Going Fishing

Yep, stealing the headline from Jim Galloway. I hope he won’t mind. He’ll have to find me if he does.

The sun will rise in the East shortly, and then some workers in Fulton County and possibly Gwinnett will total the last remaining absentee ballots. More than likely, my candidate for the top of the Republican candidate “did not win”.

I’ll be taking some of my own advice that I’ve given others here at various times, and taking a break before commenting on yesterday’s election, or the November one. I have a lot of “real” work to catch up on, and hopefully a short trip when that is under control. Regardless, I’m out for about a week or so.

A few of you will miss me. Others, not so much.

In the mean time, congrats to those who did win tonight. I’ll see you guys later.


  1. Georgia Judge says:

    I choose not to comment on here during the runoff,because quite frankly it became so juvenile and lacked substance.I instead chose to work in my spare time to raise funds for and elect Nathan Deal as our nominee,and am glad we were successful,but now we must achieve the end in mind and that is keeping Roy out of the Gov”s office. A couple of observations from this process of elimination we just went through:

    1.It was by far the ugliest I have seen in many years,and one thats going to take some serious healing to get beyond.
    2.Ther lack of objectivity of the Front Page posters has severly damaged PP’s reputation.The constant negative beatdowns were over the top and many times over the line.
    3.Handel ran a very good Primary campaign,and a VERY POOR runoff campaign.Someone on the Handel team should have told McLagan to sit down and shut up at some point but they didnt and it cost her the election.The constant negative attacks and lack of indepth discussion of the issues facing the State turned many to Deal.
    4.Eric Johson hurt himself by backpedaling on his word to endorse Nathan as Nathan had agreed to were he to be the nominee.Many Johnson supporters myself included were very disappointed with his actions and it almost cost Nathan the race,A mans word is his bond no excuses,period. The Unity call was a nice attempt at CYA,and it came over that way,wouldnt have reccommended that one.
    5.It was the most challenging fundraising enviroment for the entire race that I have ever seen and Ive seen a few.
    6.Im glad the primary is through and we can move to trhe real objective.

    Now,that we are where we are we all must come together and work to keep Roy in the private sector.The Handel supporters need time to rest as do the Deal supporters,but at the end of the day we must unite.There is no time for either side to keep the endless jabs and accusations going.So both sides should refrain from personal insults and get ready for November.

    • NoTeabagging says:

      Judge, how can you possibly support Deal’s “Nasty as I Want to Be” campaign? Are you forgetting he cast the first stone and continued hurling turds until the bitter end? The candidates did nothing but publish petty character assassinations, is it no wonder the bloggers also responded with equally damning comments?

      • Lady Thinker says:

        Which is why I am not sure I can support Deal with all his ethics violations and the grand jury investigation. Barnes isn’t looking all that bad.

    • Ron Daniels says:

      “2.Ther lack of objectivity of the Front Page posters has severly damaged PP’s reputation.The constant negative beatdowns were over the top and many times over the line.”

      Unqualified statement. Mostly because you used “the Front Page posters” meaning all of the front page posters and “constant” which implies never-ceasing. Both of which are unwarranted and false statements.

    • Donna Locke says:

      I stopped commenting here because of Icarus’s unwarranted, dishonest attacks on me, with the tacit approval of Erick — apparently because I am a Nathan Deal supporter, not to mention a longtime immigration-control activist — but I wanted to add agreement to much of what Georgia Judge wrote above. I urge everyone to come together and support Nathan Deal.

      I consider Karen Handel an ally in my particular calling, I have nothing against Karen, but Deal has a long record on the immigration issue, knows it inside and out, and knows what must be done in alliance with other states that are fighting for their financial and literal survival against a runaway federal government that has forsaken its prime directive to protect us and has become a threat to every American.

      My family became victims of U.S. immigration policy in 1999, but we are all victims of these policies in so many ways. This will become clearer as time goes on.

      I hope Nathan is victorious in November, and I urge him to do fiscally responsible things in Georgia, in every way. Our days of being able to do the truly conservative thing in this country are probably numbered, given the projections. Even now the Obama administration is working on an amnesty plan that would bypass Congress. One of the aims there is the creation of permanent Democratic majority.

      Please inform yourselves.


  2. bowersville says:

    Icky, take care on your leave of absence. I’ll welcome you back and when you come back after your absence I hope you can add civility back to all this mean and short sighted dribble that has transpired thus far in the comment sections.

  3. Herb says:

    Roy has the governorship locked up. Johnson was the gop’s best bet, and he lost cause he was a bit more fringe than mcberry. Handel was more electable than deal. The wounds inflicted in this runoff will never heal. I say barnes by 60-40.

  4. r130211 says:

    Am I missing something here? Have they counted all of the absentee ballots and early voting results yet? It seems very possible that Karen Handel can still pick up enough votes to win. A re-count seems very likely, too.

    Also, what happened at the unity breakfast this morning?

    • I think they counted those yesterday. SOS website was saying 100% reported for all 3 individually, even though the very top only said 99% of precincts reporting. Not sure what that last 1% was.

      • TPNoGa says:

        On WSB this morning, they said there were still about 6,500 ballots to be counted. Also, military ballots don’t have to be in until Friday (?). The 6,500 ballots are from Fulton and Gwinnett. Not sure where they got their numbers, but that is what they were reporting this morning.

        • polisavvy says:

          So, what’s your take as to where this thing heads now? Recount? I believe I heard Kemp say that there is not an automatic recount, that Handel will have to request that. It was early this morning when I heard that so I might not have heard it correctly. Does anyone know?

      • Scot says:

        The Unity Breakfast was a series of defeated candidates standing up to endorse the victors.

        Melvin Everson gave the most dynamic speech, pledging to go with whoever asked him to go campaign with them. He had the crowd cheering at an otherwise very polite event. Poor Mark Butler was left standing at the podium afterward saying, “I love you Melvin, but I hope I never have to follow you again.”

        Handel was a no show, as was Smith.

        Maria Sheffield gave an emotional speech. Hudgens made a slight dig at Seth Harp for endorsing his opponent.

        Oxendine stated he was out of politics and pledged to not become a lobbyist.

  5. r130211 says:

    Many of the posters today are writing as if Deal won. It just seems too early to say who won at this point.

    What was the percentage breakdown of counted votes in Fulton and Gwinnett?

  6. Lady Thinker says:

    Since Karen conceded early, which I wish she hadn’t, what happens now if she gets the majority of the 6500 votes and wins? I would have liked for her to wait until EVERYTHING was counted.

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