Non-Governors Race Open Thread.

The Governor’s race provided plenty of drama last night and you can continue commenting on it in this post.

Let’s talk about other races. In Gwinnett the winners were Rob Woodall in the 7th Congressional, John Heard & Lynette Howard for County Commission, and BJay Pak for State House District 102. Congratulations to those fine folks.

Statewide runoff winners were: Georganna Sinkfield, Sam Olens, Ralph Hudgens, Tim Echols.

Congressional runoff winners were: Rob Woodall, Tom Graves, Raymond Mckinney, Mike Crane.

Three incumbent House members lost: Daniel Stout, Toney Collins, Cecily Hill



  1. TPNoGa says:

    Man, Tom Graves has had to earn that seat. Shoot, I cannot imagine having to go through so many elections in such a short period of time. Hopefully, he can relax and focus on governing for awhile.

    • franb says:

      When there are two candidates who are going to vote the same .All Georgia R’s congressmen seem to vote alike. Why would the 9th sent someone who is going to be fighting ethical issues. (Deal gave The 9th a black eye before he left with his ethical issues)When the other candidate has a clean history.

      • Gary Cooper says:

        What ethical issues? The man is being sued in civil court over a business deal by a bank and that outcome has not yet been determined. For all we know a settlement or a decision in Graves’ favor could be made. So what ethical issues do you speak of?

        • Joshua Morris says:

          This race is over, but I have to speak up and say that your description of this matter is not even close to complete. Just hang on to your seat. Graves is not out of the woods. All we can do now is sit back and watch.

        • franb says:

          Gary I believe the allegations are that he disposed of property that he was using for collateral on a substantial loan just before he defaulted on the loan.I could be wrong but that was the way it was explained to me. The point was that the other guy had no pending legal problems,why not send him to congress since they both will vote the same way. It is not my district . Just making an observation.

          • Doug Grammer says:

            I don’t know that the loan had any collateral. I’ve been told that this maybe resolved soon. We will see.

  2. Does Stout have a record for shortest serving State Representative? Certainly, in the long annals of Georgia history, someone has beaten this mark, but man that was a short career.

    • Actually no. I don’t know if it’s the shortest term but we had a guy in Gwinnett who served 10 days. He won a special election then redistricting came and he found himself in the same district with another incumbent and lost.

    • KingWulfgar says:

      Stout served our district well during the portion of the last session that he served. Paulding messed up big time in tossing him out with the other incumbents (our DA being one).

      For those of you that don’t have the privilege of knowing him personally and just hear little tidbits from the internet, he was a class act to the end. I was with him last night when the election results were coming in and I’m proud to call him a friend.

      This is an article by a friend of mine and another Stout supporter that says it better than I can:

    • franb says:

      Bill Can’t you get over the earmark issue. When there is a bill to change the process on earmarks , Mr Woodall will vote along with all the other Republicans. Bring on the debate ,I am sure Mr Woodall will dismantle the Dem just like he did Mr Hice unless the Dem brings more depth to the table.

    • Gary Cooper says:

      That same “strong” war vet opponent who failed to garner 40% of the vote in a strong Democratic year? I don’t think Woodall needs to worry too much. Never take any race lightly, but I don’t think he will even sweat this election.

  3. TPNoGa says:

    Are we going to have some serious new blood in the legislature? What percentage of the next session will be newbies?

  4. debbie0040 says:

    @Bill30097, the ” strong war opponent” will cast a vote for Pelosi as Speaker of the House – Woodall won’t

    • Fred Smulavich says:

      Exactly. I was behind Hice all the way, but if you support Heckman over Woodall that’s just madness. We all fought hard in the primary battle, but it’s time to get together for November. As much as I disliked Handel and was for Deal, the lady showed some class in her concession and reconciliation, and that’s an example I think we all can follow now. The time for inter-party disputes restarts after November.

    • ga775 says:

      debbie0040 That is true, however I want to give the 7th district credit for seeing through the negative lies being spread about Woodall the night before the election. I got a call from a tea party group that said Rob would raise taxes and support President Obama’s agenda. 7th district is smarter than that and they want solutions, not hatred or personal destruction. I’m glad Woodall won’t get your endorsement in the general, or else he might go the way of Cox, Ramey, Hice, or the other people you endorsed and we need a conservative to actually win.

      • Provocateur says:

        Tea parties are only good when they are headed-up by independents. This concept of being headed-up by old Republican activists is for the birds. They bring-in the same tired tactics and end-up embarrassing only themselves, as well as the actual “cause” they are organized around.

  5. I was generally pleased with how most of the elections turned out. All of my candidates are moving to the general election but three. And as TPNoGa pointed out above – a special congratulations goes out to Tom Graves – who had to do more to earn and keep his seat over this past year than any congressman I’ve ever seen. I was perhaps most disappointed with the fact that Preston Smith didn’t get a better showing. He just seemed like a truly genuine guy and one of the most substantive candidates in the race.

  6. Doug Grammer says:

    I’ve just talked with both Congressman Graves and Sen. Hawkins. I congratulated them both on their campaigns and both of them are still ready to support the GOP. Congressman Graves and the Ninth District GOP are already working on a few projects together.

    I kind of enjoyed watching, but I’m glad this race is over.

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