The Georgia Republican Party is calling for it. The Republicans have a nominee in Nathan Deal and now want to unite and take out King Roy. The runoff turned pretty cutthroat but it’s time to lick our wounds and roll our sleeves up in the name of keeping a Republican majority in Georgia, right?

It probably isn’t that easy, nor should it be.

I’ve been called “Baby Killer” and a gay sympathizer since primary night for supporting Karen. I’ve had people tell me that she has no business running in a Republican election and that support for her is contrary to a belief in Jesus Christ, even though Karen is openly Christian. I tend to not hold candidates to their crazed supporters but I must admit that it angered me. In fact, I placed signs for Karen Handel and Tom Graves for 7 hours Monday night only to have a text message the next morning telling me that Handel signs were being torn down left and right (I realize this happens in campaigns but my time is valuable to me). This runoff has been long and tiring for many. In order for Deal to get the support of die-hard “Handelistas”, some time and nurturing will be required.

All that aside, Nathan Deal cannot run a campaign on national issues (abortion, illegal immigration, Nancy Pelosi is evil, etc.) and expect to take out Roy Barnes. It may work in a Republican runoff, but it won’t in the General. I watched the news election night and noticed Roy’s event. He kept talking about Education, Transportation, Water, the Budget, issues that are directly connected to state politics and issues that the next governor has to tackle. Deal must deal with these issues if he expects to beat Barnes.

Make no mistake, the GAGOP now has 2 candidates from the same county at the top of the ticket. Both have ethics issues facing them. Roy Barnes and Carol Porter now have the ability to tag team and hammer the GAGOP on ethics, and they will. Any shot that Republicans have at maintaining control of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor seats will come down to out-politicking the Dems on STATE issues.

The truth is, we have had 8 years of Republican control in Georgia and still have budget, education, transportation, and water problems. Republicans must find a way to convince that “squishy middle” we talk about to vote for them. I believe Georgia is conservative, but more to the center-right. I think we represent a national thought process. Voters in the General aren’t going to tolerate the status quo. True unity needs to happen behind a candidate who knows GEORGIA. Deal must deal with that. Only then will he get the support he needs to win the Governor’s seat.



  1. ZazaPachulia says:

    You’re right, Tyler. They’ve got their work cut out for them. I’m a Republican. Have been my entire voting life (albeit, that’s only 10 years). I’ve never voted for a Democrat for Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senate or Congress.

    However, if the general were tomorrow, I would vote for Barnes, Porter, Keith Moffett (PSC, not Tim Echols) and a straight Republican ticket on the other down ballot races. I don’t think I’m the only one who falls into this category.

  2. Mike says:

    Im a moderate republican. I supported Scott before he dropped out. Handel from then on. Deal was my congressman, and I cannot and will not support him for governor. I will be voting for Barnes and probably see about working for him… And before the libertarians get on here, Monds is not qualified to be governor. Maybe he should run for county commission.

    • Red Phillips says:

      “I’m a moderate republican. I supported Scott before he dropped out. Handel from then on.”

      Really? You’re a moderate, and you supported Handel? I’m shocked! Funny how all the moderates supported that rock-ribbed conservative Handel isn’t it? At least we were told repeatedly that she was an across-the-board conservative weren’t we? And I seem to recall being told that any suggestion otherwise was a slur.

  3. Red Phillips says:

    Relax Tyler. The Republicans are going to crush the Dems in every statewide race. It is all about the turnout. Look which party turned them out for the primary. 2010 is going to be a referendum on Obama, and that bodes well for the GOP and not so well for the Dems.

    • Primaries and generals are two totally different scenarios. Barnes had it in the bag… there was no reason for the Dems to waste their time going to the polls. However, you’ve also got to consider the number of R’s that are anti-Deal as well as the number of independents who will not vote for him either. I think November is going to be another close one. Hopefully not as close as last night.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        I agree. Wwhat primary ballot would independent or swing voters have picked in July? The Dem ballot without the attention of a close race at the top, and not much going on competition-wise downballot—only one runoff out of the whole bunch, or the GOP ballot with significant competition in most every office and the GOP likely to take most statewide races come November?

  4. eschristian says:

    I agree Tyler & ZazaPachulia & Mike – except I am looking at libertarian or other 3rd party candidates to fill those votes at top of ticket.

    I just cannot vote for unethical corrupt politicians even if they have an (R) behind their name – sorry GOP – screwed this one up – elections have consequences – first Obama & now here in GA a big huge mess!!!

  5. “True unity needs to happen behind a candidate who knows GEORGIA. Deal must deal with that. Only then will he get the support he needs to win the Governor’s seat.”

    So, your idea of “unity” is that we move toward you? Do you think that maybe, maybe, the state is more conservative than you believe?

    This is like Democrats when the GOP wins nationally, they tell us that we now must be “bipartisan” but when they win, it is a mandate and that we should roll over.

    No one should claim that Handel, you, or anyone else who professes faith in Christ aren’t acting in accordance with what you believe to be right. However, two campaigns laid out a platform for the Primary Runoff, and Nathan Deal won the debate of ideas.

    Maybe, just maybe, you can give him credit for knowing what he is doing. If not, go back and read the Rasmussen polls you guys dismissed routinely.


    • Tyler says:

      What I’m saying is that in order for Republicans to win a GENERAL election, they must focus on REAL. Deal? issues rather than rely on outcry against Obama to place them in office. I’m not a liberal and am probably center-right. I consider myself conservative, but so many have their own definition of it that the word is almost moot now.

      • polisavvy says:

        In my opinion, the candidates should have never strayed from the real issues facing this State. The negativity from both camps should have been replaced with positivity for Georgia.

      • Jace Walden says:


        That’s where you’re wrong. In Georgia, party identity is EVERYTHING. It’s the be-all-end-all. Doesn’t matter about the issues being discussed. What matters is the letter beside the name on the ballot. Period. You can disagree all you want or wish it away, but I doubt you can provide one example to prove it false.

        Republicans will line up behind their man and will come out in droves. They will win every statewide race comfortably.

  6. Provocateur says:

    “Make no mistake, the GAGOP now has 2 candidates from the same county at the top of the ticket. Both have ethics issues facing them. Roy Barnes and Carol Porter now have the ability to tag team and hammer the GAGOP on ethics, and they will.” – Tyler

    Tyler? Your candidate lost. What the heck do YOU know about anything in a campaign? All your chatter, all your opinions, all your predictions through this process don’t seem to have the outcome you worked to achieve.

    So, who cares what you might think…or might believe about the playbook the Dems might sketch-out and play by?

    Oh…and you folks on this blog, even if your numbers were multiplied by 100 will not amount to a hill of beans on Election Day in November of 2010. Your opinions have the lifespan of the words on an Obama teleprompter.

    • Tyler says:

      I find your comments funny seeing as Ron, myself, and others had a feeling Deal would win. Regardless of my prediction, I fought for who I thought was right for the job. It’s called being “principled” and taking a stand. You should try it sometime. It’s almost as tasty as Kool-Aid. Almost.

      • Doug Grammer says:

        There are principled people who took a stand and supported a candidate other than yours. Saying that others who supported another candidate was drinking Kool-Aid is just as useless as the names you were called. Personally, I’m glad that both sides cared enough to try to get their candidate elected. Still focusing on the differences between the two GOP primary candidates or their supporters, doesn’t help us in November.

        I made a tour of many of the same precincts you visited on Tuesday during the election. I can’t think of a single one that didn’t have Sec. Handel signs up.

        • Doug Grammer says:

          By the way, I though the race was too close to call and when all of the counties looked like they were in except Fulton and Gwinnett, I started drafting my “why I support Sec. Handel” post.

          Once again, let’s focus on November.

        • Blog Goliard says:

          [My candidate] is a good person with honest beliefs and all of [his/her] supporters are smart and honorable and hard-working people.

          [The other candidate] is a crooked no-account snake who believes in nothing, and all of [his/her] supporters are Kool-Aid drinking simpletons who do dastardly things.

          There. I’ve saved a lot of y’all the trouble of actually writing any more comments. Just cut and paste, inserting names where appropriate.

          • Doug Deal says:

            Part of the reason that Deal will have trouble selling himself as anything other than a crook is his failure to recognize that there was anything wrong with using his pull and influence as a sitting Congressman to arrange for his own personal enrichment under the laws of the state of Georgia.

            The first step in forgiveness is repentance.

  7. Red Phillips says:

    Tyler, I can understand your frustration with being called a baby killer and a gay sympathizer. Neither characterization of Handel’s positions was accurate in the nuanced world that is real politics. But what frustrates me is being treated as if I am some sort of idiot. Apart from specific issues, Handel represented moderation is a gestalt* sort of way, as Mike’s reply above amply demonstrates. She was supported by you, Ick and others because she was the moderate, in both an issues and temperamental/style way. Being told repeatedly that she is really a solid conservative insults my intelligence. EVERYONE KNEW she was the designated moderate so being told otherwise was just irksome.

    *A physical, biological, psychological, or symbolic configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts.

      • Doug Deal says:

        No, he voted for a successionist who does not recognize our “liberal, carpetbagging, and/or yankee influenced (probably something about blacks in there too)” laws against luvin’ a yungin’.

        • Red Phillips says:

          Doug, haven’t you taken enough intellectual beatdowns from me to know better than to come back for more?

          “laws against luvin’ a yungin’”

          As I said in another thread and was ridiculed for for being so backwards, the actual conservative, throw back, reactionary, living in the past, or whatever position on dating is that we should return to the concept of courtship which implies the consent of both sets of parents so you are not going to hang that noose around my neck no matter how hard you might try.

      • Red Phillips says:

        Once again, I have not once weighed in on whether the allegations against Ray are true or false. So why are you trying to derail the conversation? In the primary, Handel was the moderate, Johnson, Deal and Ox were the mainstream conservatives and Ray (pre-allegation implosion) was the “far right” candidate. At least Ray had the decency to run as what he was, the “far right” candidate, and didn’t attempt to sell himself as a mainstream conservative. In fact, he ran against the mainstream conservatives precisely because they were mainstream. Handel the moderate attempted to make us all believe she wasn’t really a moderate all the while winking at her moderate supporters to let them know she was just kidding. Are far right candidates the only ones capable of honesty and being who they really are?

        • USA1 says:

          Red, I didn’t say you “weighed in on whether the allegations against Ray are true or false.” I said you voted for a child molester. You can believe whatever you want (or in this case, choose to ignore reality and live in your secessionist fantasyland in which Prince Ray can do no wrong).

          I’m happy Ray stuck to his beliefs and let people know how far-right he is. I’m also happy that Georgia voters treated him accordingly.

          • Red Phillips says:

            USA1, what was the point of saying I voted for a child molester instead of saying that I voted for Ray McBerry except to imply that I took a public position that Ray was innocent of the allegations?

            “I’m also happy that Georgia voters treated him accordingly.”

            I find it very sad that wanting to follow the Constitution as originally intended is considered far right, but alas it is. I want the electorate to move toward the far right. You apparently want them to stay in the center. Fine. I obviously have the more difficult task, but no one ever said restoring the Republic was going to be easy.

            • USA1 says:

              The point? You whined that people think you’re an idiot, and I provided a very good reason as to why people think you’re an idiot. You obviously have chosen not to take a public position about Ray’s child molestation because it’s something you’d rather not deal with. I’m not sure how you reconcile that with being a so-called Christian conservative, but then again the Catholic Church seems to be pros at hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance, so I guess it’s easy for you to be just as blind.

              Once again, I never implied you took a public position about Ray’s guilt or innocence. I have. Many others have.

              We stopped following the Constitution as originally intended a long, long, long time ago–before the ink was even dry. You, Ray and others like you would rather we return to pre-enlightenment days.

              • Red Phillips says:

                “You obviously have chosen not to take a public position about Ray’s child molestation because it’s something you’d rather not deal with.”

                No, I didn’t because Ray is a friend of mine who I knew long before the campaign, and I still believe in the old fashion notion of personal loyalty. I wasn’t going to throw Ray under the bus without knowing all the facts, but neither was I willing to go on the record in defense of him without knowing all the facts. I know that is a strange concept for a lot of drive-by blog commenters, but I try to actually know what I am talking about before I spout off about it. (Similarly, I didn’t come to the defense of Nikki Haley even though I am sympathetic to her candidacy because I don’t know what happened so I’m not about to speak out as if I do.)

                After the allegations surfaced what I strenuously objected to was the use of the allegations to attempt to discredit the beliefs and positions Ray stood for. The two things are not related.

                Nor was I worried that anyone thinks that I am personally an idiot, and I highly suspect you realize that. (What I also often strenuously object to is the use of snark and ridicule as a debating tactic.) I think I have demonstrated amply over and over that I generally know what I am talking about and get my facts right whether you agree with the stand I’m taking or not. What I meant is that the “Handel is really a conservative” brigade thought that people like me are idiots.

                “We stopped following the Constitution as originally intended a long, long, long time ago–before the ink was even dry.”

                Ain’t that the sorry shameful truth.

  8. racinwithrex says:

    You are correct Tyler, People make me sick trying to make “Us Republicans” as “Totaly Right” on the issues. But these issues are not always what “Us Republicans” need to focus on. Take for instance here in Dade County we are already hearing from the “Loudmouths” how Barns took away “Our Flag”. Not that big of “Deal” since we need jobs and lower Budgets and our Transportation Dept. cleaned out and a better education for the kids. We need all the PARTIES to stop in Atlanta and get back to doing the job they are elected to do. The funny thing is that most of this all is something that “Us Republicans” are guilty of but yet have the arrogance to THINK we are always right about the issues… So I’m with you Tyler, on “THE REAL ISSUES”!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jane says:

    Red is just upset that the flag will not be changed. However he should be happy because the margin of victory came from the McBerry people.

      • B Balz says:

        I researched Schley County after Ray won it. I don’t anticipate ever going there, for anything, ever.

      • Blog Goliard says:

        I wonder if there’s any way of making an intelligent guess as to which voters were picked up by whom in Schley County.

        Out of morbid fascination, I looked up the numbers. In July, Handel finished 3rd with 55 votes; Deal finished 5th with 25.

        On Tuesday, Handel gained 31 votes for a total of 86. Deal picked up 47 votes for a total of 72.

        97 people voted for McBerry the first time around; 62 for Ox; 26 for Johnson; 7 for others. Assuming, arguendo, that all the Handel and Deal people came back and voted the same in August, that’s a pool of 192 people supporting other candidates where you’d expect to find the 78 votes Handel and Deal gained in the runoff.

        I’d love to know how many McBerry people went for each, and how many simply stayed home. But there’s no way on God’s green Earth that you’ll catch me going anywhere near Schley County to try and find out.

        (P.S. Of course, we wouldn’t have to sit here and wonder if we had an alternative-vote, instant-runoff system. Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to program our spiffy computer ballot stations to handle that for us. Only problem is that, electronic and automated or not, Fulton County would still find a way to make it take two days longer to get the count in then…)

  10. Well, I’ve been called a “racist,” “criminal supporter,” and an “uneducated child” for backing Deal and I haven’t let it get to me. I also had my DEAL. REAL. signs knocked over at precincts in Lee County that I spent a lot of time putting up. But again, I don’t let it get to me. What’s important is this: I know that he is solid on the issues facing all Georgians (taxes, water, agricultural, education, etc.). Of all of the Deal events that I have been to, never once have I heard him talk about abortion or gay marriage at length. He’s only focused on the issues facing the state. That’s why he will win in November and that’s why he will be a phenomenal Governor.

    I stand with Deal and will stand with Deal when he takes down King Roy, hopefully for the last time.

    • Tyler says:

      “In order for Deal to get the support of die-hard “Handelistas”, some time and nurturing will be required.”

      I’m not letting it get to me either. I have to determine whether or not I can stomach his ethics issues going into the general election. But, if Bobby Kahn is in anyway attached to Roy, it’ll mean that Deal can fight back on ethics as well. Call it “target neutralized”.

      • I’m hoping that’s the case. I know that ethics will be an issue even when it shouldn’t be (at least in Deal’s case). I will fight with my dying breath to proclaim that Deal is innocent. He was never charged with anything and if there really was a case to be had, Roy Barnes would be in the process of filing a lawsuit against Deal right now. Unfortunately, we’ve seen throughout the primary that non-issues become major issues. I wish they hadn’t because I believe Deal could have won by 5% to 10% more if it truly was an “issues-oriented” race.

        • Tyler says:

          You gotta hope that the subpoena was all they will bring out on Deal. I’d imagine everyone hopes that’s the end of it. I’m not 100% sure.

          • polisavvy says:

            Do you think that’s all that will appear — subpoena? I’m hoping nothing else comes out, that’s for darn sure.

            • Provocateur says:

              Frankly, I’m hoping Bart Graham gets indicted for leaking the fact that he was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury. For him to choose politics over law is unforgivable.

  11. BuckheadConservative says:

    This is a lot of conventional wisdom, sprinkled with some righteous indignation. I don’t really get the point of this post.

    Oh, and unity is overrated. What matters are your personal convictions and values. If you can’t find a candidate to match those, no shame in playing golf on election day.

  12. MSBassSinger says:

    I hope Deal focuses on the major issues in terms of what he will do, and what he needs a conservative legislature to help him do.

    I hope he gives solid details on what he & a conservative legislature will do on: spending, size and scope of state government, education, taxes, the harm done by illegal immigrants, keeping unions from hurting the state economy, getting state and local governments out of the way of local businesses, getting people off the government dole (of all socioeconomic classes) and yes, protecting the innocent lives of unborn Georgia babies.

    I hope the only time he mentions Roy Barnes’ name is when he addresses something like “Roy says he will do X, and while that sounds good, X won’t work because…, but here is how I will approach the issue and why it will work”.

    When Roy starts mudslinging – and he will, since he has nothing in terms of issues – just have some underling flat out call Roy a liar, show the truth, and move on. Put the rebuttal on a campaign website, and let it go. Stay focused on the issues.

    If Deal gets drawn into anything else, he has lost.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      MSB, that’s sensible, but Deal has been foaming at the mouth for months, spewing spiteful drivel. Unless the rabies shots kick in soon, I don’t think he has any idea how to talk like a statesman. I eagerly await your predictions.

    • “When Roy starts mudslinging – and he will, since he has nothing in terms of issues”

      Errm, correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Roy been the one talking issues while the two R candidates were acting like four year olds?

      • polisavvy says:

        He has indeed; but, what else did he really have to do? He couldn’t move a whole lot further without knowing who his opponent would be. And yes, I agree with you about the “acting like four year olds.” Got old in a hurry!

        • I think the R candidates were making mud pies with all the mud they were slinging at each other. Roy and Monds have been the only two talking issues this whole time.

  13. CobbGOPer says:

    Screw party unity. I will under no circumstances vote for Nathan Deal. I will vote libertarian. If that gives us another term of Roy Barnes, so be it. The state GOP needs to learn a lesson.

            • Doug Grammer says:

              Perhaps I’ll look into him and see if he’s done anything that might be wrong. Maybe now we can call him John “ethics charges pending” Monds.

                  • But Doug “ethics charges pending” Grammer would be just as accurate as John “ethics charges pending” Monds. Unless you’ve got some sort of wrong-doings you’d like to share about Mr. Monds? Perhaps he’s spent too much time building houses with Habitat for Humanity? Oh, I know… he’s probably spent too many hours working on the Grady County Planning Commission. Let me know when you find some dirt…

                    • Doug Grammer says:

                      I’m not sure if it qualifies are dirt, but it appears that there were no contribution or expenditure reports filed when Mr. Monds ran for school board in 2006. According to the LP website, the exact measure of his loss is not available at this time.

                      I’m glad he supported a 501 C-3 or 2. So have I. That doesn’t make either of us qualified to be Governor.

                      He has already been rejected by the voters twice, while I am still 1 and 1.

  14. jstjoan says:

    I will vote Republican in November ONLY because of the redistricting that will occur as a result of the census.

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