominated.

  12. Georgia Judge says:

    Some of the commenters on this blog need to remember the old adage……’s better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone think your stupid than open it and confirm you are.

    October surprise???? It’s more like November no surprise Deal wins,Cagle wins and R’s run the table.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    You know what Georgia Judge? Considering Obama uses Chicago style politics, it is really stupid not to at least consider that possiblity and be prepared for it. If you choose to keep your head buried in the sand, that is your business, but do not criticize others that don’t do the same.

    If I remember correctly, the term October surprise first surfaced in 2000…

  14. debbie0040 says:

    If Deal were smart, he would come with a really though ethics plan similar to what Dick Morris proposed and also add no state contracts for legislators, Congressmen, and state wide office holders. It would blunt what Barnes would throw at him and may would bring Libertarians and others back that would be voting Monds.

    • I think if the Republicans had nominated someone that believes in smaller government, less spending and lower taxes like the Republicans *say* they do, then perhaps more Republicans might be interested in voting for Deal. However, it appears that John Monds is really the only candidate who has been talking about those things since the beginning of the race.

      • Blog Goliard says:

        Been talking about them…but it remains to be seen if he really knows how to best put such principles into action.

        I listened to Monds this morning on the radio, and frankly was disappointed. Does he really think provoking a 21st century Nullification Crisis should be a top priority for the next governor of Georgia? I’m sympathetic to his candidacy and his cause, I really am…but he’s going to have to be much sharper before he earns my vote.

        • Nullifying a federal law isn’t quite the same as seceding from the union. (Like that Republican candidate McBerry wanted to do…) If the states don’t keep the federal government in check, who will? Mexico?

    • B Balz says:

      I don’t think that anyone is going to seriously change any of it:

      Sloppy record keeping, lavish venues, and frankly, it is largely legit. Who would fete a ‘legislator of the year’ at a Holiday Inn?

      AJC got another subtle ‘hit’ piece in there, furthering the image of a fat and corrupt GOP. Not necessarily a true image in any way, and I don’t believe the GOP is either fat or corrupt, but that is the message.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        Lobbyist continue to spend money on legislators, try to influence legislation…like to hold meetings in nice areas instead of in a cow fields or public housing projects, news at 11. In other news, tress are still considered plant life and give off oxygen.

        • Provocateur says:

          Trees should stop “giving” away anything and start selling their oxygen. Perhaps there needs to be a new union formed for the trees to fight for their rights.

          • analogkid says:

            According to classic rock, the trees did form a union at one point:

            “There is unrest in the forest,
            There is trouble with the trees,
            For the maples want more sunlight
            And the oaks ignore their pleas.

            The trouble with the maples,
            (And they’re quite convinced they’re right)
            They say the oaks are just too lofty
            And they grab up all the light.
            But the oaks can’t help their feelings
            If they like the way they’re made.
            And they wonder why the maples
            Can’t be happy in their shade.

            There is trouble in the forest,
            And the creatures all have fled,
            As the maples scream “Oppression!”
            And the oaks just shake their heads

            So the maples formed a union
            And demanded equal rights.

            “The oaks are just too greedy;
            We will make them give us light.”
            Now there’s no more oak oppression,
            For they passed a noble law,
            And the trees are all kept equal
            By hatchet, axe, and saw.”

  15. jppaa says:

    I always thought Karen and Ox would do poorly in South Georgia, but Karen did surprisingly well in South Georgia in the runoff, and Ox did well in South Georgia during the primary (the only area where he actually won some counties). This is because name ID is so important there, I think Nathan will be able to win because of his relatively positive name ID and Roy’s negative name ID. As far as metro Atlanta: Cobb, Gwinnett, and North Fulton aren’t going blue anytime soon, Nathan will by default carry a lot of votes there because of the R by his name. From there, he will absorb coastal Georgia GOP votes that went to Johnson and Chapman in the primary, then went Karen’s way in the runoff. The 9th will be well rested and ready to come out in big numbers for Nathan like they did in the primary. The Republicans had a big turnout at the polls for primary and runoff days, this is a strong indicator of the anti-Democrat sentiment that exists. The ethics with Nathan won’t play as big of a factor as one may think, Roy has his fair share of baggage too. I see Nathan winning 55%-45%, and maybe a little less, but nonetheless, the GOP fairs well in GA.

  16. hugoblacksupreme says:

    Having the Rep. win be default or because there is an anti Dem. sentiment does not make me feel any better about Georgia or the job the Rep. have done in this state. It actually makes me question the Rep. party more. If you know you have the ability to win elections just because you are an Rep. why don’t you make the changes to fix the State? It’s not like you will get booted out of office!

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Fix the state? Arguably a GOP that has controlled both the General Assembly and Governor’s mansion for the past six years broke it. You’re right though, it’s not like the GOP will get b0oted out of office.

  17. Mama_grizzly says:

    This Handel supporter will vote a split ticket in November. I can not vote for a crook like Deal. I will vote Monds, Carol Porter and the rest GOP. I will vote for Sen Rogers Democratic opponent. Chip Rogers used to fight hard for conservative values but after he became Senate Majority leader, he became Casey Cagle’s eunuch.

    I do think Deal will be indicted and when he is I ask you join me in sending thank you cards to GRTL and the elected officials that endorsed a corrupt politician. When they endorsed Deal, they endorsed corruption.

    I also hope the tea parties will be smart enough not to endorse Deal because of the ethics investigation. It will diminish their influence if they endorse someone and he is then indicted..

    As far as I am concerned the abortion Nazis in Georgia Right To Life and the good ole boy system in the legislature had an intregal role in the nomination of a corrupt politician for Governor, so they can get him elected and deal with the after-math if they don’t.

    The national GOP did not change course until after they lost the Whitehouse. You can say whatever you want to, but the election of Obama was the b est thing that happened to conservatives and the GOP. If we truly want the GOP good ole boy system dismantled in the legislature, then the GOP needs to lose the Governor’s mansion.

    The GOP legislature deserves Roy Barnes. Also if no candidate receives 50% plus one there is a runoff so scare tactics won’t work on me.

    The odds are that the GOP w ill control the legislature and will draw the new district lines . It is important to make sure Sam Olens is elected as Attorney General so he can take the new district lines to federal court when the Obama Justice Department rejects them.

    • Bugs Dooley says:

      That’s pretty much how I was planning to vote, except I will also split on PSC and vote for the Libertarian or Dem. As ticked off as I am at the current commissioners, it wouldn’t bother me at all to send someone to be a thorn in their side, and I certainly can’t bring myself to vote for Tim Echols.

      If a website ever goes up for the Libertarian LG candidate, I might also consider a vote for her. But I need more to go on then just a name and a party affiliation.

  18. Blog Goliard says:

    Y’know, when it comes to Nathan Deal and the corruption allegations, I don’t like the smell I’m picking up. And when an elected officeholder is doing business with the government, I come pretty close to presuming a man’s guilty until proven otherwise. (I’m a private citizen, not a court of law, so I’m perfectly entitled to presume whatever I like.)

    But I’m willing to be persuaded otherwise. If it’s clear to me on Election Day that the allegations are coming to nothing, and that the grand jury has no interest in Deal, I might just find myself willing to vote for him. Otherwise, my decision comes down to Barnes or Monds.

    I will note, for the benefit of any of the pro- or anti-Deal zealots out there who might have an interest in actually persuading the persuadable rather than lecturing to them, that I look more favorably on those who are willing to admit that they don’t know for absolute certain what lines may have been crossed or what laws may have been broken…and who express a willingness to eat crow if their hunches are later proven wrong.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Deal indisputably had a sweetheart deal with state government, and used his Congressional office and political crony Cagle in an attempt to preserve to it. It remains to be seen if Deal is even indicted, let alone convicted. The foregoing actions were unethical by common standards if not law. The legal ethical standard is certainly relevant, but what does it say about GOP values, integrity and principles, that when power is at stake the GOP defense for unethical behavior is that the behavior didn’t violate any law? (Answer: Non-codified values, integrity and principles will be sacrificed as necessary to maintain power.)

  19. rightofcenter says:

    See the unity thing isn’t working out on some of you.

    But I must say that the indictment predictions do baffle me – please explain to me anything that Nathan Deal did that was illegal? Remember that unethical and illegal are two different things.

    • Blog Goliard says:

      That’s a fair point. Far too many people are too quick to fantasize about their least favorite politicos being jailed for…um…well, they’re bad people, certainly they belong in jail!

      So long as you don’t hesitate to acknowledge that it’s perfectly right to shun someone based on unethical behavior, no matter how legal it may have been.

    • Bugs Dooley says:

      I don’t like unethical behavior, and I also don’t like Deal (and Ox) hijacking the primary election to be about who can accuse the other candidate, in the nastiest way possible, of being soft on gays or abortion. The latter is actually the least forgivable, since it reflects badly on the whole party and not just the nominee, but either reason is enough for him to not get my vote in the first go-round.

  20. Bloodhound says:

    It amazes me that so many folks have drank the Soros Kook-Aid.

    People that claim to be conservative and then claim they plan on voting for Monds?!?! Simply put, the values do not fit the equation.

    Deal will beat Barnes like a rented mule despite the Milquetoast republicans who keep willingly carrying the “Deal is corrupt” water for the democrats.

    • Bloodhound – define “conservative”. I’ve seen so many different opinions that the term has become muddied. John is for smaller government, less spending and lower taxes. He doesn’t believe the government should be our parents via a nanny state. That’s the same type of ideals I hear many conservatives say they want. But it’s not what Nathan Deal’s record reflects.

      • Bloodhound says:

        David- I am of the opinion that the Republican Party has suffered a taint from listening too much to the left side of the party and, to some extent, the libertarians. BTW, I prefer to call them ‘liberalitarians’ due their penchant to left leaning on social issues to the point of espousing near anarchist themes.

        Smaller government can be a good thing if the ‘smaller’ part of it is the part that doles out money to charity cases or is the part that restricts fair trade, manufacturing and commerce, etc.

        To write a treatise on what ‘conservatism’ means to me would take quite a few words but suffice it to say that I believe that elected GOP officials have failed us in the past due to their willingness to float left in search of acceptability. We need to veer back to the right, both socially and fiscally.

        We should make no excuse for the move.

        We dub the position “Right” for a reason!

        • seenbetrdayz, Ph.D. says:

          I prefer to call them ‘liberalitarians’ due their penchant to left leaning on social issues to the point of espousing near anarchist themes.

          I don’t know if you’ve been watching lately, but the left is anything but anarchist.

    • Bloodhound says:

      griftdrift, I don’t know if ‘mama_grizzly’ and “Bugs Dooley” are libertarians or not. I do know that they stated above that they were Handel supporters who are going to vote for Monds due to the Soros backed groups ploy against Rep. Deal.

      NOW, you’ve heard everything. (Well, probably not.)

  21. Mama_grizzly says:

    I am a conservative both fiscally and socially. We hear much talk in 2002 on Roy Barnes and the good ole boys. they were replaced with Sonny Perdue and the GOP good ole boys. Ethics is a big issue with me, hence my support for Monds.

    I said I was voting GOP except for Governor and Lt. Governor. Why would you think I was Libertarian? I think Monds is the best candidate now. I am not playing the game the GOP plays about the Barnes Boogy Man and how you just have to vote someone ethically challenged like Deal and Cagle. I am willing to sacrifice the Governor and Lt. governor to get rid of the GOP good ole boys.

    If neither Deal, Monds or Barnes receive 50% plus 1 we will have a runoff. I can see if Deal is indicted that Monds would be in the runoff instead of “Let’s Make a Deal” Deal.

  22. Bloodhound says:

    You were having problems with the ‘good ole boys’ SonnyDo and yet you were supporting Handel, his hand picked predecessor?

    I’m not sure I follow the logic but perhaps your handle lends a clue?

    “If Deal is indicted”?!? Indicted for what? There is no evidence, no charges and no pending investigation. Specifically, what do you anticipate that he will be indicted for?

    As I stated previously, George Soros is laughing his rear end off!

  23. Mama_grizzly says:

    There is a grand jury investigation over that meeting that the AJC reported. I believe the Deal campaign lied when they said the U.S. Attorney told them they were not investigating Deal. It is against the law to discuss grand jury proceedings. Who else would they be investigating? If Deal is indicted, you guys will have to eat a lot of crow and I told you so..

    I oppose Lt. Gov Cagle and the legislature good ole boy network. They are just as bad as the Barnes good ole boy network. Pretty bad when Senate leadership threatens to take away legislature parking spots if they don’t vote for tax increases. I don’t l ike the whole culture at the legislature now. We traded in Democratic thugs and corruption for GOP thugs and corruption..

  24. Mama_grizzly says:

    This past campaign was nasty. Deal supporters attacked people that supported Handel. GRTL sent out an email saying if you were a true Christian, then you had to vote for Deal. Other Deal supporters emailed Handel supporters them telling them they were not true Christians if they voted for Handel. Deal might not have condoned that behavior, but he has not done a thing to condemn it so he must have approved of it.

    If you guys think we are all just going to fall in l ine and vote for Deal because he is not Roy Barnes, you think again. There is much damage to be undone and Deal has not even begun to address it.

    The national GOP shaped up when they lost the Whitehouse, the GA GOP will shape up when they are faced with Gov Barnes.

    • B Balz says:

      Tis a long way to November.

      Vent, get it off your mind, do what ever cathartic exercises work for you to restore your inner calm. Studies show deep breathing, aerobics, or low impact, whole body exercise like swimming, rowing work well. Less caffeine, more fiber.

      Typing, not so much…………….

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